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Sai Baba's Grace-Sai Devotee.

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Sairam to all,
Here is an experience shared by a Sai devotee how Baba helped and blessed her . Jai Sai Ram .

How I Got Job (as S/W engineer) With Baba’s Grace (Thursday,28-12-2017) ‘’Anant Kote Brahmand Nayak Raja Dheeraj Yogi Raj Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jay’’

Om Shri Sai Nathai Namah Namaskar Manisha Ji,
You must be doing great with Sai’s grace. I would like to thank you for providing great platform for devotees. As before, I would like to be anonymous devotee. I have already posted two experiences back in 04-10-2012 (Believe In Sai -Experience By Anonymous Sai Devotee.) and 2014 with Sai’s grace. I would like to share with devotees about his recent grace on me.

Academically I am graduate computer engineer (2003). In 2005 I worked as quality control engineer with CD-R manufacturing co. and then with other company for some time, but not as s/w Engr. I couldn’t work with software company as it was not easy to make entry in IT sector. Reason being gap in degree and 2nd class in engineering degree. So, I had given up the idea of working as a software professional.

Then I got married (engaged on Thursday) in 2008 and came to London(U.K.) with his grace and delivered a daughter (Delivery expected date: Thursday) in 2009. Due to weak health (Heart Surgery: Thursday) and daughter I didn’t try to work. After my mother passed away in 2014(Thursday), I started looking for volunteer work(London-UK) in teaching department as after mom’s death I had become very dejected and sad for the life. Although I was looking for volunteer work in schools but again by his grace I got opportunity with some (Networking-Hardware) IT coaching centre as they have their unit alongside volunteer work information office. As they were teaching Networking, so I didn’t get any work from them except to enter data in excel sheet for some days.

So, in that environment I started listening computer languages video from you tube. They had not provided me any computer but asked me to bring my own laptop. So, most of time I would be free and utilized in refreshing my software languages skills. I was with them for 8 months. So after going through those languages (java, c#, html,css,sql etc-computer languages) ,I thought of applying for entry level position with IT companies but the interviews were very tough in terms of their expectation level etc. At this point I had 3 negative points (No Software industry experience, No education from UK, Communication/ UK Accent, Age (40+)).

During those, days I came across an advertisement on some site which provided self-funded development professional program for software professional for entry level positions (mainly for fresh graduate). So, I decided to take that course after paying my fee (August-2015). This course was for 18 months. Soon after completing 12 months, I started applying (June-2016) during course for Junior Java Developer position. I was considered for interviews by many companies, but the interview process was for 3-4 stages and initially rejected even in 1st stage but later on in 3rd or 4rth stages but I kept on working hard in order to make myself eligible for interviews and job.

I was still hopeful and had full faith in Sai. Whenever I got rejected in final stage interviews, being sad I would tell to my husband that may be Baba want me to learn more that’s why I was not selected. I would also tell to him that I would be hired by some company without conducting technical interview for sure with Baba’s Leela .I meant that I will not have to go through such hard interviews .Some interview even consumed one month ,some 10 days and so on.

This way one year passed and was unable to take job. Then in the end of July-2017 or beginning of August-2017 I had a dream in which I saw Sai Baba sitting on throne and 3-4 priests(Pujari) were sitting near to him in big hall. In dream it seemed as if I was in Shirdi Samadhi temple (view was not exactly same) but very much similar to real one. While I was bowing down to Baba he held my hand smilingly. That day in the morning I told this dream to my husband. In my mind I thought it to be good sign and hoped to get job soon. After few days there was interview, and I got rejected. So finally, I became hope less and in the month of September on Sunday/Monday, I said in front of Baba’s photo that if I didn’t get any interview related to Java position within 7 days, then I will change computer language(c#) and will never apply for java position but internally very sad as I have been going through Java concept for last one year.

It came Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, and lastly it was Friday(Navratri-September-2017). I was entering the Sai temple at around 1 pm , which is luckily near to my place (I use to go every Thursday),before I could enter I heard ringtone on my phone ,but I didn’t take the call as I was inside the Sai temple. When I came back home, I saw some unknown number and called It back but no body responded and could hear the message that stated ,’’sorry, person cannot take the call’ ’I became very sad and thought it was not from recruiter but direct call from some S/W company, and then immediately checked my e-mail(2pm) ,and found that the e-mail was directly from manager(s/w) and had asked for the available time for telephone interview .I immediately provided for 4 pm (Friday).He didn’t ask me much on phone and mainly asked for my availability for face to face interview at the earliest.

So, they arranged my face to face interview scheduled for 10am on Monday (Sept 25). On Monday I attended interview at 12pm as unfortunately I took wrong way and was late. For being late i felt very bad and was sure that they are not going to hire me in any case (In actual practice I am punctual with respect to time and never been late for any other interview). Also, when I reached they didn’t ask me any technical questions and only occurred for half an hour. When I came back I was in tears because I thought I had missed the opportunity because of being late for interview.

After 2 hrs I started checking me e-mail as usual. Wonder of wonders, I was hired without going through proper interview and rigorous process for software position (Junior Java Developer) and they had asked me to join on September 27th. Otherwise for any other company, I was going through 3-4 hrs and 3-4 stages tough technical interview processes. This miracle happened with me when I am not fresh graduate but in mid forties of age and women as well.

So now I am in 3rd month of my job and believe that He is/ will be helping me through out to perform my duties as per company’s needs and requirements with his grace. To be honest I would always say in front of Baba’s picture that I know You are going to get me through without any interview process. Because of this faith I patiently waited for one Year and result is in front of you. But main thing is that I had got many experiences from Baba previously that Consolidated my faith in Him. I believe that ‘you don’t do anything, but He gets it done by you’ after making you enable for the same thing. With his grace blind can see and disabled can cross highest mountain and foolish like Kalidas(Abhigyanshakuntlam) can become scholar in this materialistic world.

Sai Dasi,
Sashtang Dandvat Pranam to Shri Sai Baba.

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Unknown on January 7, 2018 at 8:01 AM said...

Aum Sai Ram. Thank you!

Suman on January 8, 2018 at 5:28 PM said...

Thanku thanku thanku for sharing such beautiful leela of baba with really symbolises shraddha and saburi at your end..cheers..

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for sharing this keeps of shri sadguru sainath.I feel this message is bringing faith back to sai ram

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