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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 34.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day ,
Bowing to the compassionate Lord of Lord Shri Sai ,whose merciful glance destroys mountain of sins and do away with all the evil taints of our character ,today I am sharing various shades of His love and compassion reflected in various experiences witnessed by His children .Jai Sai Ram .

Lessons From My Sadguru:

Dear sister Manisha.
Hope you and your family are doing well. I would like to thank you from the depth of my heart once again for the support you gave me during the dark days I faced in Jan '12 when my sister reached Baba's abode. May Baba bless you and your family with health, happiness and joy.

After being pulled by Baba in 2008, I have always been nurtured and loved and pampered by Him. He gave me whatever I asked for, He gave me problems so that He can give me an opportunity to pray to Him and then another opportunity to enjoy His divine blessing. I did not realize then that I HAD TAKEN MY FAITH FOR GRANTED. Like Hemadpand says, 'ego' is so subtle sometimes that it is hard to even realize that we have one.

Last month many of you would have prayed for my sister Geetha when she was hospitalized for brain surgery. I am a firm believer of chanting Baba's sweet name and obviously I resorted to a 1 lakh chant and did it within 36 hours. But, that was the first time in my life that Baba did not give me what I had asked for. He took my sister to His feet. I was not only heart broken about losing my sister, but I was even more heart broken that Baba did not hear my prayers. I do not have words here to explain how upset I was. I got angry with Baba and stopped talking to Him. I did my regular Amritvani reading on Thursday and offered Him morning coffee as usual, but I was very very upset with Him.

In the meanwhile we had to shift from this current house and move out before July. I was so upset with the way my life was and had no mood to look for houses. I casually looked in the Internet and saw a flat somewhere near our current house. I called the agent and went to see the house and liked it. That evening I felt a bit better thinking that actually baba is still there for me and has not deserted me fully. But, that night the agent called me to tell that the flat is already taken by another family.

I was too tired to pray or even shout at Baba. I broke down ultimately and told Him, 'Listen, what is the point in having a guru if you are not going to do anything'. What should I do now. I dont have more budget to go for better houses, i am already in grief. If you are really there for me better bring me a house, I am not going to do anythig about it.' Saying this I opened my mailbox. Guess what the next mail was from another agent saying that there is another flat just abo! ve the one I looked and it is available. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I learnt the biggest lesson of life. Baba is always there for us. Sometimes He might do something which we might not like, but that is something we must go through. He will take care of us come what may. Please Baba keep my faith strong. I don't know to do it myself. Please do it for us.

Sai Baba Miracle-My Experience with Sai Naths Blessing:

To All Sai Devotees
Why I am writing this is to express my view about Baba and His miracle and blessing which my family has received from him.

Just taking you couple of years back when my belief in Baba arose. My wife who is a ardent devotee of Baba used to tell me lot about Him and her experience but at that time I was not that serious as what she was saying. Once I used to drink a lot and after sometime because of that used to get pain near my abdomen and seeing doctor was not a help at all just waste of money.

One day she told me to pray to Baba and she ask Him to make me better and then I stated to pray Baba  and asking him to make me better and I started to have faith that only He can make me better. Miracle is what people call and after sometime I had a dream. In my dream I saw one fngure up like Lord Krishna and chakra going around the finger and he said Saab Ka Malik Ek Hai and then when I opened my eyes no one there and I knew it was Baba as He used to say"Sabka Malike Ek" every time.

After some time my wife  had a dream and that day I was sick with same pain and my wife  saw in her dream that BABA came to me and touched me from top to bottom and went away and from that day till today I have no pain Jai SAI Nath.

Then we moved to New Zealand in search of better future and money. We found it was really hard to get residence here and there were no option for us ,we knew one day we will need to go back home as we were on work permit . I applied so many job but couldn’t get one and one day I got reply for two job interview same day and out of that I got one job but still the job could not qualify us for residence .I worked for a year ,then see Baba's miracle .One day Baba made me discuss this issue with my Boss and I asked if he could help me get through this and by surprise he said we will do whatever we can to get you PR. They did few changes and promoted me to different position with salary increment and within three month got my residence without immigration asking me a single question.

However before this me and my wife we became vegetarian for couple of month and we plan to read Sai Charitra within a month and as we planned we did that and as per that book it says that those who believe and rea!d this with interest will receive my blessing and see me in their dream. And as the month end was approaching and I got worried that this didn’t happen and Baba didn’t like something I did.

And on the two days before the month was about to end I had a dream: I am with my Mum and Dad in a car and we had a accident on road and the car fell off the big cliff and I could see that the car is going and I know we will die and the only things I said to my parents was just say SAI SAi SAI.

I could see the car got pulled by someone and it landed smoothly on ground and sliped between the trees and stopped at a very beautiful place with good view .and as I saw left from the window I could see BABA sitting on the rock with one leg folded onto his another knee.I quickly ran to him and holded his both legs and started crying . I could see my brother there as well and Baba looked very busy. I went to BABA and said Baba" please tell me if everything is going to be all right for me ?"and He said "every thing is going to be ok with your application to immigration and then quickly asked BABA to tell me how is my future ahead and HE said well! that still I have to write for you "and then my eyes opened and I had tears running from my eyes and could stop for while Jai Sai Nath.

He is a omnipresent and He sees everything , does not matter where you are in the world and through this blessing our life is ok today with a gift from Him cute little baby girl born on 6/07/2011.

Those who believe in Sai, He is always with them and takes them away from any problem they are facing. I got lots to write but thought to make it short and get the message across to all Sai devotee of my experience. I will write more I know in future as I am sure I will get to see more miracle of Sai Nath.

Jai Sai Ram

Sai Nav Guruvar Vrath Miracle:

Hi, Please dont disclose my mail id/name. Thanks for your great service

Hi Aanisha ji, I dont know if you remember me, few months back i mailed you with my problem of not getting job, and asked for your suggestion. You replied me back. I dont want to disclose my details but would like to share the wonderful experience below.

I am looking for a job from 2 years. Due to lack of experience i didn't get a job and i was vexed. I used to cry infront of sai, "Sai i dont want to put fake experience, show me a job". I sent my resume to lot of companies, but nothing worked out. I lost hope and i tried and tried. I read satcharitra,did everything and i totally lost the faith. I finally asked sai,"Sai i dont want huge salary, all i want is a job, i am not asking for any particular job, any job is fine".

In January one of my friend said , there is opening for a junior position in his company. I modified my resume, and didn't put any fake experience. It is been 2 years since i completed my education, and i didn't put any experience for those 2 years and just sent the resume through that friend. I was called for interview. I was so scared of interviews and very nervous also. Sai showed his presence some way or other on that day. I prayed sai,"Sai please dont make the manager ask me any technical questions, i am so weak in technical part" Can you believe for an IT job, how can a manager not ask technical questions.

I went to the interview, so nervous. Guess what not even a single technical question was asked, only behavioral questions.I was waiting for their response but nothing happened in January. I thought i lost this job also. On feb2nd i started the nav guruvar vrath with full devotion. I fasted half a day, went to temple on all the Thursdays, did 108 pradikshanas around our sai. On 1st Thursday, i got a mail from the manager asking for my certificates. I send them immediately, but no response from them for another 10 days.

 I again was asking Sai, why is it taking so long Sai, i don't know if this job is right for me or not, show me something. On 2nd Thursday i got call from my friend that the manager spoke to him and he was thinking of giving your opportunity. I was so happy, but i didn't hear anything from the manager. I was waiting and waiting, but to get over this tension, most of the time i spent reading sai leelas, watching live darshan.

On Shiva rathri day, i went to Shiva temple and later i made prasad and went to Sai temple and attended aarthi. I did pradikshanas again around baba, After i came back from temple, i got a call from my friend that manager wants to see you tomorrow to discuss salary. I was so elated and nervous as usual. All the while i was thinking of sai and this time with not much nervousness i went to meet the manager yesterday.

The offer was at low end but i am happy that i got a job with out experience and ! i have some starting point in my career. I leave the rest at sai's feet. I will be starting my job very soon. I still have 7 more weeks of sai guruvar vrath to do. When in doubt i ask questions to sai though the website , yesterday i asked Sai about my job and here is his response,"You will become popular. Follow good path and the success is yours" What more could i ask my sai. I know my wants doesn't end here, again i will ask sai for something, but this time i am deciding let sai do whatever it is. My wish is next time when i go to shirdi, i want to stay there for atleast 2-3 days and read satcharithra in dwarakamai. I really want to feel my sai's presence. thanks sai for taking care of my needs in good/bad. Please always be withe me.
Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai.

My life with blessings of Sai Deva:

 I am a devotee of Sai Baba since I was 12 years old but due to certain circumstances I couldn't keep my devotion, later after 10 to 12 years I turned back to Baba through the influence of my dad and became strong devotee of Sai deva.

Here I would like to start with my first experience in my life and later with all other experiences in my life till today especially 02/24/2012.

I am very thankful to Manisha ji for giving this wonderful opportunity to share our experiences with our beloved deva on this platform.

Coming to the experience my dad is devotee of Sai deva. That's how we started bowing in front Sai deva's picture from our childhood. I think I started reading Sai astothara when I was 12 years old.

Actually I don't know what Sai is at that time but I just want to impress my dad that I am following him and wanted to pass the exams with Sai blessing. But due to family circumstances my dad went to middle-east for job.

He was away from family for 15 years. That's the time I had no guidance and been to many bad ways to spend time. Some how I spent 10 to 12 years without any devotion unless formal bowing in temples.

Like this I completed my bachelors in physiotherapy with many hurdles.

As my father is good devotee of Sai deva we used to visit Shirdi when ever he came for vacation.
Usually every year. But my visit with them used to be formal without essence.

As Baba says who steps on Dwarakamai will have no troubles in his life. Thats how by babas grace I completed my bachelors degree. Then the time comes to search for job. My dad guided me to go to Kuwait where he has been working since 12 years or more. With babas grace I got visa for a temporary first aid job for few months.

I am very sure first day in Kuwait is my real day as a human being. That was the first day I started reading Sai Satcharithra.

From that day every moment in my life is guided by baba. After my short job I did some other job in my field with great difficulties.

My dad tried for a permanent job in a hospital for me. He tried almost for few months wih lot of efforts but couldn't succeed. We never thought that baba planned very beautiful life for me.

Meantime my nature completely changed with babas grace, I completed Satcharithra for two times. My confidence and faith on my deva grew very strong day by day. Finally new thought arise in our mind with babas grace. My dad planned to send me to USA.

Including my life even my family status changed after landing in USA. My deva cleared my hurdles and was with me in all aspects. I cleared my license in 6 months which is very hard and nearly impossible for people like me. From that day my whole world was changed. I felt very confident in every aspect as baba is with me. I used to read Sai Satcharithra every day except v few days. It's been four years now, I really don't know where I am now. Baba blessed me with everything . It's getting too long so I would like to take a break and I will post few more experiences next time.

Thank you very much Manisha ji for giving this opportunity.


SAI'S Wonder In My Life:

 Dear Sai Devotee,

I would like to thank you for this wonderful job. I will always visiting your website to see the experience of all devotees. I felt happy on seeing the Sai Baba miracles in all devotees life. From this website, we can come to know that baba is there in all places. I will be great full to you if you post my experience. Since it is my first post and I want to share with all devotees. Please don’t disclose my mail id. Please display my name alone in website. I wants to say sorry for this lengthy experience. I am requesting all Sai devotee to be patient to read it full lengthy mail.

I came to know about Sai Baba in middle of 2009 and went to Shridi trip once in my lifetime at 15 Feb 2012 after my sai 9 week vrat. My devotion to Sai increased manifold.

I have experienced the presence of Sai in my life many times. But I have listed some instances which  happened in my life

1) This incident happened before pongal. Before one week of pongal function, my mom fell down in my home while cleaning the room and Baba's statue also broke into two pieces.

I thought that it has happened without her knowledge. Next day, my sister makes a call to me and say's that "while putting deepam unfortunately BABA picture got fired". I thought it’s all happening because of some bad happenings and I cried because during this period I fought with one of my relative. I consider him as my brother. But he did all mischievous thing for me without my knowledge. My mind was getting disturbed and thinking some bad happenings are going to happen for my home and for me.

After my mom fell down, she is not feeling well from that time. I prayed God and BABA why all these things are happening for me? please show me what  bad thing are going to happen for me.

Meanwhile during this time one guy(who is Baba's devotee) made a call to me and asked me to go and attend the morning aarati in Sai temple near my home town and suggested it would be good for your family. But i did not get time to go to Sai temple. I felt sad(Later for the first time I could go to Shridi itself and attended kakad(morning) aarathi and evening arathi with baba’s grace).

It was only later that i came to realise that relative brought  bad names for me and my family by telling unnecessary things and telling lies about us. For these bad things I feel baba showed me the above two incidences t(statue's breaking and fire in Sai photo). Even now that guy is not leaving me and creating disturbance in some or the other way for me . I am praying Sai Baba to please help me to get away from this problem.

With above mentioned problem and my family's problem I was not having interest to go to pongal function. Usually I will always book railway ticket in tatkal through my relative's help and most of the time I will get the confirm ticket . This time my relative asked me not to neglect to go home but to go and enjoy the function. I told to my relative to book the ticket and hoped to get it . At that time I left that thought about ticket matter to Sai baba and prayed ,let all this happen in your presence.

Our relative booked the ticket but it was in waiting list. I thought that BABA is not having interest to go to my home town. So i left that things to my BABA's feet. After that one miracle happened. The relative told to me before one day before pongal that he could get the ticket but in another train and at evening 4  and for that i have to leave office earlier. I was happy and also got shocked and inquired "how he got?"

He replied by help of friend he booked at that time when it was getting difficult to get a ticket. While i was travelling i asked BABA if the ticket was with His help and grace than I will see a picture of Baba  .My relative  bought some books for reading during traveling. As I was reading that book i came across beautiful picture of SAI. I felt His grace and became very happy.I  asked my relative "When there was no Tatkal ticket than how you got the ticket?". He replied that he got the ticket by his friend and i will ask the friends more detail after pongal holidays.

After festival leave, My relative made a call to his friend and asked about the tickets. After their conversation my relative told to me that "His friend got the ticket from another person. His friend accidentally met another person in SAI BABA temple and he told the situation of not getting a ticket and asked for help. That unknown person assured he would help him”.

This is nothing but the miracle  or blessing  of Baba by whose grace my relative meets his friend discuss about ticket and that friends meet an unknown person in SAI temple and all these meeting happened only due to grace of SAI. The very next day we got the ticket for another train.

After hearing all these details i cried and realized that baba is there with me always.

2) First time I went to Shridi. There I bought one pen with Sai picture in that pen. I placed my pen in my bag. We booked the return ticket from PUNE but our ticket was in RAC. I returned from Shridi in Chennai mail express from PUNE to CHENNAI. While I sleep in train, I have habit of placing my handbag near my head. The same thing I did on that day also.

I slept at side lower birth. My relative slept down near my berth. Since the weather was cold i fully covered my face with bed sheet and slept well. At midnight my relative shook me and asked me to wake up as someone is trying to take my bag. I got shocked and saw some guy is having the ladies handbag in his hand and going. After few minutes only I came to realize that guy tried to take my bag and my relative shouted at that guy and he went away without taking my bag.

The next day morning only i came to know that guy stole many things in the same coach and i thanked BABA for He saved me. I was having ATM and  PAN CARD in my bag. I asked my relative how you woke up in middle(He is having the habit while in sleep he won’t wake up in middle. even though anyone called him many times with his name). He replied that " At the time of theft i felt  neck pain so tried to turn another side. At that same time, suddenly i saw that one guy is trying to pick up your bag and I shouted at him. Then he left that bag and went way". After saying this he told that BABA is there with you he won’t leave you. He will guide us till we reach our home.

 I felt happy and thanked a lot to SAI RAM. I thought heart of heart  "If SAI you only helped me than please show me your picture". After few minutes, I opened my bag and suddenly that pen i bought in Shirdi caught in my eyes. I felt happy and realized that we didn’t get upper berth because for this reason only. If we got the different berth means my relative will sleep in upper berth and my bag would have been stolen by someone. That time only I realized all that happened was for our good .

3) When I am visited Shirdi for first time, I got the opportunity to attend kakad aarati and evening aarati with BABA’s grace. When I saw kakad aarati I  saw Sai baba for few minutes and saw others are singing the song.

I saw Sai baba with full of tears and saying myself that please show some miracles to me I want to see you please show grace on me. Likewise I prayed. Actually I was not able to see Sai baba's face fully. I was able to see his face only through the two head space of two peoples who are standing infront of me.

I prayed SAI by closing my eyes and once I opened my eyes I saw Sai's face with brown lips(with good smile. I can’t forget that smile). I thought that Baba's pratima itself looks like that. I saw that smiling face with that brown lip for few minutes. After few minutes when I noticed BABA pratima it looks like normal (I can’t see that lips again). After I came out of Samadhi Mandir, I realized that it is BABA’s miracle. Baba won’t hurt any heart who are all going to Shirdi.

4) When I was doing SAI vrat for 9 weeks I came across many miracles of SAI. I will post my SAI VRAT experience in my next post.

With Sai baba’s grace I am going to do  second nine week vrat.

Share Your Sai Experience :HERE.
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Monika said...

Very nice experiences. Baba ki leela is out of this world and lucky ones get to feel and hear about them !

Om Sai Ram !

Anonymous said...

I had a bad week with so much problems. Was feeling really upset and I gave up. Did not even do my prayers as usual. But after reading all your experience I am feeling much better. Thanks to all of you in making my faith stronger. May Baba be with all of you. Jai sai ram

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to get suitable role for the last 8 months. Till now i am not successful. Saima please bless me and shower your blessings on us.

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

ananatkoti brhamand nayak rajaadhiraj yogiraj paarbrham shri sachidanand satguru sainath maharaj ki you baba plz hold me in your hands...i am yours.....

Anonymous said...

Here I must tell miracle of Baba.
It was the day before diwali 2008, On that I took my bike to office keeping mind to come home early and leave for the home town as I booked my ticket. While coming back from office I got stuck up in heavy rain, I was not wearing any jacket or rain coat, suddenly I could feel my bike engine was stop and was in middle of the road. I tried kicking starter again and again but found no success; I pushed my bike for around 1.5 km and tried starting the bike. I was tired and literally fed up, again pushed for around 2oo meter this I took BABA name in my mind and kicked starter amazingly bike started and I rod my bike somehow reached home.

Unknown on January 3, 2017 at 9:24 AM said...

sairam manisha ji. i read about sai naam jaap experience by radha ji and started it from 3days. i am experiencing a balanced state of mind in my regular work. jai sai ram

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