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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 45.

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Sairam ,
Happy Baba's day to all
Baba's leelas are being witnessed by His devotees in different parts of world. This testify what is mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharitra that Baba's leela will be felt after His Mahasamadhi.Everybody knows that Baba is the living God who always take care of His children.The devotees who have firm faith and believe in Baba experience His kindness and blessing in their life specially in the moment of distress.Today I am sharing a bunch of these experiences by different Sai devotees. Jai Sai Ram

Childhood Experience:
I am 26 years old girl working as an HR executive in a private firm.I have my childhood experience to share .

This is the experience when I was 3 years old and had went to mumbai with my parents at my aunts house.We enjoyed a lot in Mumbai and after that we had to plan to leave for Shirdi for Sai baba darshan.

My parents and my uncle were waiting for the bus at Dombivali bus stop.My father went to have tickets for Shirdi and my mother was busy with my small brother and talking to my Uncle meanwhile I followed my father and I thought he has went to some other bus and accidentally I just sat in another Bus of Kalyan.
The bus immediately left from the bus stop.My father returned and started finding me as he just brought the tickets for Shirdi.When he could not find me he got panic as well as my mother started crying and I was crying alone in that bus.

My father enquired that recently which bus left and he immediately followed the bus through Auto and informed on the next stop that to stop the bus as a girl by mistake she is in that bus.The bus conductor in which I was very kind person before reaching the next stop he ordered driver to return the bus on previous stop and he held me in his hands and asked every one that whose girl I am.

My father was continuously praying to Sai baba to get me again.And my father saw my red coloured frock in the crowd and rushed to see me and he was overwhelmed after seeing me and took me from hands of the bus conductor.

From that day my whole family became the devotee of Sai baba. I can't forget his blessings and my father still remember this incident and never forget to say very very thanks to Sai baba. Because of Him I am with my parents and enjoying my life to fullest.Keep your blessings on me and my whole family and everybody who admire you.
Jai Sai Ram .

Baba's Blessings,Shradha and Saburi:
Sai Ram Manisha Ji

First of all, by Baba's grace I was able to find this wonderful Baba's site, where His devotees are sharing their experiences and Baba's blessings on them. I love this website and always want to open the computer as the very first thing after waking up in morning. Thanks to you and all the devotees who are sharing their experiences. After reading Baba's blessing on His Devotees, it helps me in holding my faith more firmly in all the shakable moments that comes in my life.

Please publish one of my experience too on your blessed website.

One day in Feb end of 2012, I received a call from my brother that my mother is sick and she has been hospitalised with some infection and have high fever and high sugar level. Next day after coming from Baba Temple, my husband called my brother to check about wellness of my mother. 

My brother told my husband that he will tell in detail later when my husband is alone. So I got suspicious that my mother definitely have serious illness. My brother informed my husband that my mother have lung cancer and cancer is at third stage and at most she can just live for an year. 

Also she is having very high level of sugar and she stopped eating food and her current condition is also critical. While my husband and brother were talking I heard all of this. I was totally shattered and starting weeping and I couldn't sleep next two days and kept weeping.

After then I went to Baba temple on Saturday, I prayed to Baba to cure my mother and also started Sai Satcharitra on Thursday and even before I could finish Sai Satcharitra on Wednesday and my mother started responding to the medicine and her sugar level came down and started taking half a piece of bread. 

Doctors told that they can't give Chemo Therapy to my mother because of her age and weakness. Doctors said they would treat her just with the medicines and would check her again after 2 months(25 April).

After then my mother was discharged from the hospital. So, then I sent Baba's Udi from here and asked my mother to apply and drink it. Now see Baba's leela, When my mother went for checkup, the results were surprising. Doctor's told that 75% of the cancerous area has been reduced. Also now she started walking without some one's help. Now my mother's condition is normal.

 I am praying to Baba that please relieve my mother from this suffering, so she can spend her rest of life in chanting Your Name SAI SAI.

Baba is great and He takes care of everyone who holds Him and always stand with us in all the moments of life.

Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahm Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!


Dear Manisha,

First of all my heartfelt thanks to you for creating this wonderful forum to help Shirdi Sai devotees to share their experiences and rejoice and pray with greater devotion and faith. May Sainath shower his blessings and his grace on you and your family. I request you to kindly publish my experience that I have been wanting to share.

While doing so please do not my name or emai id. Om Sri Sai Ram

I and my family have been devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba for decades reaping his benevolence in good measure. In 2011, my daughter studying in a prestigious university in U S A by Baba’s grace, came up for a number of job interviews as part of the campus selection process. However, for a strange reason- which some simply called as unfavorable planetary positions-she was rejected in as many as 10 interviews even after seemingly good performances.

Her confident was badly dented and we helpless parents turned to our beloved Baba to help her get a job. I knew that the campus interviews were the best if not the only opportunity for an international student to get a job in U S A. Apart from daily reading of a chapter- a- day of Sri Sai Satcharita, I also resorted to Sai Vrat. As this was going on, my daughter had unsuccessfully completed all but one of her interviews due to start from 29 Oct 11.

This last interview that remained was with the world’s best company in the field and I obviously thought that she stood no chance in the face of tough competition from some of the best students in the college who always wanted to join this company. So worried and helpless that I was , I intensified my prayers to our beloved Lord and encouraged my daughter to attend the same with confidence.

While in the middle of my vRat, and a few days before the commencement of the interview, a beautiful thought was implanted in me by Baba through a dream that I should read Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam daily. I knew that I had a copy of the book in my house along with the collection of other religious books that I had nicely arranged in a dedicated cupboard so that they can be taken out easily whenever required. But to my disappointment and surprise I could not find this particular book at all even after spending more than an hour for a thorough search.

On 29 October 2011, I was leaving for U S A via Bangalore for a two months stay and return with my daughter to India for her winter break. As mentioned above, it was also the day when my daughter was going to appear for a written pre -interview screening test by the last of the hiring companies that I have indicated. I was very tense about my daughter's test/interview scheduled to take place during the course of my journey to U S A and was not at all in the right frame of mind to undertake a long flight across the Atlantic. At about 5 PM as the taxi was waiting outside my house to take me to the local railway station to board the train to Bangalore I made a last minute bow to Baba in my pooja room and tried to reach for the box containing udi inside a cupboard to apply it on my forehead.

To my surprise, my eyes spotted a couple of books inside the cupboard and the hands literally followed them only to find a copy of the Vishnu Sahasranamam in my mother tongue Tamil that I was looking for. It looked as though Baba wanted to personally hand over the book at the appropriate time and bless me. I was overwhelmed with love, devotion and reinforced faith in my Baba. I could feel the rush of optimism in me for my daughter’s interview. In retrospect the whole incident was momentary and had it not happened I would have very well gone to U S A without the book, thoroughly disappointed, sad and with some loss of faith.

I happily started reading the Vishnu Sahasranamam in the train itself. I continued reading it while in Bangalore the next day and even during the flight. During this period my daughter went through three different stages of the interview and every time felt that her performance was the worst ever and never gave herself a chance for the next stage. But my inner voice, dictated by Baba, kept telling that she will be fine. It came very true and miraculously my daughter successfully cleared all the three stages. The company later added two more stages of interview that went on till January 2012. With Baba on her side, my daughter’s confidence was restored and she became the one among the three selected finally for the job.

While reading the Vishnu Sahasranamam, I always had an uncomfortable feeling that I was not able to read the Sanskrit verses with understanding as I do not know the language. Baba solved this in a mysterious way. On my return to India in December 2011, I had a dream in which my late father appeared and asked me to read Vishnu Sahasranamam. I still did not know what prompted me to search the set of religious books that he had collected in his life time with the hope that one day his children would read them. As a respect to his feelings and also because of my growing interest in religious books I had kept a few of his books with me.

 Somehow that day I felt like browsing through his books. When I did it, I immediately came across the English commentary on Vishnu Sahasranamam by Swami Chinmayananda. When I opened the book, to my utter but pleasant astonishment the first thing I saw inside the book was a very old black and white photograph of my father. It was too much of a coincidence to be simply disregarded. I wish to stop the narration of my experience at this point and leave it to the readers to draw their conclusion.

I wish to add that everyday after the Vishnu Sahasranamam, I read one stanza of the English commentary in slow speed to assimilate the meaning. I feel immensely happy and blessed in doing so.
My daughter is due to start her job in early August this year. I pray to Sri Sai Baba with all humility to be with her and guide her in her work.


The Day Saibaba Started Making Me Beleive I Am With You:

Sairam ,
I am Smitha from Mumbai from working in Chennai since last 2 years. Please forgive as my experience may be lengthy but i will try to cut short as much as possible.

I dont remember when I started believing baba, but yes i remember in the year 2003 one of my friend who is not in close contact with me came to my house surprisingly i don't know how he knew my house as i never invited him to my house. He came with Sai Satcharita and handed it over to my parents. Since then whenever i had trouble i used to read that book and it gave me peace during my tough times in life.

I would like to share the experience where baba proved me the presence of His when i was lonely and was very upset with my life. I was working as technical support officer and my shift was from morning 5 to 10 and evening 5 to 10. The rest of the time i spent few hours in reading saibaba books and sleep for 2 hours.One day I was very upset and disturbed with my life as i had lots of problems (sorry wont be able to disclose what it is.) I wished to go to Baba temple but i was going through my periods of 4th day.

Suddenly the hostel owners daughter who will speak to none came to me and said will you come to Mylapore Baba temple today? I was surprised she asked only me out of so many other girls. I said I wont be able to come as it was my 4th day. She asked me is your heart pure? Do you really wish to see baba? I said yes. She said i will wait for you at 3:30pm downstairs we will go saying this she left.

It was 1:30pm i was very tired and i slept off. It was 3:30pm and i was not able to get up and something was forcing me and pulling my hands and telling get up its 3:30pm you need to meet baba. I took bath and got ready but still i was not comfortable as of orthodox thinking of not to go to temple during periods. I went downstairs at 4:30pm and surprised to see that girl still waiting for me. She said i know you will come though it is late. We went in her bike and when i reached Baba's temple i was surprised to see the temple very crowded as it was some special occasion. Later i came to know it was my Babas Mahasamadhi day and Baba wanted me to visit him and take blessings from him.

Baba's Nectar-Like Words

The kind and merciful Sai Baba, said many a time the following sweet words in the Masjid - "He who loves Me most, always sees Me. The whole world is desolate to him without Me, he tells no stories but Mine. He ceaselessly meditates upon Me and always chants My name. I feel indebted to him who surrenders himself completely to Me and ever remembers Me. I shall repay his debt by giving him salvation (self-realization). I am dependent on him who thinks and hungers after Me and who does not eat anything without first offering it to Me. He who thus comes to Me, becomes one with Me, just as a river gets to the sea and becomes merged (one) with it. So leaving out pride and egoism and with no trace of them, you should surrender yourself to Me Who am seated in your heart."


Baba Came Home For Lunch:

Sairam Manishaji,

Thanks for the wonderful platform you have created for us. Thanks for everything. Please do not share or my e-mail address.

I had read at numerous miracle story about Baba eating the food which was offered to them. It is a wonderful feeling, when something like that happens to you.

My friends mom was going back to India, so I had called her and some of my friends home for lunch. I had invited baba also to please come home and it would be great if he comes home first and eats before anybody else, as I did not want to serve him the already served food.

I did not know how he will come, it was almost lunch time and my friends called me to say they will be home in 20 Min's. I was sad that baba did not come. Just then I got a call from an old lady whom I have met couple of times in the grocery store and we have exchanged numbers. She stays in the subdivision opposite to ours, and to walk from theirs to our house takes almost 20 mins and upon that she is very old. I have known her for past 6 years and we meet once in 6 months or so in some stores. She has never ever called me in the past 6 years or come home.

She called me and said, she is coming home to give me some of the idli’s she has prepared. This was a big surprise. At first I said I will only come later and pick it up as I have guests coming, then I thought this might be the way baba is coming home and so I asked her to please come for lunch. I think this was the mistake I did. I first said No to her and then said Yes.

She came home, gave me Idlis, did not eat one bit even after I forced and begged her, but drank just a sip of water and left. I immediately went to baba’s photo and apologized and repented. I think baba did not like what I did and I did not make a mindful decision.

After lunch, I packed some food for all my friends to take it back home. I had kept it next to the idli box that aunty had given me. And one of my friends accidentally took that box home and I did not notice it, until after everyone left when I went to the kitchen to eat the idli’s.

I felt very sad and apologized to baba again for my mistake and called that aunty and told her about her idli box was taken by my friend by mistake. What she said later was like baba telling me something. She said “It’s all baba’s wishes. May be it was in her good karma to eat that food”.

I immediately told baba I will read Satcharitra for 7 days and at the end of the seventh day I will again call everyone for lunch and you should really come and I will feed you. And also you should come before my friends come home.

The last day of Sai Satcharitra reading, I invited all my friends again. I was waiting for baba to come. He came in the form of goose. Near our house there are gooses and we rarely see them. Even if you see they are there, It does not come in front of your house and quack. It never does and it has never done for the past 10 years I have stayed.

But, this time, it came and started quacking very loudly right next to the window of our house. I threw some bread, it ate and left quietly and till date, I have not seen even one. It’s been almost 3 months. When I was throwing the bread, I was feeling bad for throwing and not giving it gently.

With goose you need to throw and you cannot give, as they get aggressive and they come chasing after you. Also I threw it fast and finished with the packet of bread and rushed back to kitchen fast, without actually enjoying the moment and thanking baba in a nice way, ‘coz I had kept something on the stove. I think this mistake costed me. The kheer was burnt.

I am planning to read guru charitra next time and I will invite baba and that time around I will be more respectful and more obliging.
Thanks for reading.

Baba's Healing Power :

Dear Manisha Didi,

Here is my colleague's experience who is very much devoted to baba.We share and talk about baba all the time.Please post it in your order.

The Living God!!!--- who always responds to your sincere and desperate call.

That’s what I feel about SAIBABA- Shirdi Vala Bhagwaan. Yesterday - it so happened, my dog is throwing up ,whatever he is eating, even though it’s Sunday..We rushed to the pets mart, where the doctor wrote, all sorts of tests- which are going to cost me $400, and also told me that he needs to undergo a surgery on Monday i.e. today. 

 Everyone in the house is so panicked, I thought when I am having the cosmic physician, why would I perturb? I told to rest of the family members Just don't worry, he will be healed”.We took him home.I put some of Baba's vibhudi on his face, and some on his tongue.

I cooked some fresh rice mashed it with some dal offered it as a prasad to Baba. Gave the Dog a nice warm bath and fed the Prasad to Dog with full faith.He has been healed. No more throwing up( earlier even by drinking water also he started throwing up).

Not less than a month my husband who has been suffering with the thigh pain as if someone beaten him with sticks, completely healed by rubbing some of the vibhudi and later I forced him to come to Baba's bhajans, VERY NEXT DAY MORNING ---NO SIGN OF PAIN, HE IS COMPLETELY HEALED!!!Who else but our Healer Sai healed.

Sai devotee

Sai Baba Krupa :

Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba Ki Jai

Where to start Sai baba has his grace on me and my family for several years, as coming from a hindu family we use to pray all gods and Sai baba was always there but from past one year my parents and my devotion in Sai baba has become more stronger .

My faith got stronger when i cleared an exam which i was trying for past two years and to be honest it got cleared in my ninth (9) attempt .Last year i went to Shirdi with mum and dad and this was our first trip to Shirdi but everything went well and had Baba's darshan for the first time and felt so much of happiness being around him as if He said that i will look after you no matter how far you go .

I  have been in Australia for nearly 5 years now and have seen many ups and downs ,i used to be always scared of what shall happen in future and read articles about astrology and palmistry ,but after reading Sai Satchartra i found Baba saying that what happens in future is His will and astrologer can't change that .

Baba has ways of guiding his follower and you do come across each other with his Will .For past one year i was having lots of trouble in my personal life and sometime i used to cry in front of baba and ask him why was i facing all this trouble and baba always gave me an answer by taking my sorrow away and lifting my spirit up .Baba just makes you feel as if everything will be alright all you need to have is faith and perseverance .I feel that i have changed a lot in many ways and its all with the grace of baba .I know that baba will never leave me or my family alone and what ever he plans for us will be for our good. To all the followers of Sai baba have faith in baba and he will make all your wishes come true .om sairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam
Sai krupa

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Anonymous said...

A food contract with baba going on n on. Atleast you be thankful to baba as HE had kept your worries upto inviting baba for lunch successfully forgetting all other things in life. You are a blessed soul.Huh!:(

Anonymous said...

om sai ram. u were so lucky that baba sprinkles his blessings on many people were looking for baba's blessings.u r so fortunate.may baba bless us all.

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