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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 35.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day ,
May this colorful and auspicious occasion of Holi bring peace,happiness shraddha and saburi in everyone's life. Have a Sai blessed Holi.

Before starting to write an introduction for this post after completing my Sai Nathan Stavan Manjari I  randomly pick up Thursday message from Shri Sai Satchritra to be posted in shirdisaibabakripa Yahoo group .Generally the message starts from the beginning of the chapter but today it started from the paragraph as posted below.The message is apt and is direct message of Baba for His children .I immediately decided to have this message for this post as "Baba's message on Holi to all" .

The essense of being in company of Baba is to follow his teaching and practice them in day to day life. There will not be a single moment when one will not witness His presence or His grace .
Todays experience is the reflection of same relationship between devotee and Baba Sai .I would like to thank the devotee for sharing wonderful wallpaper on Holi .Jai Sai Ram

Sai Satcharitra Message:"My Guru never expected any other thing from Me. He never neglected Me, but protected Me at all times. I lived with him, and was sometimes away from him; still I never felt the want or absence of his love. He always protected Me by his glance, just as the tortoise feeds her young ones, whether they are near her or away from her on the other side of the river bank, by her loving looks. Oh mother, My Guru never taught Me any Mantra, then how shall I blow any Mantra in your ears? Just remember that Guru's tortoise-like loving glance gives us happiness. Do not try to get Mantra or Upadesh from anybody. Make Me the sole object of your thoughts and actions; and you will, no doubt, attain Paramartha (the spiritual goal of life). Look at Me whole-heartedly, and I in turn look at you similarly. Sitting in this Masjid, I speak the truth, nothing but the truth. No Sadhanas, nor proficiency in the six Shastras, are necessary. Have faith and confidence in your Guru. Believe fully, that Guru is the sole Actor or Doer. Blessed is he who knows the greatness of his Guru and thinks him to be Hari, Hara and Brahma (Trimurti) Incarnate."

Sathguru's Blessing And Grace-The Fruits That I Have Tasted Part 3:

Jai Sai Ram Manisha ji – Hope you are doing great

Thanks a lot for publishing two of my earlier mails on sai Leela and thank you so much for providing a forum to understand and share about the Lord.

Happy to share the below content describing the Leelas of Sai Maharaj. Kindly publish it.

Anandha kodi bramanda nayaga rajathiraja yogi raja para bramha sri
Sachidananda satguru sai raj maharaj ki jai

Jai sai ram

Dear Sai devotees and Manisha ji,

Thank you Manisha sister and all for giving an opportunity to share the blessings and Leelas of Sai. This is part III of my earlier email.

Sathguru's blessings and grace - The Fruits That I Have Tasted - sharing it with you all”

Some more list of leelas of sai maharaj that I experienced
1. It was a strange and not so a happy incident , till date i dont know why it happened but the Lord showed me that it had happened as per his sole will.

My parents were going to my uncles home for my grandfathers thithi.It was a saturday. All of the others in my family were at home.After one hour,Suddenly my father called to our landline saying he has met with an accident . A bike wala has hit him in the leg and my mom has also fell down and has got brusies.
My father told he could not stand up as his ligaments had got damaged(as per the doctors diagnosis).

All of us at home started to the hospital where my parents had been admitted.On the way i was crying to Sai on why this had happened and was asking why he did this to my father.My father already has knee problems and i could not bear this as this will add on to more problems.

I kept praying to sai that nothing critical and serious should happen and was also shouting and fighting with the Lord on why he could not protect my father and mother against this accident.

I was also thinking that i should immediatly get one appointment with the ortho doctor a leading specialist in chennai whom my father visits for his regular knee problem.

We reached the hospital,To my surprise , the ortho doctor who used to treat my father was there, treating him. Looks like he is a consultant doctor to this hospital and was there when my parents got admitted. He bandaged my fathers knee and gave instructions not to move for three weeks.

We started from the hospital way back to home in a call taxi. Still in the taxi i repeatedly had the question why Sai did this. I had a instinct to read one of the tamil magazines that the cab driver had. i just skimmed the magazine and it had an article on Sai.

It was a excerpt from an incident in which one of sai's devotees had a lump in his back and was admitted to hospital for a surgery. The surgeons were sceptic whether the lump could be removed as in those old days technology was not there and it was crude manual method of removing the lump. The patient was made to lie on the theater for the surgery. All of a sudden the roof in the hospital theater room got broken and a sharp stone hit his back exactly the place where the lump was present. The pain was very killing but the lump got cleanly removed and the doctors had to just to apply bandage.

When the devotee met Sai after days, the Lord had told him, "I knew the surgery with stone will be painful but did it for eliminating the lump and the karma".

After reading it, I was convinced that the Lord has replied my question through the story and had created the accident on some purpose which i dont know till date. I was wondering on how he has carefully created the accident near to the hospital with the ortho doc to treat him immediatly and thanked him for answering my question indirectly through a book on why he did it. If had not read the book chances are that i would have lost my faith on sai.

Jai Sai Ram, my father walks now and with the blessings of sai he is returning to normalcy.

2. On Thursdays, my mom used to pack food to give it to some one needy. I used to pray to Sai to show someone needy without fail.

Till date, it would be miraclous to see Sai showing some one to share the food. If my mom had packed 2 packets, Sai had showed me two people to give the food. If mom had packed 1 packet, Sai just used to show only one.

In the route that i used to take, there used to be a old leper grandfather and i love sharing the food with him.One day, when i was crossing, there was one another old grandma, i was just thinking Sai how i could share to the grandpa alone without giving her. Will she not feel bad? The moment i asked Sai on this, the grandma immediatly lied down to have a nap. I am still mesmerised thinking on the fact, that the Lord hears to even take care of even your atomic level of thinking and need. When the lord is there to take care of even some negligible small needs, then the only thing to do is to just surrender in his feet. Jai sai ram

3. My office is quite so far from my home. It used to take 1.5 to 2 hours to commute. Daily we have meetings at 09:30 in the morning. I used to rush from home to attend the meeting as my manager is so specific on it.But on some days i will not be able to attend and used to pray to Sai to save me from my managers anger.On all those days the Lord has been very protective of me . Surprisingly on all those days, i used to receive sms from my manager that the meeting is cancelled. Jai sai ram.

4. I used to search for Sai pictures through out any of the travels i do and would be happy to take it as his blessings if i see any. One day i didnt happen to see any of his pictures and was disappointed. I felt very dull and as my home was just few yards, left to reach thought what did i do wrong today not to receive his blessings. All of a sudden from nowhere a cargo came with the picture of Sai. Jai sai ram. i thanked him for his mercy.

one more time, i saw a big picture of Sai on an auto and thought why cant the busses have similar sized Sais picture when there is more space. The thought left off my mind. After some days gone by, they same thought reoccured and immediatly before i could take my eyes off, Sai was there on an Andhra bus in a bigger picture. Jai sai ram. He is always watching and hearing to our conversations.

5.When the year 2011 was about to be over, i thought 2012 calendar that comes to my home should be of Sai's picture.Then i just forgot that thought.

One day on the road side, i saw a beautiful picture of Sai and took it home. I hanged the picture at home and after worshipping, there was a gentle breeze and the picture turned backside because of the breeze.

To my surprise, it had 2012 calender at the back . The first calendar of 2012 to my home had Sai's picture.I thank to the grace of sai. Jai sai ram. sai hears even to your smallest of the smallest thoughts and prayers.

With all these Leelas of Sai that he had showed me, the biggest learning i have is think and remember of Sai and take of all the worries from your mind as Sai is there preparing for all your needs and fixing even the smallest of your problems and desires.

Wishing all of us that we get more and more of Sai’s blessings and grace and grow deeper and deeper in the Lord.

Jai Sai Ram

Best Regards,

Mangal Snaan Darshan and Miracle Smile on Shiva Rathri:

Dear Sairam Manisha-ji
In continuation to the earlier post dated Feb.23rd of ''Blessings of Baba and Miracle on Shiva Rathri''  for Baba's Miracle Smile link reproduced herewith,   , Please share the Mangal Snaan Darshan and Miracle Video of Shiva Rathri with Baba's Will. Youtube link below. May Baba bless all with health, peace & prosperity. Thank you.

Video of Mangal Snaan Darshan and Miracle Video Of Shiva Rathri :

Baba Came To Me :
Hi Manisha ji,
Jai Sai Ram!!!!

Today is Baba’s day and I am so happy that I can share something with you that just happened an hour ago with me and made me feel he is really around to bless his children. Firstly let me tell you what a wonderful service you are doing which helps us all feel his divine presence. I am your regular reader and love reading the experiences of all the devotees as it helps me keep myself connected with Our Lord Sai.

Today is the first time I am sharing my experience here on your website which happened with me just an hour ago. It was my birthday yesterday and I was praying to our Lord to come in some form to bless me and that I should see him and know he has came. The whole of yesterday I kept waiting for it to happen but I did not feel anything or see him. Today morning which is Thursday our Baba’s day I prayed as usual but was not feeling happy inside as I felt he did not come to bless me.

Then I left for work with my husband and was just going through some emails basically shopping deals and actually went on them and clicked to see the dresses which I normally would be lazy to do.

But this time when I did it and the first dress I saw I liked to showed my husband and he said the design looks like Sai Baba and when he said that I was shocked and looked at it myself. I could not believe it. As my husband is a practical kind of a person and wont say something like this so easily.

I kept looking at the photo and I felt so good that he did come today to bless me and also its Baba’s day today which gives me more happiness. I am so happy that I could see him and more importantly my husband pointed out to me....

He can come in any form and he did come.
I am attaching the photos here so everyone can see and also share what they think. You can put my name but no email id please.(Readers please leave your view and comment for the devotee about her experience below this post .)
Jai Sai Ram and may he bless all his children.

Baba Drove Away My Fear:

Jai Sai Ram Maisha ji,
I wanted to share a small experience of mine which I experienced yesterday. I have no problem if you post my name. The experience was a bit like it happens in films, but the one who has experienced the feeling will understand how Baba makes His presence feel in some way or the other, in every small thing..! :)

Yesterday night I was about to sleep, and was on my bed, listening to songs. Suddenly something like air or what, i have no idea, started entering my ears and my ears became heavy. I was very scared at the moment (I had the feeling of some ghost!). All the horror movies and shows that I saw on the TV started coming in my mind, which made me all the more frightened.

So I started chanting Baba's name and singing the Aarti, with a hope that Baba would help me to get rid of the scary feeling. And so it happened. I felt very relaxed, calm and the ghostly feeling went away. Thanks to Baba for all this. I dont know what exactly it was..but whatever we say..That was Baba who helped me overcome that feeling and the fear . Baba is present everywhere helping and listening to His children.
Jai Sai Ram...

Share Your Sai Experience :HERE.


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sairam said...

Every devotee's experience with our dear Saibaba is an eye-opener in one or other way.

At Revathiji, thanks for your experience, my father had similar knee problems with torn ligaments and could not move out much. Praying to baba to cure him & my mom's prolonging cough.

At Meghnaji, the dress photo sends thrill, reminds only the tale of child Prahlad who said God is inside the pillar too & lord Nrusimha proved it within seconds. Thats how your faith was confirmed by Baba through your husband.

And the last devotee's experience of Baba removing the fears, last week found myself in similar situation & baba pulled out of such situation.

By these experiences, Sadguru Sai once again confirmed, is it all the same to you too. So dont fear when i am here.

Thanks to Manishaji for enabling us to get answers from Baba in these ways. Jai Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful experiences...

Om Sai Rama

Anonymous said...

All these experiences make our faith and love for Baba multiply. Meghna, that is an amazing design. I can imagine the surprise you would have had. Beautiful modern Baba. He is so abstract but so real. Jai sairam.

Anonymous said...

All experinces are very beautiful...really feel blissed and blessed after reading such experiences...Thanks a lot for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

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