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Shirdi Sai Baba's Kripa-Experience By Ashalatha.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day,
I would like to share 3 Sai leela shared by Ashalatha sister which was told her to by her mother over ph.These leela's reflect Baba's love for His children.Please read the attached mail below by Asha sister .Jai Sai Ram .
Sai Leela – 1
Sairam, Manisha Sister,
I would like to share the wonderful leelas performed by our Parabrahma Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj very recently keeping my mother as a witness.

As you are aware that my mother sends “The Miracle Books” on requests to devotees and this Miracle is related to that small seva.
Mom had couriered The Miracle book to a person named Seshadriji in Chennai and the same person had called again to say that he needs more books and mom was chanting Sai Ashtotharam. She said she would certainly do so and in another few minutes again he called to say that he need one more book as his friend who just came home saw the book and wanted one for himself. Mom said fine she will send along with his request, than Seshadriji told mom to speak to his friend Mukundanji, but mom was hesitating as they are strangers to each other .So Seshadriji told mom that Mukandanji is in great financial crisis and had been really waiting for some pending transaction of nearly 4 lakhs.
Seshadriji personally felt if mom would speak to him it may bring some good to him, mom had told him that she only holds on to the lotus feet of our Sai and she knows nothing more than that, but as he was insisting she spoke to his friend and told him to perform Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and just hold on to him and also to do the parayan of the Miracle book and she assured that it will definitely bring good to him. But his friend did not have Sai's photo or any books of Sai. So mom said she will be sending pocket size pictures with the book so they need not worry about it. Mom also prayed to our Sadguru Sai wholeheartedly to take care of this.

Its a week now and Seshadriji called mom to say the good news that his friend's problem is getting solved today as he will be receiving nearly 2 lakhs by registration of their property . This deal was pending for the past 9 years and the same evening his friend had called and thanked mom which in turn she placed at Sai's feet and they also visited Mylapore Sai mandir and planning to do annadhan. Mom had also advised them to buy Sri Sai Satcharitra and do parayan at home.

Remember anyone who worships Sai is always filled with pure joy and his remembrance drives away sins, afflictions and distress.

May Sai be with all of us, bless us and guide us always

Sai Leela -2
Manisha Sister this miracle was conveyed to mom by Seshadriji and I am sharing the same with you.

Sesadhriji's son is doing his final yr B.E. and he did some pooja to Sai and had taken a vow to donate blood at the completion of the pooja. As we know that Sai always encourages remembering his name the pooja was completed successfully. As the boy was thinking of contacting Sai organization to donate blood just that day one of their old acquaintance named SaiGaneshji who had not contacted for a nearly a year called them (as he had lost their contact no) to ask if this boy could donate blood to one of the Sai organization as there is need of blood.

The family was speechless to hear this and this incident clearly proves that whatever we wish to offer to Sai without a bit of pride or for want of fame will definitely be accepted by Sai.

Sister I am really so happy and feel so blessed to hear all the leelas of our Sai through my mom and wonder struck at his mysterious way of bringing people to my mom as Sai companions. I am sure the bondage created by Sai will be everlasting than anything else in this world. In that way, I too feel very fortunate and blessed to have satsang with devotees like you for which I need to be thankful to my All pervasive Sai.
Sai Leela-3
Thoda Dhyan Lagaoa Sai Daude Daude Ayengae....Just fix your mind on Sai, he will come running to take care of you..
After the demise of my father on Jan 7, 2010 we have certain customs and poojas to perform according to that Mom had to take darshan of Balaji temple on Feb 13, being Amavasya . This mandir is quite far from our place and my mom need to go the previous night and stay there and the next day early morning she needs to perform Archana, do annadhan and reach home early and then offer her prayers and food to God. This is a custom followed in our family.

Our neighbors were also planning to go to this temple and assured that they will accompany mom but just the previous day they came and said that they will not be able to join mom and so mom was in a fix , when she told me,” I said don't worry mom, Sai will arrange everything for you”. And was waiting for Sai to perform his leelas and help my mom complete this ritual. And just the same evening my mom's cousin called to inquire about the temple visit on hearing from mom, she said she will join to the temple which itself was like a blessing from Sai.

So she went on Feb 12th night with 2 others stayed overnight and she came to know that 10days festival was going on in the temple so it was overcrowded and by sai's grace they could get a room to stay and early morning at 3.30 they woke up ,took bath in the temple pond where she could hardly step in due to the crowd and they were to do perform archana and so they felt that it is better to go on special darshan as there is lot of crowd and they were inquiring about this to a security.

They were told to buy 50Rs. ticket as it may move faster, they found a priest and the priest too advised to buy the ticket and disappeared. So my mom bought the tickets and when they were about to step into the 'q' from nowhere the priest appeared again and asked "there were three people who wanted to get into the mandir quickly who are they? Immediately mom said it was them and he said" all the three of you come with me" and he directly took mom and others to the sanctum sanctorum just straight away inside no 'q' no waiting/standing anywhere and that day Feb 13th was a very special day and my mom was the first one to do archana for that day, and she came out to find out the priest to thank him but she could not find him anywhere.

HOW CAN SHE FIND SAI HE WILL RUN TO HELP US AND AT THE SAME SPEED HE DISAPPEARS. I was in tears what good have we done to get all this blessing!! later mom did annadhan and came home and cooked food and served my eternal father and my worldly father who is at Sai's abode now.

I would like to place my head at the lotus feet of our Sai and wash his holy feet with my tears of joy and plead him to bless us always, guide us and take care of us.

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Anil on April 7, 2011 at 7:06 PM said...

Om Sai Ram Vanadana ji,

Happy BABA's Day.I had read today " How Shirdi Saibaba helped in the smooth passing over of my dear son-Sai devotee Vandana." by Vandana Ritik.

It is a rare and blissful experience. I was completely shocked. It is a one more greatest example "how BABA always worry about HIS devotees and taking care of them"

Truely, Vandana ji your beloved son have got shelter in BABA's Lotus Feet, you does not
need to worry about any worldly matter because of, BABA's is showering HIS Grace to your family.

By BABA Bless, you are lucky mother. Please feel GREAT & GREAT.

!!! BABA Hajur Ko Sadhai Jay Hos !!!

Om Sai Ram

Toronto, Canada

Anonymous said...

Jai sai baba,, baba ji main bohot pareshan hun plz madad kariye baba

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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