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Believe In Sai -Experience By Anonymous Sai Devotee.

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Happy Baba's day to all
Todays experience is from a devotee who wishes to remain annonymous .The experience shared reflects Baba's special blessing in each stage of devotees life.From this experience devotee can understand how our Sai Maa takes care of His children and also how a devotee should seek guidance from Baba in every step of his/her life.Jai Sai Ram .

‘’Anant Kote Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Schitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay’’ 06-09-2012(Thursday)
‘ Om Shri Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai’

Dear Manisha ji,
Om Sai Ram!
Thank you for this wonderful site and for the divine book Ram Vijay series and all experiences Of devotees particularly shared by Virender Tarkhad .

You are fortunate enough to be His close devotee.I would like to share my experiences with Sai.

Please do not reveal my name,e-mail id .

Sometimes I compare myself with a very dear but mischievous child of the parents, who does mistakes at every step but parents especially mother tries to hide bad qualities and instead praises and listen to that child all time, and forgive again and again.We observe divine happenings in our daily life,but those who don’t believe they call it superstitions so all these things cannot be explained or have argument with non believers,but can be only felt and realized.I am posting my main experiences in short.If I had to hide something ,then may omnipresent ,omniscience, omnipotent GOD Sai forgive me.

 I have always been religious minded since my childhood, mainly because of my mother and also born in sarswat Brahmin family. I use to worship Lord Shiva and Mata Durga .I have been a very good student in terms of studies. After doing 12th I didn’t get admission in engineering college. Then I burst into tears in front of pictures of various deities (small home temple) and thought in my mind that ,i cannot become engineer in this life). In short my father got me admitted into pvt. Engineering college with top branch(computer engineering) in those days(1989) .From this place(engineering college) Shirdi is around 2 and half hours journey by bus. First time I was asked to go shirdi by my classmates.

That time I was not much interested as I was not familiar with Baba (1989).But almost all the students of college use to go so I also thought of going to Shirdi,where I bought the book ‘Sri Sai Satcharita’ by shri A.Dabholker.I went through the book and found it very interesting. Since my childhood I had great interest in reading and listening Divine stories,mystery of reincarnation,palmistry,horoscope,ghost stories especially true stories and would think, is all this true or mere tale.From Baba ‘s book I started thinking seriously about all mysteries related to metaphysics and to certain extent convinced that GOD exists in this world and may be all supernatural stories are true.Since that time I became devotee of Baba and kept photo of baba and started bowing to him.

After some time I also bought (swal apke ,jbab Shri Sai Baba ke) Sai question answer book(1992) . Those were the days when I started taking studies lightly because I didn’t like the college as it was private engineering college and my parents had to pay donation as well .So all the time I would imagine would that I were in regional Engg college(reputed college).In short i lost all interest and even would not take exam.

My parents wanted to change my area of studies as they thought that i was not adjusted well and would encourage me but in vain. But I didn’t want to quit either and wished to change my college which didn’t happen and I couldn’t study as i felt ashamed of my college mates.

So I acted carelessly, foolishly due to my ego and arrogant mind and didn’t thought of my future .Whenever i would ask the question from Sai’s book ,the answer use to be ,"pichhale janm ka karz hai gam na Karen,maa ke punya se kam poora hoga"(debt of previous birth,don’t wail, because of mothers previous good deeds ,work will be completed)My parents and brother ,sister  asked me again and again not to care for others but complete your prestigious degree ,but i didn’t listen.

After some years I again thought of completing my engineering degree, when all my batch mates and even juniors had completed their degree.By then I have become devotee of BaBa and regularly use to study one paragraph or story everyday. I started noticing one thing that whenever I would go out for important work and if I could see Baba on auto or through any object ,my work was successful,so now on I would wish to have Baba‘s darshana wherever I would go.

During my third and final year I was not staying at hostel but in the city I was living in a place near to the Sai ‘s staunch devotee’s home who has made a small temple of baba in his house and I would attend arti regularly especially in final year exam which I could clear within a year although i was not prepared well .

So I completed my degree lastly with his grace(2003) .Before my final year result i dreamt of Baba in which I saw myself in Shirdi and attending Sai’s arati .Whenever I had good time ahead ,i use to have same dream almost all time beforehand .I cannot describe my day to day experiences as it would be very lengthy,but only some important events in my life till today.

 My elder sister had a daughter and wished to have a son also but for long time she couldn't had. I also prayed for her and told her that to me it appears as if when and only when she would go to Shirdi after that she would certainly get, although she had 7 year old daughter.

I told her some stories from Sai Satcharita (Saptnekars,).My mother had taken the bow if I could complete my degree she would go to Shirdi and have Baba’s darshan.So in the year of my completing degree(2003) I asked her to accompany us and she came with us.After coming back(December,2003) from Shirdi she became pregnant and delivered boy baby in following Nov(2004).

Recollecting another incident .My sisters marriage was also settled(june,1995)with Baba’s grace.My mother had asked from Baba and answer was "Gayara din misri dan Karen ,dekhen kya hota hai"(Offer sweet candy for 11 days and see what happens!).

Exactly accordingly every thing happened.

I was also getting late for marriage as I was in 30s. So my parents were looking for suitable match But as I was also 30+++ and not working , so it was becoming hard to find suitable partner.So I started to apply for the job and again with Baba ‘s grace I got job in company(2005) .It was very comfortable job beyond imagination. After 6 months we got a suitable proposal in our own caste(brahmin),same area of study (computer) and almost same age , near to parents home,same state(2005).

The only negative factor according to my egoistic mind was that he was not good looking as our whole family is fair and smart.His father said yes on the spot and asked for fixation of marriage date.My father was ready but I rejected and when they left i consulted from Baba’s book and the answer was "agar koe haldi kumkum lagana chahe to mana na Karen"(if someone wishes to besmear red kumkum to you ,don’t say no).~I took it very lightly and still didn’t make my mind and it was over.

Then after some time we got similar proposal (2006)but from adjoining state.I would not like to go in detail but the bottom line is that those people told us lie about everything-  about job as that person was mentally ill(schizophrenia) doing nothing.We had spent lot of money on engagement (ring ceremony).

But lastly I was saved by baba from miserable future as it was not too late.But now I realized my mistake and repented. During those days I also got the chance to enter Multi national company.Then I again consulted from baba’s book the answer was"jo mila hai isi men santusht rahen(remain satisfied in whatever you have got).

Again due to my show off attitude I didn’t care.The result was that i was thrown out of job within 3 months (2007)due to groupism.I was rememinded of Baba’s direction,and repented again. We broke off that marriage proposal safe and sound, only money wise we had to bear loss,but my parents didn’t think much of money.

Previously we were looking in our own caste, state field(area of studies) but now we were ready for inter caste as well ,which was very disheartening for entire simple and honest family,all the time I was (even today) reminded of that suitable proposal which had covered all our conditions .In between I had stopped regular reading of Sai Charita and was sad.

But by and by again started it off and whenever I would ask the question about the reason of bad happenings and my luck the same answere" (pichhale janm ka karz hai gam na Karen"(debut of previous birth,don’t wail).).

And about marriage"apke sath chamatkar hoga(miracle will happen with you)..October mein hoga.(will happen in october).........punya purush ka sang hoga.(you will live with good person)

Then we lastly had another suitable proposal after two years(2008) .The person in question was highly qualified but from different caste,working in abroad from adjoining state .As now I was 35+ (at this age it is very difficult to find bachelor person ),he was same age, never married.The only negative factor was caste according to my conservative mind.

My sister consulted Baba’s book and answer was"jo mil raha hai usi mein santusht rahen"(remain satisfied in whatever you have got) So I immediately decided to go ahead for this proposal and stopped thinking for other proposal.

This guy was coming back in India in the month of April(2008) ,in this month again I saw Baba sitting on the throne and also saw myself with red cloth tied around my head and a lady with similar paraphernalia asking me to go to Goddess Durga temple during navratra.

So finally this guy came with his parents but he didn’t ask even a single question about delay in degree,marriage,my job,or any condition rather he told everything about himself like what is he doing and is on moderate salary but trying to go up in career .

It was very delightful and amazing and unbelievable as we have developed the perception that most of the people in this world are mischievous and make use of simple people.So we said yes although we were internally worried as this boy was working abroad.

We didn’t know about family.Because of my age factor we have to believe whatever they told us regarding qualifications marriage status,nature .

But this time I had firm faith in Baba and felt like certainly Baba is responsible for me.Notable thing in this matter is that the house they had come in to see me had Sai’s portrait hanging on front portion and on the first floor of house. The most important thing on that day happened was that after they all left the place my father asked us to visit a very famous Shiva temple near to that place.

Usually my father avoids to visit temples on contrary my mother always wishes to visit religious places.So all of us were happily ready to go to Shiva temple.It was evening time,Some religious celebrations were going on that day .But to me it appeared as if I am in Dwarkamai(Masjid) in Shirdi,very similar view and structure which pleased me the most.

Then on May 1(Thursday)-(2008) ,ring ceremony took place accidentally or providentially. On that day in the morning when I accompanied my sister to the beauty parlour , outside the parlour there was general store where the devotional chanting of Lord Shiva was going on in the record player but to me it appeared as"Om Shri Sai Nathai Namah" chanting(same tune) which generally goes in Shirdi Smadhi Mandir.

My parents wished to fix the marriage date as soon as possible ,but they were ready for the month of October-13th(as per Baba’s answer).So everything happened well .These people were found nice especially my husband is considerable nice guy,as every body praises him at work ,at home .Some times I use to tell him that he could be a sage easily as he never asks any thing from anybody including me,his parents(in terms of help,money,or anything) rather he wants to help others which causes disputes between us.May Sai forgive me!

If good thing happens I generally completes Baba’s book in seven days, in short I would like to tell that miraculously I got my passport and then visa in no time.In the month of Dec. 31st I left India and went abroad with my husband.

Then I became pregnant and infant(embryo) was one week on Thursday ,then two week on next Thursday and so on....

Expected delivery date was on Thursday.I wanted to know whether it was a male or female through Baba,’s book ,(although during ultra sound scan i didn’t ask ) and also I had thought that if this would be male child then ,I will name him Abhimanyu ,abhi....... etc the answer was that....."Abhilasha hi theek rahegi"(Abhilasha will be beneficial).      

20 days Before my delivery I came across with a answer like "Muhurt ka vichar kiye vina Ram vijay ka path Karen"(without thinking for appropriate or suitable,auspicious time start reading Ram Vijay immediately)"annadana Karen"I had no Ram Vijay book with me so i could manage it somehow on website and went through short version.

I use to had some arguments with my in laws.Baba’s answer was "be humble and good to everyone".

I delivered baby girl (2009)and an 3rd day I had heart attack and was unconscious,and doctors had given up as I had also developed lung infection and doctors asked my husband to pray Him( God)only.

So next day I recovered and regained my consciousness miracleously.One lady doctor came to meet me and said that you have saved miraculously.She said my arteries were almost blocked because of high level of cholesterol ,so doctors suggested to under go heart bypass.

After 4-5 days on Wednesday doctor told me that they have decided to do the operation on Thursday,Nov. 5 .From that time I completely became fearless and thought that Baba was there with me.So operation was successful.Even after 5-6 days of operation they did not discharge me,and i was desperate to go back home. So on 8th day my husband received the udi packet from Shirdi( as one month back I had sent money online as anna-dana donation).

On that very day I was discharged from hospital although yesterday there was no hint or sign ‘.Om Sai Ram’.

Although I was weak but had to take care of my baby as my husband was doing job.So I had some grievances with my in laws.But all the time Baba’s answer was "be humble and good to all,let others say hundreds of things against you.Always remember Sai."Noteworthy thing is that my baby never troubled me during night or day .Tthen I would think in my mind that Baba is assisting me ,so where is the need of any help from anyone for me ?

In the month of December (2010)I had some arguments with my mother in law as they(in laws) had come for the visit and in the month of January(2011) I had my neck swollen and when I saw the doctor he said that it could be either cancer or TB or Viral.

That time I was terribly frightened and asked Baba crying and answer was that"Sabke sath achhe ho jao,sab apne aap theek ho jayga"(be good to all ,everything will be ok)"bimari ki chinta na Karen"(don’t care a jot for disease)Then I said ok but put condition to Baba plz Baba , nature of the disease I am suffering from should be such that I may not have to be admitted in hospital as there is no one to take care of my baby at home and I want to stay back at home with my kid and husband and  I am ready to take medicine at home only.

Next day I had to do blood test in order to know the disease ,doctor was very upset ,and said why did you come so late to see the doctor ,now go and have your blood test done ,then we will see.

As it was emergency case so I got the result on phone from chest hospital and in short I was diagnosed with TB non contagious ,so doctor told me that there was no need to stay at hospital and I could even sleep with my baby and share everything without worries as disease was non contagious so only I had to take tablets which I had wished while praying to Baba .

During these days one afternoon I was suffering from cough ,so that day I became very sad and dejected and thought that I would die soon and I was in tears.I was lying on bed and BBC Asian radio was on in slow volume ,then I tried to listen the program that was going on in orer to divert my attention.To my great surprise it was a devotional song by Gurdasman(great Punjabi singer) and wordings of song were’’jogiya ve chhad mar janya,maran da chhad khyal,duniya mare na mare Sai jisde nal’’(why do you think of dying,even if all the peope of world want to kill you ,they cannot do so as Sai is with you).The moment I heard this song I became happy and fearless with Baba’s timely gesture.In short I was cured completely with divine happenings in day to day activities(I dreamt of Sai in Shirdi and statue of Lord Hanuman) eg Baba’s answer’’bimari jaygi,bimari ki chinta na Karen.(don’t care for disease,it will be cured)’’ .

Then in the month of August I decided to go to India and visit Shirdi and have Baba’s darshana and Baba’s answer"40 din tak utsav manaoge(you will enjoy for 40 days).

During this period I could meet my Shirdi Sai ,parents, brother and sister after 3 yrs and also my nephew got admission in medical college .

Before leaving we booked our flight 24 days ago, but for the direct flight fare was much higher than indirect flight.So we booked indirect flight which had to land at Paris and then another flight to Mumbai.Flight was scheduled to leave for on 3rd sept at 7:00(2011) am but at 6:00am we came to know that the flight would not go that day so they provided the tickets for AI direct flight to Mumbai and flight was on that very day at 10:30am . So we could travel with direct flight with much less money after waiting for only 2 hrs.Om Sai Ram .

After coming back from India I started suffering from irritable bowle syndrome(IBS).So again Baba answered"mitr ke pass jake kuchch nahi hoga,Sai sharan jao ,sab theek hoga"annadana Karen"(There is no need to see doctor,donate food,everything will be ok,remember sai always).

So for 3,4 months I didn’t see the doctor.Again I had to visit India in Dec. as my father in law passed away ,after coming back the problem aggravated so I decided to see doctor and they did all tests and found nothing wrong,but gave me only dietary advice, also I started improving by and by. On 3rd May(2012) , during evening I felt very week, fatigued, numbness in arms, and some palpitation in heart so I had to lie down .It went for 40 minutes and then I felt normal and regained strength again.This happened 2-3 times in that month and then continuously I started feeling tweak and fatigued till the end of June.

So I had stopped going out with my baby and remained inside- home resting .To this Baba’s answer was"anndan karen"Pichchle janm ka karz hai gam naKaren 2 mahine rooken bimari ka bhay hai bimari jaygi, dhan sampati rahte vimari chalegi (donate grocery,previous birth debt,wait for 2*months,disease would be cured).

So I saw docter and they did blood test and told me that everything was ok.For 2 complete months I had to suffer from weakness and during one of my miserable day I thought in my mind that although 8 months back i had been to Shirdi and still I am suffering from different diseases successively and there seems no end to it , and thought that I would die.And with anger I thought then why did Baba call me to Shirdi ?

That very day I went through your website and read the story by Shri Virender Tarkhad about his father Joytiindera and Sai’ post’ I bring you to Shirdi not for dying’’Hey Bhau get up. I bring you to Shirdi not for dying. Please remember you will not die like this so easily, as you have to perform lot of constructive work in future. (During these miserable days on 22nd(2012) May i had taken the exam for women in construction project and with Baba’s assurance I appeared beside fatigue and passed and also got valid card on Thursday in june) after reading this post i wept bitterly and prayed that soon my malady be detected and cured and became carefree and thought in mind if I will gain strength then I ‘ll also write about having Baba’s kripa on me since long time.

At the end of the month on June 27,I was told that my vitamin D level was very very less and may have to take dose for some time or may be life long(my blood test was done on June8 ,Thursday).On27th June morning with tears in my eyes I asked Baba wheather I would be able to take my baby to children activity center ever ,as I used to feel numbness in my arms and legs .

Please give me only that much strength so that I may not to have stay back home.To this Baba answered"prashan karta se kahen 4 din ke bad jaker sab se miloge,anndan Karen(Tell to questioner that after 4 days you will be able to go and meet people).So on June 27t h afternoon doctors confirmed me the vitamin D deficiency and gave me high dose so after that on 4th day I started going out to take more and more sunshine in park and by and by started going to baby play groups.

Actually vitamin D recovery time is atleast from 6 months to 1 year.I am 12 weeks into treatment.I still have all those symptom like musle weakness in arms and someweakness as it is improving little by litte but with the grace of Baba nowdays I go out with my baby easily and with his grace I ‘ll be completely well.

On 26th sept I had to do blood test for rechecking of vitamin D level after 3 months of treatment ,in the morning for having Baba’s darshana I opened your saikripa site and read"if you read and listen to my stories then all diseases will disappear."

I had started reading your website from February,2012,but had left reading stories especially when I got weak.I had started again from September. So as my malady was detected and I have gained enough strength and as per my wish I had started to type these experiences with Sai’s permission from 6th September(Thursday)(2012) and tried to write every day sometimes  in gap.

Although I still have weakness in my arm muscles but while typing the words I don’t feel any weakness.Om Sai Ram.

 I have noticed that Baba’s two answers have been very common throughout"Pichchale janm ka karz hai gam na Karen and annadana Karen (previous birth debt,don’t mind and donate grocery or food).I am trying to follow Baba ,may Baba give strength to my egoistic ,foolish,unintelligent,mind to obey him strictly and completely and be with him all the time .

If Baba wished and graced , I would relate my experiences with you happening in the time to come.......... Om Sai Ram.

One of Sai devotees

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Anonymous said...

I was totally nervous while reading yours.
I was today in miserable mood as of the things i am undergoing but you showed me that baaba is there.Might be baaba wanted me to know that throgh you today again to retain my hope. we all are his children but paying back of our past karma is guided by him.

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,

Very heart touching experience and very well drafted.You are very lucky to have sai darshan every proves that u are a very precious child of sai baba.I too am aged about 35 years.not able to get married.went to shirdi recently and hope sai bless me with a very good husband.

Could you pls guide me from where i ca have sai baba question and answer book sawal aap kare jawab baba de ? ..i am very much looking for it.please help.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see that Baba is/was guiding you all your life. How lucky are you! May Baba bless you and your family always. Om Sai Ram.

Neeru said...

OM SAI RAM very heart touching experience.May Baba bless one and all,cure them all and always keep us near his lotus feet. Dear anonymous devotee you can go to the site for asking your questions.
May Baba bless all

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,
Dear devotee you can get 'Swal apke jwab Baba Ke'
from Shirdi as i had bought it from Shirdi market way back around the year 1992.
May God Sai bless you .

Anonymous said...

sai ram,
your experience is a marvel and am glad you are so blessed and you took to Baba and baba only. Your patience, faith and perseverence paid always.
can you or anyone else please tell me how you get all those specific answers from Baba to all your specific questions?
i'll be very very glad to know it.
Thanks & sai ram.

My mail>:

jay Shri Shri Shri Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

dear devotee,
If BABA wished and graced, you would be able to see the book 'SWAL APKE AUR JWAB SHRI SAI KE' on this site very soon.
one of SAI devotee

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

Anonymous said...

sairam i too had experienced this..

Unknown on December 29, 2014 at 12:44 PM said...

omsairam..awesome miracle by tears flowing to red this..such great our sai is.....

Unknown on December 29, 2014 at 12:44 PM said...

magic of sai..

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