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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 61.

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Sairam all,
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day 
Here are few more experiences where Baba shows His loving and helping nature towards his devotees. Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Scripted Me and Sai Moulded Me:

I proclaim to all the atheist that I am a standing testimonial for Almighty's presence . 

All what I did is I gave myself to him , HE mended me .

An Incorrigible smoker 

I was a chain smoker one point of time . I never thought of redeeming myself from cigars , I was an incorrigible smoker. All my well wishers asked me , urged me , pleaded me , warned me , scolded me but there was no sign of regret or remorse or intent to change. My inability and limitations are evident and I was thoroughly convinced I would die as a smoker . My worries were how could get a cigar after kicking the bucket. 
Token of request to BABA:

All what worried me my parents were hoping that I will change one day . So I asked BABA "BABA I I don't want to get the ill effects and let me smoke till I can cope with out ill effects and you know when I am suppose to stop.Pls stop it when the time arrives " .

Context Crafted- Acid test :

Baba knows me well , I turned blind eye to my loved ones wishes and paid no heed to my aggravating health . One fine day one of my roomies pulled my leg when we get in to a debate on science vs God . It is a discourse between a theist and atheist , well beaten track , hope you gauge the course . He challenged me upright that If you say you are a devotee of BABA and he is there can't HE make you to quit smoking . I told him yes he can I am also waiting for his decree . He again challenged me that is an acid test for his presence. I was taken aback because my lips started to say YES Give me a weeks time I am also curious to see that , but my heart & mind never thought of that . I went to my room asked BABA " Now it is your turn, I can't quit smoking on my own , if you want make me to quit smoke else somehow cease my existence so that your name will be honoured and cores of your devotees belief will be guarded" 

After that I did not gave much thought about it till 6 days , on 7th day I started to try a bit and started to control my smoking frequency and ended the day with 8 cigars .One of my friends ( to whom I confide) told me I never make the cut , please stop building castles in air . I replied him that here comes my last puff and rest BABA's task to keep me away from smoking .


The D-Day started I started the day somehow I was occupied with the day's job . I never told this challenge with any one else ( only 3 of us knew that at that time) because I am not sure on the prospects and secondly I was wagering on BABA's name . My mother came to me and was gazing at me for every 10 mins , the time was 03:00pm (AUG 2008) , she calmly asked me why I did not went for a break ? I would have left home atleast 5 times for a cigar by that time. It took a while for recollecting myself , I realised I totally forgot on my  bet and did not have any urge of smoking . But I did not share this with any one ,slowly people around me realised the change in me and presumed I quitted smoking . But I only know that BABA made smoking quited me . I don't have urge to smoke from that moment onwards . Then I realised who am I to prove his existence , I am no more than a moran trying to prove HIS mighty to another Idiot (my friend), this is all BABA's drama . And the time has arrived ..I wish Sai Baba ...Sorry tears blurring my vision I am feeling his serene presence ..OM SAI BABA

Baba Saved My Mother :

Dear Manisha Ji,

I would like to be posted as anonymous. I have shared a few experiences before. But I haven't done it for the past few months. Later I took a vow over some issue and he made it happen and I was having a list of experiences that I felt I would like to write the moment it happened to me.

My mother is a diabetic and she used to have no control over her diet. We 3 children, including my brothers are in the medical profession and we know that she will land in trouble someday. We were giving her advices which she used to ignore. I always told Baba about her health and asked Baba to take care of my mother. 

One holiday I went home after a long time. I saw my mom and felt she was sick. I was observing the way she reduced weight and she had problem with her sight too. She was very disoriented and was not able to sort where the objects were. I confirmed she is having some problem and told her that she is coming with me for check-up the following week. 

Before I left home I went to my pooja room, lit lamp and cried in front of Baba statue and said, "Baba she is not well. Tell me what is wrong with her. She is stressed with family problems. Please set everything right. "

That evening after I reached hostel I got a call telling that my mother was serious and fell unconscious with fits. I felt like my blood is drained and started shaking. I was hugging to a photo of Saibaba and praying like something that mother should get well. 

That night itself I left again from Chennai to my native and saw her in bed. I was in tears. She was getting fits on and off. I could'nt bear her sufferings. I talked with the Intern who had took a CT of her brain. He told that it looked like a serious complication. They suspected that it could be a paralysis on the right side. 

I shook all my doubts and mixed one packet of UDI from Shridi and gave it to her to drink. I was not bothered about any medical issues. She was passing a lot of urine. We got a discharge from the hospital and shifted her to a multi speciality hospital in Chennai. 

They did all the investigations and kept her in emergency. After that night her fits never returned. I knew well she is cured. The next day mom was getting normal. She was trying to walk and hold things in her hand. The reports came and to every one's surprise doctor informed that there is nothing significant in her reports and she is normal. On day 4 she was walking and she was back to normal. 

I cried in ward in front of Baba as i don't know how to thank him. I read his book "Devotees experiences". I came across 2 stories. In the first story Baba said, "I have pain in my hand and leg in the right side" and he added,"IT WILL BE ALRIGHT IN 2 TO 3 DAYS" to a devotee. He went home to find that his mother was paralysed and after giving UDI she recovered. The other story was about a boy who had fits on his way to Shridi and after giving udi he was recovered. It was written, "The boy who had fits and was unconscious few hours back was climbing the steps and clapping his hands in the Masjid."

My mom was discharged and we went to see another doctor the next day. He was late and we went to Mylapore temple as it was nearby. My mother offered a garland to Saibaba after arati and it was a miracle to see my mother putting garland with her own hands to my Sai as he told before. 

Baba saved my mother from her complication, made her normal and gave her back to me. He heard me and told me what she is going through inside the same day. Through the story he told me what has happened and what will. He shook my fears and stood holding my hands. I felt it. Thank You Sai Baba. 

It is a bit long experience but I could'nt miss any incidents as I feel his leelas should be told and sung and that is how I can thank him. 

Jai Sai Ram.


Dear Sister Manisha,
This mail is from  another devout  child of our  Sai , just like you.

Although we received  Baba’s blessings about 10 years ago , but truly speaking , we came under his shelter just about 5 years ago.

In the series of  graces  from Baba , I would like to  start from very ordinary experience during 2003 .
My daughter was then 10 years old . A healthy child , suddenly one evening at dusk , she fainted for no reasons. It then became almost a regular  health problem every now & then , usually during school assembly hours .

Unable to get any solution to her problem , we finally planned a visit to Shirdi followed with a vacation to Aurangabad .

In Shirdi we surrendered our problem to Baba and forgot all about the problem.Then we proceeded  on our holiday trip to Aurangabad,Ajanta & Ellora,Nasik,Trambhakeshwar etc.    

Since our that visit to Shirdi my daughter never again suffered from those fits until this date .

May Baba always bless my daughter & every devotee of Sai equally .

Along with that forgotten health problem of my child , Baba’s grace too became an ordinary incident for us .This  is how we forgot Sai’s grace for 5 long years until 2008 .

I shall continue with my series “ Sai our savior “  .

I’m sure that all the devotees reading these experiences will definitely feel this grace in their life the day they build up their firm faith on our savior .

Om Sai Ram.    

Baba's Mercy:

I am a devotee of BABA but I always think that my devotion is not enough and strong for baba to shower his love. I always think I don't deserve to be baba's child. I long for his kindness and love. He has blessed me today that he is with me.
Yesterday my son hurt his leg and doctor checked his foot and told me it looks like a small fracture and he may be out of action for 6 to 8 weeks.

 Immediately I told to BABA if the X-ray come normal I will share my experience with BABA's children. I was so worried and took him for an x-ray and today the results came as no fracture and normal sprain. 

This gave me big relief and all at home were surprised as the swelling and pain he underwent we didn't expect it could turnout to be a normal sprain. All BABA'S MERCY.

 If you call him with full devotion he will come running to you. Have no doubt he is with you no matter what you think just call him SAI SAI SAI he will be with you. Thank you BABA

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