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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 65.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Here are few more experinces shared by devotees .

Sai Baba In My Life:

He is the one who cares and loves in all through the life of devotees.

To start with it has been years and years to get along in this experience site.

Sai who came into my life recalled my events whatever i had done in past and the same was nourished by him. He is the one who always tells us what we are and how we have travelled.

In my significance i have clearly travelled a lot of many karmas and realised what all i have done.

Intially, he allows the devotees to clearly understand for what we are on his feet. He proclaims the necessity of the devotees to get attached and then he starts. On events, i really got plenty to reveal about his miracles in my life. To start i was in the habit of some irritatable kind of thinking my joyness and selfishness of spree. It was that time i just had to go to Sai and it was really going very slowly in his belief and never thought of giving up my habits.

At some instances i started to realise some however but did not give up my habits. Many problems occured in my life of getting divorce too. I could not think it was all of this habit.On August 21,2008 it was krishna Jayanthi and on that day i gave up my habits and insisted completely on him and that too just praying him often only.

Later as since my body and brain was refreshed, he made me to concentrate on his preachings,visiting saibaba temple at Mylapore,chennai. He made me realise of my career and started to preach his name, getting very much attached to him. It was very tough in getting to my career in next level and many problems, stagnation in all levels. I never lost my intentions. He really started to realise time is the most important source for the happenings and blended me for shrada and saburi.

On a fine day he gave me the career i wanted todate and blessings always kept me going. He showed me the ways and means of wealth. In many times i can see whatever happens he is the one who makes us think. Those days went on and on.

In my career i had some problems and dominance was the key for the issue. But again i was with the habit after really 5 years. I prayed him not knowingly why it is happening and i did realise that it is going to be held up somewhere. I prayed him i must not get into this again and i dont want  such mayas. But many things occured eventually. I lost my career again and went to other place where i thought i should never go.

Everything i lost wealth, fame and i was dropped back in the same place where i started to travel. But even though i never left my mind on him and always had belief on him.It travelled along for one year and 2013 ended with this.

I was longing for my career and made me to realise that he is watching me and always insist to have some experience on that. I had been his devotee for several years but had no chance to go to shirdi or do 9 weeks vrath. Suddenly it made me some what struggle with that habit for ten days, i was hospitalised and it was then i really really got him.

Even after medication i was sick. One day i happened to go to masjid and do some odhuvars. It was on that night i really experienced my beloved saibaba. In my dream or my thoughts, he pulled my organs and cleaned up(May be of sai satcharithra too) and kept his hand from my head to toes with sprinkling of udhi and i really felt the difference in me and recalled it the next day .

I happened to watch out some feeling or trace of udhi around. I went to Mylapore and thanked him for giving me a chance for washing out my  all karma . In meanwhile i was thinking to got shirdi and to my surprise, a man was campaining his travels to shirdi and in that leaflet it was noted as 'come to shirdi'.

I was thinking was that for me?  and that now i have orders to come. Subsequently i started my vrath (fasting )and in 3rd week i was in Shirdi. I had no chance of aarthi dharshan in Shirdi and claimed that i will surely get a chance.

I had very good dharshan and the miracle happened. I stood in the queue and was eager whether i would get into his temple for aarthi but atlast after some people including me was allowed. I thought that i should hear his aarthi song 'thulalethu' by sitting in his temple at shirdi,it happened and all the things were going on. Whatever you say he gave me back my carrer again but to other place in same division.

I know he has some plans and I ask him all want is to be a good mankind, I have one thing in my mind that after my commitments i want to surrender to His holy feet . He is always in the life of his devotees. He watches us and i do beleive while shraada and saburi is there, everything comes to us. Whatever happens every second of moment in life it is by him my sainatha.

Jai Sainath Omsai namo namaha sree sai namo namaha jaya jaya sai namo namaha sathguru sai namo namaha.

Baba's blessings:

Dear Manisha Didi,
Hope you are doing good with baba's Blessing. Didi, I could see baba's blessing in my life again. No words are enough to put in writing baba's blessings. Yes truly more then miracles I always say they are blessings. Baba doesn't need to do miracles to show himself. He just need to bless us with love.

It was February 4th early morning, I got a dream in which I could see baba sitting on a throne just like in Shirdi. He was wearing a white shawl. I could see the glow in the white shawl . I could clearly see the three red tilakam lines on his forehead. It was so beautiful to see baba in glowing white clothes. I could not forget the dream of his forehead with red 3 lines of tilakam .

Still my dream is very lively as if seen with naked eye. As usual I came to office. Just started working. I am working there as a contractor since few years. All of a sudden HR people texted me to find out my availability and said nothing to get panic. Before that weeks only many employees were taken away. Finally they gave a afternoon appointment. The HR asked me if I am interested to take a full time? I was speechless and just nodded YES with a smile.

She explained me about the company policies and  then asked how much I am expecting and even before I answered she said their offer. Thank God if I opened my mouth I wouldn't have told that. It was way beyond my expectation. Later after 2 days my manager called me to inform that he was not aware of what the HR has opted me and it is not possible .

I just prayed to Baba. After 2 more days my manager came to me that he is willing to sanction me upon discussion's with HR. He himself said though he wanted to give me the offer he kept quite. Then his co manager came to him and suggested to consider me. So then he informed the HR to talk to me. I was so moved that somuch had happened in the background. I am so thankful  to baba for sending a good friend in my office who always wished good for me.

She was very happy that I got the offer and we both can stay together. Actually she was not happy when she alone got it She prayed for me all night. Indeed she also played a prominent role to suggest the manager to consider in taking me. Its really wonder that so many things undergo without our knowledge. I actually want to share another miracle of baba. Two years back when I was undergoing personal problems I totally neglected my Jasmine plants with no water at all. I love them like anything. But I don't know why i did like this .

All the trees are dried and no leaf. The twigs were breaking easily. I realized my mistake. My problems cannot impact their life. I started talking to them. I even cried that I love them. Then the thought of UDI occurred to me that's all I mixed UDI in water and started watering them. Daily I used ask excuse and said we all together will serve baba as we all are part of each other in this nature.

Miracle I could see all the plants plunged to life with small green leaves and started growing from the scratch. I am just waiting for them to bloom to serve Baba with garland of their fragrance. I told them we all are together in doing our share of bhakti to baba. Plants do really understand us once we talk to them.

Satakoti Pranamalu Saibaba.

IT Women - Middle class:

I am in software industry and from a middle class family. Eventhough i was earning i was not able to manage the expenses of my family as i am having a loan.

Managing loan along with family was a quite challenging and every month i used to get some debts and struggled like anything. I was also trying to go to foreign country through my company. My plans were  delaying or slowing down and i didnt get any way to go onsite.

That time i started observing sai 9 thursday vrat. After that one day i went to Shridi Sai temple in Kelambakkam with heavy heart and went inside Dwarakamai. Saw Sai babas photo, i saw that day sai babas face was full of smile, I was sensing that inside my heart and just went and bowed on Sai's feet. That time unexpectely my mobile rang and i got a call from an onsite manager to provide an immediate opportunity and after this eveything moved fast and came to UK.

This moment is really unforgettable in my life and its heart touching. That moment my eyes filled with tears. No words to explain my feeling. I am sharing this experience to stress 'SAI IS THINKING OF ALL OF THE DEVOTEES' and seeing their troubles ,always to solve it.

As i remember I am uploading the mandir-Kelambakkam temple where i got sai blessings BELIEVE 100% SAI. OM SAI SAMARTH

My Brother :

My brother was preparing for his 12th exams. He was doing it in NIOS and just 1 paper was remaining. We were all least expecting whether he would pass out or not because he was appearing for this exam after a long gap.He had cleared other 4 subjects and only 1 subject was remaining. Even my brother had least hopes. Whenever we face any problem we visit this website "" and share our problems with Baba to which Baba gives us guidance.

Just a few days before my brother's exam he asked  Baba in that website whether he would pass out or not? The reply given by Baba was "Do not fear.You will pass the examination." For a second I was little surprised because Baba gave the clear cut answer to the question. It seemed as if He was talking to my brother. My mother, brother and myself felt little relieved. Then he appeared for his exam. Paper went ok.

We were just hoping that he clears the examination. Nearly after a month or two we got to know that the results were out.We prayed to Baba that he should pass the examination. And Baba's words came out true.My brother cleared his exam. All of us were so happy. It was purely Baba's grace & word that he cleared his exam. Baba has been kind to us.Like a mother He has always protected us, showered His blessings on us.Thank you so much Baba for your Blessings.Please forgive me if i've made any mistake while sharing this experience.

Baba has ever been with me in my toughest as well as happy moments.I've always felt His presence. When i was in my school days i had the habit of keeping Baba's photo in my pencil box. I used to keep my box on bed while studying.I never realised that we should not keep devotional things on bed.One day Baba appeared in my dream. He was lying one sided with his hand under his head(I've attached a pic,he was exactly in the same posture).He was smiling and very politely said me that "You should not keep devotional things on bed." He just said this and I got up.I was very happy because Baba spoke to me. Later on i realised the significance of this dream. This was how Baba guided me through a dream.
Thank you so much Baba for being with me always.Love you tons.I request you not to disclose my name. Thanks and Regards,

Suffering With Eye Problem:

 I am suffering with eye problem for the past 4 years. I even underwent operation twice. Still there is no improvement in my eye sight . Day and night I prayed to baba.I went to shirdi in February. Last week i posted a question to baba in told me" your suffering will come to end offer buttermilk to me and distribute,then see the result". I immediately made buttermilk and offered and distributed. Immediately very next day my son spoke to me and told me that he has obtained a very good doctors name and address and that he would take to him this month when he is here in chennai. As soon as I heard this word i started crying .I am sure baba has started the process of curing my eye sight.
Sairam .

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Anonymous said...

Sai baba bless us. With happy I must reach with us. Please give new job to my son please take care. Bless him with long life

Animesh on September 15, 2015 at 7:52 PM said...

Mere ko sirf bhakti do Sai---aur kuch nahi----Sara din sirf tumhara naam karu---ye shakti do

Anonymous said...

Baba I am your devotee since 1987 my son's Green card is rejected for some reason in US he has appealed but no result Baba please come to rescue him and issue him Green card I will come Shridi for your Darshan after coming to India Hope you will come to our rescue.

Anonymous said...

Om sri sai ram: thanks to save my fathers life from his byepass surgery( after heart attack) and you gave good husband, please bless all your true childern from their troubles, om sri sai ram peace to be all

Anitha on December 29, 2015 at 11:20 PM said...

My son is having fever for past 1 week. It was severe 2 days back and is still there.Baba ji you are the protector of our life. Please bless my son that his fever and health problem should be cured by your grace. Please bless my sons with good health and long life.

Unknown on February 22, 2016 at 6:57 AM said...

baba i will pass inter 1st year plz tell?

vinayak on April 2, 2016 at 3:48 PM said...

Baba kindly bless Sudha healthy and married

Anonymous said...

Baba please help me to get a good job & solve all problems..

amritha said...

baba plz gve me sme peace in my lfe...plz solve my worries nd prblms baba

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