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Shivamma Thayee Temple-Experience By Devotee Radha Sreedhar.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day ,
Sai devotee Radha sister has shared many experiences of Baba with us from time to time. Recently I have published beautiful experiences shared by devotees about Roopen Agrahara Sai Baba Temple constructed by Shivamma Thayee.

Amazingly, soon after this post I received a mail from Radha sister sharing her experiences in the same temple. This is one of the series of experiences Radha sister had in the temple. Other experiences will be shared soon.

I am elated to share the experience with all the readers and also request them to read another post that is published today in Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Website related to development in Roopen Agrahara Temple as recorded by Sai devotee Shri Rama Rao ji .

I would like to let the reader know that the first devotee to get us all the details of Roopen Agrahara temple and  life of Shivamma Thayee  was none other than Shri Rama Rao ji . Shi Rama Rao ji has  sent more details  after he read experiences shared by devotee witnessed in Roopen Agrahara Temple. Devotees can read the details HERE. Jai Sai Ram .

Shivamma Thayee Temple - Experience 1
Sairam sister Manisha,

It has been a while since I had the blessing to share some experiences. Today your post about Shivamma thayee temple and the wonderful experience of the dear devotee and naam saptah touched our hearts. I have so many blissful experiences in this temple and would like to write them one by one. I have titled it as 'Shivamma Thayee Temple -Experience 1' so that I can follow up the rest of the experiences. Please do feel free to edit them wherever required. May Baba Himself write these experiences.I thought it would be a great blessing to write them on Shivamma Thayees birthday.
It was during the year 2009. We were going through a very tough period with regards to my husbands job. We were living in Japan at that time too. It was also only about one and half years since I came to know more about Baba. One night, I got a dream which shook me thoroughly. In the dream I was standing near the mandir in my house and I suddenly see some smoke. I am not sure if it is agarbati or smoke. All I can see is a dark black leg part of Baba and I could also see a yellow shawl covering a part of babas feet.

Obviously I freaked out. I have never seen anything like that and thought that I have seen a burnt leg of Baba, all black and charred. I thought it was bad omen to see Babas body in black and did not even tell anyone.

However, a couple of months rolled and we decided to move back to India. My husband was looking for a job in India and we were still not out of stress as recession was at its peak at that time. Suddenly, one of my friends from another sai blog knew that I have returned to Bangalore from Japan and told me about a temple situated in Roopen Agrahara. I did not know a thing about Bangalore and did not know where it was. To my delight I found that it was not far away from our home so my husband and I decided to go there one day.

We found this temple inside a school premises and were surprised to see how simple it looked. Imagine my shock when I saw the idol. As soon as I entered the temple, my eyes feel on the black feet of the idol partly covered with yellow shawl. Yes, that was the first Black colored idol of Baba i have ever seen! That moment I knew that I have come to my mother's house.

 I was in shock and joy and did not know at that time that my other miracles with that temple were just about to unfold in the next few months.

I am sorry that this post got this long. I will reserve the next miracle for my next post with Babas grace.
Let us all until then take time to Chant 'saisaisai', which is the most favorite chant of our dear Shivamma Thayee.


Coming up second experience soon....

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Anonymous said...

om sai sree sai jaya jaya sai!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to know where can i get sai nava vrata katha books in kannada in bangalore...i stay in whitefield..

Anonymous said...

Jai Sai Ram !!

Anonymous said...

Sairam, where can i find the second link to madam's miracle experience?

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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