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Journey of life with Sai: a summit stop at parenthood-Experience of a Sai devotee.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day,
"If you cast your burden on me, I will bear it!If you seek my help and guidance I will immediately give it to you.There shall be no want in the house of my devotee"-Sai Satcharitra
Anyone who has put complete faith and trust on Sai will experience how true these words of Baba are .Here is another experience of baba's devotee shared below. Jai Sai Ram .

Dear Sai devotees,
I feel extremely blessed that Baba has made me write and share the magic that happened in my life with my fellow Sai devotees. As everybody would know that having Baba in our hearts will keep us from all bad vibrations and miracles are like day to day events. By Baba’s grace, I’m sharing mine and I feel really honored.

I was born and brought-up in Tamil Nadu, India by loving parents. While I was growing up, ours was a very compact family (my father and mother, myself). Although we were a middle-class family, we always cared about the society and helped the poor. My parents (especially, my father) taught me all the morals and home science and I wont be who I am now without them. Again, I thank Baba for giving me such wonderful parents. To be honest – Sai Baba has been with us throughout my life, often in the most unexpected ways.

Sai Baba first came into our lives through Vijay TV’s “Sai Baba” serial on Wednesday evenings. We didn’t watch that as a serial but believed that Baba is coming to our home on Wednesdays. We have always thought that whoever have played Sai Baba’s role is the real Baba and we took all the advice given by Baba and tried to follow that in our lives. That’s how Baba entered our home and started to rule our hearts . Since then I became a devotee of Baba.

Becoming a hard-core devotee: 

Up until my marriage I was only a normal devotee of Baba but I believed him with all my hearts. I never thought that Sai Baba would make his presence so obvious in my marriage. I got married in December 2008 to Vijay at “Kapaleeswarar Karpagambal Thirumana Mandapam” Mylapore, Chennai.

In order to locate the marriage hall easily for our relatives and friends, we ended up printing that the hall is “Opposite of Sai Baba Temple” on our wedding invitations. He made His presence so crystal clear on each and every invitation and has shown me that He is the one who is bonding my life with Vijay and showered his blessings on me. That’s when I personally realized that Baba has been with me all these times and yet He proved it again. I was over-whelmed with joy and since then became a hard-core devotee.

Journey to motherhood:

I moved to the USA after my marriage and as every couple, my husband and I have wanted to become parents since our marriage. But we celebrated our second wedding anniversary without a baby. In April 2011, my husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Baba called us to Shridi in June 2011. I can still see the divine Dharshan of Shirdi Sai Baba when I close my eyes. What a power??!!! Only after we visited Shirdi did the doctors do additional tests and correctly diagnosed the issue as non-life-threatening and he had to undergo treatment for close to a year.

It was a very tough time of our lives and again Sai Baba carried us on his shoulder and helped us cross the river of sadness and landed us on the other side of the river which is representative of health and happiness. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in 2012, still just the two of us.

In the meantime, I started hearing from many of my friends and relatives who had married after me get pregnant and have had a baby. Well, I felt very happy for them; however, it also reminded me the fact that I’m not a mother yet and that made me miserable. I cried in front of God with a heavy heart.

Life has become hard to even go for a nice evening walk because if I see a baby on a stroller, I’d cry. We even went to a fertility specialist to know what’s happening. The doctor said that we both are absolutely normal and it is something called ‘unexplained infertility’. Well, yet another 3 consecutive wedding anniversaries passed by with no blessing of baby. As of Dec 2015, I had undergone few painful medical procedures and uncountable blood tests to get pregnant. But all were in vain.

In March 2016, my sister, who lives in Dallas invited me to come and stay with her for a week. I really needed a break at that point of time and I went to Dallas. I got the friendship of Asha (my sister’s friend). Asha is the one who told me about Poonthandalam SaiBaba temple. She also introduced me to Ramananji who built the temple. My parents and my in-laws visited the Poonthandalam Sai temple to do the Pooja, and they got the coconut (Matta Thengai) from Baba.

The coconut is the blessing from Baba. However, here in the US, I was very upset and still heart-broken.

In Nov 2016, my husband and I had planned for another treatment. And, one fine day, I got a package of medicines delivered at my door step. I had a big question mark in my mind, whether it’s going to work out or not? At that very moment, unexpectedly, I got a call from Asha and she told me to go ahead with the medicines. She also advised me to completely surrender myself to Baba and think of nothing else. I took those words as words from Sai Baba himself. So, I surrendered myself completely to Him and proceeded with the plan.

 On Dec 28, 2016 (it was a Hanuman Jayanthi Day), I got a call from the Doctor. I took the call and I said “Hallo”. The doctor said, “Congratulations, you are pregnant” and that’s all I heard. I was speechless and had gone totally blank. But this time, it was due to happiness. I ran to Baba and kept saying His name. (Sai Smaranai). As I got emotional after what doctor said, my husband took over the conversation with her. The doctor told him that she has to perform a normal ultrasound on me in 2 weeks to hear the heart beat of the baby. We both were on top of the world. However, after a week of pregnancy confirmation, one fine morning, I had a real bad symptom, that made me doubt whether I still carry the embryo or is it disintegrating.

Vijay and I rushed to the hospital and we were on the peak of confusions and fear. Vijay wanted to play some devotional songs on internet radio as it was a long way to the hospital and we wanted to keep our spirits and hopes up. The very first song we heard was “Muzhuthai unarthavar Yaaro Sai Unnai…” by M.S. Subbulakshmi; a song we heard for the very first time. In fact, we did not even realize that M.S. Subbulakshmi had sung a song dedicated to Sai. The moment I heard that song, I realized Sai was travelling with us as well but I couldn’t stop worrying about the embryo in me.

We reached the hospital around 6:30 AM and I was the first patient. The doctor did the ultrasound and showed us the embryo, which was very much hale and hearty. YES!!! We did hear the heart beat of the baby for the first time. It was 1 week before the actual doctor’s appointment date. Even though, the doctor said that we would be hearing our baby’s heart beat in 2 weeks, Sai Baba had different plan for us. He made us hear the heart beat in 1 week. So, that’s when I understood that nothing is happening according to the plan of the doctor or the medical specialist or anybody. It’s all according to His plan and He always has a better plan for us. 

It was absolutely a wonderful pregnancy and on Sep 04, 2017 (On a Thiruvonam day), I gave birth to a handsome little buddy. We named him AUROV (Meaning: First ray of Sun). He definitely is the sunshine of our lives. I’m enjoying my motherhood now and it’s because of our Sadguru Sai Baba.

He has given us the ‘Bundle of joy’. As I have waited 8 years for this, I could really appreciate the motherhood. My belief on Baba has tremendously increased and I also realize that each and every moment and movement of our lives has already been decided or made by Him.

My story is yet another proof that Sai Baba travels with us in our journey of life and he would carry us if we had to walk on any rough patches in that journey. It’s just that we have to let Him do it by “complete surrender”. 

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