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Power Of Udi -Experience By Balaji Radakrishnan.

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Om Sairam
Happy baba's day
When human endeavours fail God intervenes and shows His presence. Similar feeling has been shared by Sai devotee Balaji from US. Jai Sai Ram .

Om Sairam.
Dear Manisha Sister,
Thanks a lot for your Saiseva.

On july 6th 2012 night our 27 months elder son Saikrish vomited all the food which he had. After vomiting he afraid to take any food and got fever from that night.When we checked the temperature it showed 103 and 104.
We gave Tylenol to him for every 6 hours but still we didn't see any symptom for cure. Afternoon his fever was so worse and he didn't have any food from morning and he was so tired. So we started to give Martin.

Some what his temperature got reduced but again after some time it went up.

We tried to give Martin for the second time but he vomited again and no medicine went inside of him. He vomited all the second doze and his body is so hot. I can feel that. My wife got scared and even me too. I asked my wife that shall we take him to the emergency. After hearing the word Emergency she screamed because we took our newborn to the emergency and he was in hospital for 55 days and went through lot of struggle.

I am totally disappointed because all day we applied UDI to him but he didn't eat the UDI because of vomiting fear.

The 2 year old kid didn't have any water or juice or even nothing for full day I am sure he might have dehydrated. He was so tired and he need some energy to drink atleast.

After he vomited the Martin, My wife shouted at Mithra Baba and she screamed like "Why are you testing us so much?" . All of the sudden she took Shridi UDI and mixed in naivedhya water which we keep infront of Baba. She was so excited stage and angrily saying to our family members that "No body should intervene in my way now".

I remembered the situation of Shama when he approached Baba after snake bite. She took the holy water in the syringe which we used to give medicine and asked me to give that water to him.

We both decided that here after we shouldn't give any medicine. We told Baba also that we won't give any medicine here after. Through out the night he was lying on my body and his temp was high. I started chanting "sai sai sai" and we both slept after some time.

At 3am he got up and woke me up and asked for milk. I was so happy and surprised that his body was so chill. Normally if fever comes it will take time get he normal body temperature but his body was so chill. We gave him milk and he drank all of them and slept again.

The next day he was so normal and his body temperature was also normal.

We Thanked Mithra Baba a lot and asked Sorry. But inner feeling said that it is Baba's decision and not to ask sorry to him.

Om Sairam.
Om Namo Narayanaaya.


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Anonymous said...

baba loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

I started 9 guruvar fast for having baby with flahar only.After first guruvar fast only i get pregnancy news, i was in the air and my faith double folded after getting the good news of healthy pregnancy so i decided to continue the fast till 9 fasts thinking baba may get angry with the result i may loose the child, but on the day udyapan i got miscarriage news and such type of miscarriage are very unsual harldy 2% people face it. I am afraid now why this happened. This is second time i lost my child however the reasons were different. I want to know what mistake i did that baba took my child and now what i should do to please him so that he may bless me to become a mother of normal and healthy baby.I am not getting any guidance from any where please help in showing the right path.

madhu52 on September 16, 2013 at 4:04 PM said...

udis mahima is very great udi cures diseasomsairam oms sairamomsairam

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