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Sai Baba As A Bolster And Rescuer-Experience by Reena.

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Sairam dear all,
Happy Baba's day ,
With the grace of merciful Baba I have been blessed to resume His services at His Holy feet after a long gap .

Blessed, Oh Sai, are Your Feet, blessed is Your remembrance and blessed is Your darshan which frees us from the bond of Karma. Though Your Form is invisible to us now, still if the devotees believe in You, they get living experiences from You. By an invisible and subtle thread You draw Your devotees from far and near to Your Feet and embrace them like a kind and loving mother. 

The devotees do not know where You are, but You so skillfully pull the wires that they ultimately realize that You are at their back to help and support them. The intelligent, wise and learned folk fall into the pit of the samsar on account of their egoism, but You save, by Your power, the poor, simple and devout persons. Inwardly and invisibly you play all the game, but show that you are not concerned with it. You do things and pose yourself as a non-doer. Nobody ever knows Your life. 

The best course therefore for us is to surrender our body, speech and mind to Your Feet and always chant Your name for destroying our sins. You fulfill the wishes of the devotees and to those who are without any desire You give bliss supreme. Chanting Your sweet name is the easiest sadhan for devotees. By this sadhan (means), our sins, Rajas and Tamas qualities will vanish, the Sattwa qualities and righteousness will gain predominance and along with this, discrimination, dispassion and knowledge will follow. Then we shall abide in our Self and our Guru (who are one and the same). This is what is called complete surrender to the Guru.

Without further ado I would share Sai devotee Reena's experience today .

Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Ram Manishaji.
Hope you are doing well. My name is Reena and I was a regular reader of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba articles on your site, Shirdi Sai Kripa. God bless or rather Baba bless this site and you and others associated with this site building and maintenance. It is such a great platform for sharing so many experiences of Sai Baba. I am writing one of my most recent Baba’s experience after 2012. Other experiences which I had with Baba were posted on this website about 3 years ago.Below are the link to the experiences.

Sai Baba Blessed Us With Child.

Sai Baba Saved Me And My 30 Week Old Premature Baby

Mahima Of Dakshina.

Test and Symptoms Reveal Something But Baba's Grace Something Else.

Baba as a Bolster and Rescuer:

Baba is truly great. There are no words to describe His greatness, kindness, love, affection He has towards His devotees. Baba has said in Sri Sai Satcharita, that anyone who remembers Him, either with love or even without it, Baba will take care of Him. “Do not be sad that I am no more, my bones will move and speak to anyone who remembers me”. True to His word, any devotee who thinks of Him, meditates on His form, does Namasmaranam or recites His name with love and faith, Baba comes to their rescue. And yet after all this, Baba still does not expect anything from His devotees except for their love, devotion and remembrance.

 I was blessed with two beautiful children by Baba in 2009 and 2011 (experiences narrated above) and how things fell in place after that. My children are growing up and my work, kids and domestic chores take up most of my time; so much so that most of the times I could not even find time to concentrate or pray or remember Baba. All I used to tell myself was, “Baba, You know my situation, I hardly get time to sit back and relax. (Maybe, I was telling Him, even if I do not pray to You, please forgive me, since nothing is hidden from You”). But, dear readers, we tend to forget one thing. As much as breathing, eating are important for us to live, so also be remembering God or Baba.

Even after knowing this, we tend to take things for granted and forget Him. Today, I want to share an experience with the readers that shows how kind and merciful Baba is. I live in abroad with my husband and children. One day, my husband called me and informed that he has to visit India to meet up his colleagues and co-workers. Since that was a directive from his superiors, there was no way he could refuse.

My heart sank on hearing this and made me restless and worried. After all, travelling out of country is always a risk so long as we are not legal permanent residents and requires stamping to re-enter the country. No matter how genuine someone’s case could be, it all depends on our time and fate at that point of time. Besides, staying with two little kids and handling everything by myself sounded like a big challenge to me. I was helpless since I was not in a position to travel due to not being able to apply for leave from work or discontinue kids school.

I didn’t have much choice but to agree and let things happen as per God’s grace. As the time neared I became very nervous. But, knowing that there was anything I could do, I managed to muster all the courage and face the situation. Eventually, my husband flew to India. I was sad, worried and above everything else, very anxious. Will he get his visa stamped successfully? Will he return? How will I handle things in his absence? Day by day, this anxiety kept eating me up. I became more and more restless.

Then I decided to start praying again. I thought, Baba helped me so much in the past, in fact my life is a beautiful gift and blessing from Him, then why should I worry? Fine, I did not get time to pray to Him in the past, but now Baba seemed to have made me realize that we all need Him at every step of our lives. We do not know what tomorrow has in store for us, we are not aware of our lives or happenings the next minute, so why waste time?

I started to recite the following every night before going to bed – #1. “Namo Sai Satyam Shivam Sundaram Namo Brahma Roopam, Namo Jagadgurum Namo Deva Deva Sarva Aatmamam Namo Bhagavatee Roopa Karunakaram 

#2. Sai Gayatri Mantra Sri Shirdi Vasaya Videmahe Satchitanandaya Dheemahee Tanno Sai Prachodayata

 I got #1 mantra from a website in 2012 and since then concentrate on Baba’s form and recite it. I used to recite it 108 times at night before going to bed, since mornings used to be very hectic for me. I was still restless.

Then I decided to read Sri Satcharita. Rather, Baba guided and made me read it. Fortunately, it was a long weekend and offices were closed for 5 days. It certainly was not easy. Kids were at home and demanded attention but I decided to go ahead with my resolution to finish the reading in 5 days. And that Baba should bless me.

 I prayed to Baba that my husband must get his visa stamped successfully and return home in time without any delays. I had not touched Satcharita for reading for 4 years and now Baba made me complete it in 5 days!!! That is the power of His will. Of course, with every story, my eyes would get filled with tears of affection as to how merciful Baba is. When I was done reading, I offered Naivedya to Baba. And then, I went to Baba answers website and saw His message “Baba’s blessings are already with you. You will get the letter”.

My joy knew no bounds and I knew this work was bound to be a success. Truly, my husband returned home in time and without any hiccups. His visa interview went smooth – the VO asked some questions at random and perhaps said something in a questioning mode but immediately approved the visa. When my husband told me this, the thought that came to my mind was – No matter how difficult situation a devotee may be in, or no matter how many odds are against him, remembering Sai Baba is enough to cross all those obstacles and meet the goal.

 One thing, sometimes we feel, so what’s the big deal? If my husband carried all the required paperwork and had all the correct information, what was the need to worry? Well, sometimes, we have everything but lack of God’s blessing. Without that, and despite having every right thing in support of our case, things could go wrong. So we need Him, His blessings all the time. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka, Rajadhiraja Yogiraj, Parabrahma Satguru Sai Nathaya Namah:

Another incident:

My Daughter’s Diagnosis :

My daughter was one and a half years old and was very sick. This was in about 2013. We took her to the doctor and he suggested us to do some blood work. We got the tests done and after one or two days, received a call from the doctor’s office that the dr wanted to talk to us. It was Gurupoornima and we had planned to visit Baba temple in the evening. After the call from Drs office, we decided to meet the drs and from there go to the temple.

 Normally, if the results are clean and clear, the same is communicated to the patients over the phone. I didn’t worry much though since I thought the doctors were a little tied up and would prefer to talk in person. Anyways, we reached the Doctor office. The Doctor came in and told us about the fever and said it would go away and there’s nothing to worry. And then he paused. He then started to speak about my daughter’s blood report. He mentioned that the technician who did her blood work saw a slightly different shape of the cells.

We couldn’t understand what the doctor was trying to tell us. I asked him again, if there was a problem and if there is anything we should be worried about. The doctor this time, continued in a slightly firm tone that they saw some blast cells in the blood. My husband and I didn’t know what those were and so asked again. The reply was, they are a precursor to leukemia or blood cancer. What !! we were shocked, totally stunned and unable to speak.

A thousand questions came crowding to my mind and I missiled them at the doctor. “What is the count of WBC’s, she never had a fever that kept going on for days together etc etc.”. The doctor then calming me down said – relax, it could be nothing. Sometimes with the pediatric samples it so happens that the blood gets smeared too much between the slides causing a disfigurement of the blood cells. And that it was just reported by a technician and that he just conveyed his observation.

The doctor, again and again, assured us that he would speak with the senior doctor to let us know if we should repeat the blood test or not. Meanwhile, he cautioned us not to google too much on internet since it would only drive us crazy. Wow! We thought. What a news to hear and that too on a Guru Poornima day. Really, did Baba test us or was this destined. I kept crying inconsolably.

We went to the temple and all the time that we were there, I kept questioning Baba as to how this could happen. And then, we both prayed that as merciful as He is, He should save our daughter. This should end like a bad dream and not be real. We went home and called up my Guruji, a spiritual person who is an ardent devotee of Baba in Hyderabad. He assured me that we cannot be so disappointed especially when Baba was there. We will witness those days when have to perform her marriage and have her settled down. I felt relieved.

Days passed and we waited for the doctor to get back for the next course of action. One day, when I was in my office (physically present but absent mentally), the call came. My hair stood on end and with every word the doctor spoke. He said, that there was nothing to fear. It was just a technical handling of the blood smear between the slides and that there was no need to go for any more blood work.

Phew !! I breathed a sigh of relief, thanked Baba a thousand times for saving us from yet another scary life and death situation. Baba always says, “If you look to me, I will look to you”. True, He never disappoints anyone who goes to Him. Look at the stories from Sai Satcharita - He did not disappoint Shama, His devotee and saved him from the snake bite. He blessed a childless couple, Ratanlal Wadia who did not have children for 14 years and upon seeing Baba, He was blessed with a son. He saved another devotee who suffered from Tuberculosis and was almost coughing to death. He also saved another devotee get a permanent job when he was worried because of his inability to support a large family due to his temporary position. He blessed Smt Chandrabai Borkar, beget a child at the age of 50 (Faith Truimps over Fate article).

And yet, in return, He never expected anything except for a devotees love, faith and remembrance. That is our Sai Baba. My humble prostrations to You.

Thank you for everything.

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Meera said...

Sairam Reenaji all the said leela gave me strength and made me more confidant of baba's plan in my life.
thanku for sharing you exp with all of us .

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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