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Under The Guidance Of Sadguru Sai-Experiences by Sai Devotee Anandvalli.

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Happy Baba's day to all and a very Happy Hanuman Jayanti 
May Lord Sai Hanuman bestow his blessing to all .

I consider it Baba's will which desist me to be active on the website for a number of months.Saima had set other priorities for me like changing country ,settling the family and other important issues.

During all this time I could manage to post a  few experience from time to time but they were not on a regular basis .I surrendered to Baba's will and continued as He wished me to serve Him .

Many experience which I got over the time and today's experience indicate that it is Baba's will that I should resume His seva through the website amidst my other responsibilities.

I am sharing the experience of Sai devotee Anandvalli who is a devotee to Lord Hanuman and Saima.She had a wish to share her experience on the website between 20-24 October 2014.The last post was published on 16th Oct. The devotee desired and wondered if its possible to have her experience be the next one to be published on 16th Oct 2014?

It is purely Baba's love that He miraculously fulfilled the wishes of the devotee by not letting me publish any post after 16th Oct 2014 in spite of receiving many experiences.And Baba has blessed the devotee as Sai Hanuman on Hanuman Jayanti by making me instrumental in uploading this experience in spite of my very hectic schedule. 
Jai Sai Ram .

Under the guidance of the Sadguru - 1 

In this website ShirdiSaibabakripa, you must have all read lot of our Baba’s leelas and blissful experiences of many devotees. Everyone has been immensely blessed by Baba, our great Sadguru, which makes them to share their experiences of being with Baba and being guided by Baba. 

I feel very blessed to be one of those devotees and to share my experiences and leelas of our Baba with you all.. I have many experiences to share which I would like to do so in parts. Kindly forgive me for any mistakes in writing.

I humbly place these collections at the Lotus feet of Baba…

Writing about His LEELAS: 

Baba carried out a wonderful miracle in my life during the week of October 20-24, 2014. I prayed to Baba to guide me and to be with me during those days and to execute all actions in my office, on behalf of me. I had full faith in Baba that He will and He did. I also told Baba that if everything goes well, I will start compiling all my wonderful experiences in life that He has given me and will post on this website.

 It has been almost 5 months since the miracle happened. I kept postponing the task of compiling all leelas together. Whenever, I googled on ShirdiSaibabaKripa, the last leela posting on the website would show the date as October 16th, 2014 .. So I thought , the next leela should be from me about my Baba’s miracle that happened in the week October 20-24, 2014.

But I didn’t start the task for a long time…Everytime, I used to think … “When am I going to start compiling … there are so many …will I be able to complete at one shot…etc..etc…” ..all kind of thoughts came to my mind. These thoughts only kept me from starting to write about HIM..At last by the grace of dear Baba, I started compiling my feeling of His omnipresence, love, grace in my life. I will start with my first experience of Baba today..and will keep posting …

WHO is BABA? I have not heard much about Shirdi Sai Baba before 2011.

I used to pray to Lord Hanuman when I was small and became attached to Him.Lord Hanuman was more of a friend/companion to me..When I heard people talk about Shirdi Sai Baba , I used to think ..” O that thatha(grandfather) saami (God) who is in sitting posture”… In my house around 2007, I had one idol of Sai Baba.I don’t even remember who gave it to us …but when I do poojaat home or pray to the other god idols like Ganesha , Lakshmi , I used to also say “Thathasaami..please keep everyone in good health “….that is all I do or I knew..

To me, He was also one of the Gods in my pooja room… I knew nothing about Him at that time.

But one thing I can say, those were trying years of my life with lots of problems/hectic life with things going out of control.Somehow Baba was there with me but I did not realize it.When things went out of control.. after praying to all the gods and looking at Baba statue…I used to say “ Thathasaami , atleast you do something to bring peace into my life”… 

In this website you all must have come across some experiences posted by Baba’s wonderful child/devotee Ashalatha. I would like to say just this about her …“She breathes Baba” ... We got introduced as neighbors in the same apartment and whenever I asked her how her day went, she beamed with tejas citing that her day is always wonderful.

She said that the divine work/service she does for her God keeps her busy and contented in life. I asked her about which God and she said “Shirdi Sai Baba” and told about this website. It felt nice to see such a vibrant and positive person who felt happy and contented rendering humble services to her God. I got the website address , but I didn’t spend much time to read through the articles/leelas in it. 


It was the evening of April 6, 2012, when a colleague was seeking permission to leave early as she had to go to Babas temple to perform some pooja. I willingly accepted and asked her to leave early.

It was also the day of Hanuman Jayanthi. Since I also wound up my office work early, I read some leelas from ShirdiSaibabakripa and one stage I couldn’t stop reading…Every leela showed the love and grace that Baba had for this devotees and I was tempted to read more and more. The more I read, the more I came to know about Baba.

For 2 hours continuously I read the leelas and must have read almost all of them. My thoughts and mind were full of nice experiences shared by devotees and left me wondering..“ What a great Saint Baba is ..who keeps up His words and comes to the rescue of HIS children whenever they are in dire need “ My mind was full of Baba that evening and I felt the urge to go to His temple and have His dharshan atleast once ..but was reluctant to ask my husband. 

As soon as my husband came from office, since we had to do groceries , we all had to leave from home.

Just bottling up the urge to see Baba, I was thinking “Baba I really need to see you today..somehow you take care of it…” ..I clearly know there was no way to go to temple that day…And I felt how can it be possible to see Baba that day??

After finishing groceries, while my husband was paying for the groceries, I saw a shelf with lot of God idols like Hanuman, Ganesh etc.. I have seen that shelf from far, but have never went close to it to see the idols.. At my eye level, all I could see was small Ganesh , Hanuman and other god idols and looking at price tags on each…At that time, I did not see any Baba's idols there..

My husband was signaling for us to leave, and I was about to leave..Suddenly I felt the urge to look at the top of the shelf just before leaving and that is when I saw a big bronze statue of Sai Baba ( almost 2 ft )… My heart just skipped a beat and before him was a matching Nandi statue with the same bronze finish..I just closed my mouth and said “ OH…MY…GOD…”. Baba gave a wonderful Dharshan as if he was in a temple along with Nandi…and proved he is omnipresent.

It was a shop I usually do groceries and have never noticed him on the top shelf ever… Today , I requested a dharshan of Him in a temple ..and he answered my prayers immediately… I was totally dumbfounded… That was the first day I felt Baba’s love…it stays fresh in mind even today and will forever be…

More Leelas to follow ..with Baba’s divine guidance…

Under the guidance of the Sadguru–2: 

BABA in UDI form:

That day, after coming from the temple with a very contented feeling of my first dharshan with the grace of Almighty Baba, I finished all my chores and settled down with my iPad to google more about Shirdi Sai Baba. I wanted to know more about the period he lived and about his life..I bumped into a book Shri Sai Gurucharithra , that gave a good account of his life.

The first time , I clicked on the pdf , it took time to download and when it did, this is the first image I saw after opening the pdf.. For some reason, just the eyes of Baba was zoomed and I jerked in shock. Those EYES were just piercing thru me..They felt VERY REAL and I felt moved and felt like Baba was REALLY looking at me in close up. And I was seeing Baba in closeup, just like how I would see when He was in front of me…

I continued to read the book and finished it that night. Here are the divine eyes for your Dharshan… The next day, when I met my friend Asha, I was surprised to see the printout of the same EYES of BABA in her pooja. She had taken printout of it and was planning to frame it .. I shared with her the leela of Baba the previous day and how I had Baba’s dharshan which he lovingly gave within moments of me asking/challenging him .

She felt moved and gave me some Baba’s Udi. In 2008, I came to US on a I didn’t bring any Pooja items with me..So I had very minimal idols in my pooja area.. I took the Udi packet from my friend, and I considered it as Baba Himself . I placed Him in my Pooja and started worshipping Baba in Udi form. This is the picture of the Baba in Udi form in my home. 

Under the guidance of the Sadguru - 3: 

During the year of 2012, we were trying for Green Card in US. With lot of uncertainties that usually prevails in a typical Indian family residing in US, we thought we can apply for GC that year. We also signed up for a new home that year but we were reluctant to proceed with it. We decided to apply for GC. We decided not to approach any attorney or company to apply for GC. 

We thought that if our GC comes, we will go ahead with the new home , if not we will drop the plan. With lot of hard work, my husband prepared all the docs required for us. He put in tremendous amount of effort for two months to gather all relevant documents to apply in EB1 category. I did not contribute much to those efforts. All I did was Pray to Sai to bless my husband’s efforts and to get the approval for GC. 

We applied in May and to our surprise we got the I140 approved in August, in just three months..the approval came on a Thursday. Since then, I eagerly started looking at Thursdays for good news..Baba does a lot of things for us..but it is in our fickle minds that we keep challenging him and asking for proofs. With patience, he does give proofs to us that he is answering our prayers…and for me, he proved that he is answering my prayers. I140 approval was itself a big surprise and gift for us. 

For all the efforts, Baba has rewarded us. Gradually, in September, our EAD was approved. The approval SMS came on a Sunday and the EAD card came the following Thursday. I told my husband about how we are getting approvals on Thursday, for which he used to say that it could be because the Immigdept sends mails in batches on a specific day and makes them reach us on a Thursday. 

Part of it could be true, but there is also a divine action linked to it and I believed in it. We were happy and thrilled with the EAD approval and decided to proceed with the new home.. With Baba’s grace, the new home was completed and we planned to do the housewarming pooja. We approached the priest and based on our stars, the priest suggested October 24th, 2012 for pooja.It was the day of Baba’s Puniyathithi/Vijayadasami day. 

What could have been a more auspicious day for us?

 Everything is just Baba’s blessing. I know not what to say more or what to say less. Once you are under his wings..He will make you fly to the sky …He will embrace you under his motherly love. He will execute things for you. All you have to do is…BE FAITHFUL and PATIENT. 

 After the pooja at the new home, we did not rush up moving to the new house, as we did not get the final GC approval and the GC card. So we extended the lease in our apt so that there can be no confusion in address for GC approval communication. We slowly moved to the new home, shifting things whenever we had some time. Kids loved the new home and played around. 

My husband had to leave to India that year and so, before he left we shifted entirely. At that point, we were awaiting the final GC approval. On Dec 20th (Thursday), our receipt status showed that the GC card was mailed to our address . I was so overjoyed and called my husband in India, who was on his way to Thirupathi in train. 

He was so overjoyed and paid his salutations to Lord Balaji in Thirupathi. I could find no words to describe Baba’s blessings that He showered on my family that year. 

Baba came into my life and blessed me immensely than I could ever think of or long for. In few months, he threw all uncertainties in our life and awarded us with more than what we could imagine in our lives. Usually when a doc is mailed from Immig, it takes 3 days for us to get it. So this time we were expecting the GC card to arrive that Tuesday. It did not …It came on Dec 27th ….THURSDAY…… 

Honestly, before starting to write His leelas, I know not where to start and what level of detail I should write..I could Baba is with me as I write these experiences about his Divine Dharshan, Divine Udi and Divine Thursdays and makes me remember all details of the leelas that He had carried out in my life.

Share your experience :HERE.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience. Baba is great .

Anonymous said...

Om sai baba very nice experience. I want visa baba bless with visa sai please make my desire . You are my hope om sai ram omsaimaa

Anonymous said...

Sairam..thanks for the wonderful experience.

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

Anonymous said...

Om Baba.. Salutations to your lotus feet.

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