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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 60.

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Sairam all,
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day 

Sai Baba's blessing are constantly with us. It is we human ,who have to keep our eye of love and faith open to witness His grace on us . Here are few Sai experiencex shared by devotees.

Jai Sai Ram 

Baba attended my son's Upanayanam and blessed Him:

Sairam Manisha didi,
Pray you and your family are doing well by Baba's grace.
I have been thinking of writing to you in a long time. Well, nothing happens in this world without Baba's grace. Finally, something told me I should write to you today and here I am. Today I would like to share an experience of mine from last year with you and all Baba devotees in your blog. My only request to you is to please please post this experience on a Thursday, please. My sincere pranams to Baba for making me write this experience to share with one and all.

Last year in the month of May, we did my son's Upanayanam in India. Before we left to India, the moment we got the invitation cards printed in India, I got one by email from India, took the invitation to the Sai Temple here in Ohio and got blessings from Baba so the function is successful with His blessings. Earnestly, I prayed to Baba to attend the function and bless us. 

After that, we travelled to India and as planned the day of the Upanayanam, my mind was completely engrossed in very divine thoughts and feelings. From the beginning of the day, I was praying to Mother Gayatri and Shri Baba to show me His presence and bless this auspicious occasion.
Before I continue further, I'd like to share a bit of our background. My family and friends all reside in Bangalore and I grew up with all of them. However, my husband's family are settled in different places like Hyderabad, Chennai, North India etc. And I have not met with all of my husband's family before as many of them were not able to attend our marraige and then I came to USA after that. So, there was no occasion for me to meet with all his relatives.

However, we invited all his relatives for the Upanayanam in the hopes they will all come this time. And, truly by Baba's grace, every single person/family whom we invited attended the function, enjoyed the pooja and food and blessed us and my son wholeheartedly. 

A miracle was waiting to happen and neither me nor my husband realized until after. While the ceremony was going on, it was sometime during lunch when all the crowd went downstairs to have their lunch. Very few people stayed on the top floor with us to watch my son's homam. We noticed a 6 foot tall old man (not very old) but bald with a big red naamam (like tilak) on His forehead, wearing a long pajama and white kafni and a small bag  walk into the function hall. He resembled one of our family friends and then I noticed that our family friend was also there right behind this old man. So, I wondered who this person is who walked in through the door. 

Anyway, I did not think much as my son was doing the homam and I started to chant mother Gayatri jaap and closed my eyes. After the chanting was over, when I opened my eyes, I saw this old man sitting in the first row, first chair. His behavior was strange. He did not look around to talk to people, he did not smile, he did not wiggle. He just sat there, all his eyes were on my son doing the homam. He only looked at the alter where we were seated and was watching the function intently. When I saw him, I wondered and thought wow, this man seems like he is very interested in the pooja ceremony because he is not concerned about everything else going on in the hall. Then, I thought, since he's old, he's not interested in talking etc, so he is watching the pooja.  And I also wondered why no one from my husband's family came to talk to him and offer him some food, or juice or coffee because I thought he was my husband's relative that I have never met before.
And then, I got engrossed in the pooja again and let me tell you, it was divine. After that, I dont know what happened as I got busy with finishing up the pooja, helping my son with pooja etc. Did not think about that man again until evening when we were done with lunch etc and at 5 PM, we cleaned up the mantap hall and got ready to go home. When we sat in the car, I told my husband, how come he introduced me to all his relatives this time except for the old man. And lo!!!! my husband said that old man (whom he also had seen) was not his relative and he thought He was my relative.
And when I heard those words from my husband, we immediately talked to one/two of his relatives who had seen that old man only to confirm they too dont know who He was. And my mom also happened to see Him and she too doesn't know who He was and not someone known from our invited list. And, my husband also told me that while I had closed my eyes to do the jaap, this old man came up the dias, asked for akshatas from the priest (did not talk, just made a hand gesture and took the akshata from him) and sprinkled it only on my son and blessed him and just went away. That entire day as I mentioned before was very divine for me right from the start and to know that Baba had attended in some form, given my family darshan and watched us doing pooja and blessing my son during His Upanayanam...tears just rolled down my eyes and as I write this, I still cannot forget that wonderful experience.

After we got to know this, we looked for Him in our photos/video and did not find Him at all. The reason because he visited us during lunch, the camera and photo guys were downstairs covering our friends and family having lunch and so we do not have His photos/video but He resides in our hearts and mind crystal clear.

No words can describe my joy and my thanks to Baba for His blessings on us :-) Thanks Baba from the very bottom of my heart :-)

Always At His Holy Feet,
Jai Sairam

Sai Leela's on my H1:

Om Sairam.
Bowing my head to the feet of Manisha Didi who is doing such wonderful sai seva and my pranams to all the Sai devotees who is reading this wonderful Leela of Sai. We are here in USA on L1 visa. Due to medical condition of our younger son Shri Nikesh ( ), we were in position to extend our stay here to continue therapy and treatments in Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Normally in our company they won't do H1 Visa's but from last year onwards they have started to do for critical resources.
Though I am not a critical resource in our company, I approached my management whether they will do H1 visa or not?  Initially I didn't approach them for Medical reason. In Jan 2013 I was told that they are in process of shortlisting and not sure whether I am in the list or not. We prayed Baba for our extension and put a lot in front of Baba. Baba told that we will continue our stay here. Last week of February 13, they informed few people to submit the documents for H1 processing. I was again told that my name hasn't been included in the list because of various reasons. At this time I approached my management with medical reasons. On Mar 12th 2013, again I got a email from management that they can't process my H1.
We were somewhat depressed but still we had hope that our stay will be continued. On Mar 14th, Thursday, I came to office and prayed Baba that I will start Guruvar Vrat from today and asked his help for H1. After one hour of my prayer, I got a call from my manager that my H1 process has been approved by Director and HR and asked me send the documents to process. It was purely Baba's blessings.
Again another twist happened. This year US government is going to have lottery system to select people for H1 Visa. We got a note from office that they have submitted all the applications by April 1st and they US govt is going to put lottery on April 7th. After two weeks of time slowly people are getting notified that their application has been selected in the lot. Everybody in my office got the details about their process in April 3rd week. As per my knowledge I am the one who left out. I asked with my HR but they responded that there is no notification from US govt yet. On Apr 24th in my mobile, I asked Baba whether my application will be processed or not at 11.04 am. I got the answer stating that "You will get a answer in 24 hours".  The next day being Baba's day, I thought something will happen. 
Yes. Yes. As Baba promised, I got email at 11.00 am from my HR that my application has been selected in Lottery. Tears rolled out from my eyes and thanked Baba whole heartedly. Below is my response to the HR and my manager
"You won’t believe. It is a miracle kind of. I have an application in my phone through which we get answer from our Guru (Divine Master). Yesterday I asked about my H1 Status at 11.04am. I got an answer saying“You will get a reply within 24 hrs.” Yes. It happened before 11.04am today.
Thanks a lot for your help and efforts"
My manager responded as "Wow.  I need to download that app ". 
I prayed Baba that please Baba show your presence to them by some way.
Baba always asked two dakshina's from his children. Shradha and Saburi. For me it has been written that nothing should happen easily. To test my Saburi, I got RFE (Request for Evidence) from US Govt on my H1. Some of my colleague got approvals and some got RFE. HR forwarded me that RFE which has 13 pages and informed that this is a very complicated RFE. All other RFE's are so simple like mark sheets or pay slips. Myself and my wife prepared on my RFE for a week. 
We prayed Baba to help on preparing documents. After guruvar pooja, I went to my friend's house to distribute the Prasad. I told him about my RFE. He asked to approach another colleague who is a Sai devotee for this RFE and who also got similar RFE last year. He gave me a sample documents to prepare for my RFE. Thanked Baba for that.
I had discussion with my Manager and HR and prepared the documents for long. With Baba's blessings, we prepared all the documents and submitted in the last moment. i.e Oct 2 was the last date and we submitted on Oct 1st to the US Govt.
After 10 days I started Satcharithra parayana for 7 days. My wife checked the status of my H1 on Oct 19th. It has been updated that my H1 has been approved from Oct 17th (Thursday).
As gift of our Shradha on Baba and being Saburi, Baba gave us the maximum period of stay in US.
My humble request to all Sai Devotees to be humble and be patience and place your head on the lotus feet of our beloved Baba. 
Thanks a lot Baba to give us this opportunity to share your wonderful leelas with other Sai Bandhus.
Om Sairam.

Baba Never Fails:

I wish to share this experience.

My maid's daughter had a troubled pregnancy. Her first born daughter died within a few hours of birth. The second pregnancy was traumatic till the end. Every visit to the doctor left her and the daughter more depressed, when I introduced Baba to them, asked them to have implicit faith in him. Even advised them give up non-veg for some time after the seventh month of pregnancy.

Their implicit faith in Baba, with prayers from several of us yielded results-a short while ago, she called up to inform that the girl had delivered a male child through a caesarian section.....
Baba never fails......

Another delightful experience at a wedding this morning. The moment I entered the wedding hall, there was a small corner. Wondering what, I was pleasantly suprised and overjoyed to see a 'decorated Baba". Apparently, the girls' family are "Baba's bhakt".  Usually there is a doll arrangement, flower arrangement, vegetable arrangment, but this mini Baba Mandir with lamps was a feast to the eye. Particularly when a light was switched on, I went in to see a row of lamps on either side (mirror illusion) It was awesome!

Om Sai Ram!

Baba Helped In Important Exam:

Sairam Manishaji. 
I am sharing my experience as I promised to baba. It proves that baba is always there for us.
Last thursday, I attended a very important examination for my career. I started from home early and drove smoothly to the exam centre.

On the way, I saw a surprisingly huge baba photo behind a bus and felt happy. On reaching the exam centre, to my horror I realized that I forgot an important document without which i wont be allowed to give the exam. 

I didn't know what to do because to go back home and get the paper it will take minimum one hour. The person who was verifying everyone's certificates told me that even a photocopy is sufficient. But for that moment I was blank looking at the time. 

Just 30minutes more for the exam. Suddenly our beloved Sai reminded me that I have those scanned copies in my inbox. But now I needed a printer for that. I went and spoke to the same person and asked him if he can provide me a PC where I can take a printout?

He said its not allowed for them and told me to go down the lane where there is an internet cafe. I rushed to that place and was very glad to see that it was named SAI INTERNET CAFE. I took a print of that document and reached the exam hall in time.

How should I thank baba for his blessings and leelas. Baba is omnipresent and is always there with us.
Jai Sai Ram .

Share your experience :HERE.

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