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Only Baba knows.

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Dear Readers,
Many leela of Baba have been read and written ,out of so many one can easily learn about the power of Sai Maharaj.

Who ever took refuge at HIS feet Baba did what HE knew was best for His child .He never explained or spoke in detail but in parables he would indicate the past ,present and future.Baba never interfered with Law of karma and always advised His children to get over with them in the birth they are given and not carry it to the next (get rid of the karma once and for all ) .

Those devotees who completely surrendered to Him and had full faith were helped by Baba to reduce their karma .In every action ,in every word of Baba there was welfare of His devotee which we can see from following two incidents.

Appa Kulkarni of Shirdi was a great devotee of Sai Baba. He was once charged with embezzling government money, may be because of his past karma.

God alone knew whether the charges were true or false but people started whispering that Appa was a cheat. Appa was scared that he might be taken to court and tried.

Soon, sure enough, he received summons from the Deputy Collector asking him to face a court of enquiry. Appa feared that he would never return to Shirdi once he left the place, so before leaving, he went up to Baba with folded hands and pleaded for help. "You are a Sadhu, a Satpurusha. You know whether the charge is true or not. I do not wish to say anything about it but please save me."

He caught hold of Baba's feet and started weeping. He then went on to say; "People say I am your Kalyan.(Kalyan was Saint Ramdas' closest disciple). If I were sentenced, your name would be tarnished, You are my father and mother, my sole refuge."

Moved by the Bhakta's earnest pleas. Baba said to Appa, "The Deputy Collector is at present at Nevasa on the banks of the river Pravara. There, in Nevasa, is present the Lord himself, to whom Dyaneswara prayed while writing the Dynaneswari (Bhawartha Deepika). Pray to him before you present yourself at the court of enquiry."

Appa did accordingly, and what a wonder! He was acquitted of the charge of embezzlement and his honour vindicated. The next day Appa returned to Shirdi and told Baba everything. Baba said to him, "The Lord controls everything. He turns the impossible into the possible."

A few days after this incident, Sai Maharaj casually said to Appa, "Thieves have come to our village. They are not the ordinary run of thieves. They do not steal anything tangible from the house. Their eyes are set on the most valuable part of one's wealth. What is more, nobody can catch them in the act of stealing. They will be attacking you first. Go and make proper arrangements ."

Appa did not understand the meaning of these words. However, he hired some Bhils to guard his house and patrol the lanes.

At night Appa fell ill with cholera. He suffered from loose motions and vomiting. His body grew cold, his eyes sank deeper and deeper and his pulse became weaker. Seeing his condition Appa’s wife got frightened, rushed to the mosque, fell at Baba's feet and started crying. She said to Baba that her husband was dying and asked for udhi to save him.

Baba said in reply "Do not grieve".Death awaits all those that are born. Birth and death are deeds of the Almighty. No one lives or dies here. If you see with the eye of knowledge, you will realize you are no different. When the clothes become old and frayed, you throw them away. In the same way, the soul, which is immortal casts off the worn out body. Do not therefore, ask for "udhi to patch up the old rags. Do not stop him from going. Let him leave. He has reached his life's goal. He will go to heaven. He is right now-changing the clothes before me ".

Thus saying, Baba sent her home and Appa died soon after. The next day a couple of more people went down with cholera. The people of Shirdi were frightened and begged Baba to stop the scourge from spreading. Baba said to them. "Only seven people will die of cholera and after that Shirdi will be rid of the disease." Exactly seven people died of cholera in Shirdi. Baba's prediction came true to the last word.

Jai Sai Ram.

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