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Sai Leela's On Sai Blessed Kid Shri Nikesh.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day ,
Every man in his life comes across a situation when things appear beyond his control .In such difficult situation human mind cannot think of a way to overcome the problem .However if one keeps firm faith in his Guru ,Guru always come to his rescue.

The hair raising experience below not only describes the complexity of the incident but also affirm the fact that one who surrenders to Baba is always taken care of.I request all the devotees to pray that Baba shower His blessing to Shri Nikesh and his family . Readers can leave their comment below for Shri Nikesh and his family.Jai Sai Ram .

Om Sairam,

My wife got admitted into hospital on May 2nd Wednesday mid night. Since 39 weeks completed on May 2, our OB asked us to admit into the hospital for inducing the labor. Around 2am they induced and informed us that in 6 hours the baby will be delivered. We are so happy and praying and Thanking Sai that our baby is going to touch the earth on Baba's day. We were waiting and but there is no further progress. We were listening Vishnu Sahasranama and Shirdi Sai's live Darshan from Laptop.

Morning around 9am on May 3, Nurses were telling that Babies head is still so high and need to come down further. They asked my wife to change positions for every 30 minutes. I started satcharitra parayan and keep on reading. At noon Nurses told that we need to break the water and need to whether the baby is coming down or not. But unfortunately there is no lady OB in the hospital. Initially we hesitated to have male OB to break the water. But time is going on finally we decided to have male OB to break the water. At 4pm he broke the water and they put epidural also. They were telling that in 4 hours baby will be delivered.

Our OB came at 6pm and checked. She felt that still baby is at high and not dilated much. we will wait for 2 hours if it is not progressing then we need to do c-section because once the water breaks, they will have to wait for 4 - 6 hours time. We prayed Baba a lot. I put all the bhajans in the laptop. My wife also became so tired and she needs to change the position for every 30 minutes. She came at 8pm and checked that it is progressing and need to wait for some more time. I am little bit worry whether we are going to miss Thursday?. Around 10pm Dr was ready and Nurses were ready for the labor but my wife was so exhausted and she slept in the peak labor for 30 mins. They told let her sleep then only labor will be smooth. Around 11pm we were ready. Even Dr also kept telling that let us see whether this baby is Thursday baby or Friday baby. Finally at 11.44pm Shri Nikesh landed on earth and we were so happy to see him.

We got discharged on May 5th and we were so happy with the baby. On May 7th 2012 we went to our first pediatric check up. Our doctor was concerned about weight lose since he lost 15% of his birth weight and she told that the baby might have been dehydrated. So the doctor advised us to give formula milk instead of breast milk to gain the weight. Midnight of May 7th, Shri Nikesh was crying a lot. He cried for 3 hours continuously. My wife got scared and we went to emergency and Shri Nikesh got admitted into the hospital NICU and doctor told that we need to monitor the baby for 24 hours.

Without knowing the upcoming events, myself, wife and Father in Law thought that we will go home after 24 hours. On May 8th midnight, when my wife was feeding Shri Nikesh, all of the sudden all the alarms were beeping and the Nurse told that there is no oxygen flow to Shri Nikesh and he stopped breathing. All the nurses were came and did CPR. After some time he breathed. Immediately they shifted Shri Nikesh to other room and they were telling that Shri Nikesh got severe infection. On that day I saw the pain of a mother in my wife. After a long labor, without taking much rest, she was in the hospital with the baby. When they told the baby stopped breathing, she fainted and almost falling on the legs all the Nurses to save the baby. Here in USA if the baby got admitted into the hospital for unknown reason, then they will start to do all tests and the same happened for Shri Nikesh also. They started poking him and sent blood samples to do all the test. They even tried two times to take the spine fluid to find out if any infection is there.

This is one of the Leela where Baba saved Shri Nikesh. I.e. Sai pulled Shri Nikesh from the mouth of death. We couldn't imagine what would have happen if we were at home.

To the surprise, all the test results were positive. They told he has RSV (Respiratory System Virus) and Influenza. So they isolated him and appointed a dedicated nurse. Seems it was Baba's decision. They want to do the tests again and to the surprise all were negative but they want to keep him isolation since the result was positive one time.

On May 8th the doctor ordered to do a Swallow Study. To find out how he swallows. In that test they found out he had severe acid reflux. i.e. what ever he drinks, it will come up. It won't stay in his stomach. During that test it seems he choked and stopped breathing again. The barium fluid which was used to do the test went into his lungs because of choking.

Second time Sai pulled him from the mouth of death. The Nurse who went with baby to do the test told that she had toughest time in her life to save Shri Nikesh. They were wondering how come it can go to his lungs i.e. how come he can aspirate because if the food comes up then he should vomit i.e it will come through mouth. So they decided to do the test again with advanced manner on May 11th to confirm is there any fistula. On May 10th they did head ultra sound and said that it was normal. On that day while going to hospital my wife told that "I will do Sai Virat if the fistula test comes as negative". But the test came as positive.

On May 11th when they did the swallow study again, they found out that Shri Nikesh is having a communication between his food and wind pipe which is called H-Type Fistula. What ever he drinks it will go to his lungs through that communication channel and results in Aspiration pneumonia. For that a critical open surgery is required. After hearing this my wife almost fainted and cried a lot. At that time a Surgeon from Children's Hospital visited our hospital and Nurses told that She is going to do the surgery. When Surgeon explained the surgery, we almost lost hope and prayed Baba lot. She told that we need to open his side and adjust the Rib bones and cut the communication what he had and need to tie on both the sides of food and wind pipe. She told that because of this surgery his food and wipe might shrink since we are tiding up and his Rib bones might be in disorder.

My wife prayed Baba lot and she requested Baba that she wants to see him. But after delivery immediately we can't go to temples as per our religious things. She requested Baba at least send any representative in any form to console us. on May 12th a India Christian Nurse from that hospital came and consoled my wife and she asked to call their Pastor. My wife called the Pastor and after hearing her voice the Pastor explained all the situations and How we struggled during the pregnancy. He told that we didn't give much attention to this Baby as we did for our elder one. He told that he is going to become God's child. After the phone prayer a Miracle happened immediately. Chief of pediatric surgeon from Children's hospital came and see Shri Nikesh. He read all the reports and confirmed also he has fistula. But he told that "I am going to do this surgery without opening the side. I am going to fix this fistula by endoscopically. For that we need to transfer the Baby to Children's Hospital where we have advanced equipment". Tears roll in our eyes. Yes. We see Baba in the form of that chief doctor. He was tall so kind and we starting calling him as Klein Baba as his name was Dr Klein. He is more than 70 years old and the best pediatric surgeon in the USA. Even though he was on vacation, he told that he will do the surgery on availability of operation theatre.

We are so happy and thanked Baba immediately and called the Pastor also. Pastor and other peoples from church came evening we did Prayer. They asked about our favorite GOD and we told that we are following Shirdi Sai and Lord Krishna. We did prayer to the Jesus and while performing prayer we are thinking and praying our beloved Sai Maa. Pastor invited us to the Sunday prayer and for Mother's day celebration at their church. We went to the Church and did Mass prayer. When ever they called Jesus we called Baba and all were in excited state. One point of time everybody grouped together and touched us and called the holy Lord. We could see our Sai standing in front of us and blessed us. Tears were rolling from our eyes. Baba fulfilled my wife's wish by sending pastor and a mass prayer in the church. Pastor told that even GOD can remove the fistula connection and he is going to be a Miracle Baby. We were also hoping for that and we visualize the same.

We moved to children's hospital of Michigan and surgery was scheduled on May 15th. On that day Pastor came and including him all our family members were on fasting that day and prayed Baba. Before the surgery we applied UDI on Shri Nikesh's body and prayed. The surgery stated at 1pm. We were told that it will be done between 60 -90 mins. But the time crossed and we were waiting what happened. Dr Klein came and told us that he could not find any connection between his food and wind pipe. He did endoscopy thrice and confirmed with ENT specialists also. No body could find the Fistula. It was a very big Miracle and we were so happy. But Klein told that he needs a surgery for his reflux but we didn't listen his words or didn't give importance to that word. Remember we already called Dr Klein as Klein Baba and we see Sai in the form of Dr Klein. Baba already warned us that he needs a small surgery to fix the reflux. but we didn't give importance to that and we decided that Baba will not allow any more surgeries in his body.

My wife told that "I am slave of the Baba. I will do what ever for Baba." She fell on the feet of Pastor and thanked him very much. We were so happy that he didn't have any fistula problem and we will be discharged soon. Seems Sai's decision is different. All of the sudden his tongue was rolled back. The doctors told that he may require another surgery to tie his tongue with the lips. They called Chief of pediatric plastic surgeon. She came and told that Shri Nikesh's chin was so small and she has to look his nasal anatomy since she is suspecting something. So they decided to do another endoscopy on May 18th. On the day of endoscopy, his tongue become normal and every body wondered that how it happened. It was Baba's another miracle. After the endoscopy the plastic surgeon told that his anatomy looks good and his wind pipe is weak. He may have difficult in breathing and could find difficult to swallow because of fear of aspiration which is called Trachea Malaysia. she ordered for sleep study also which is going to extend his hospital stay.

Here I want to mention one thing that "Before we start Virat, Baba fixed the problem" i.e. he removed the problem. My wife told that she will start Virat for removal of Fistula and that happened. It was a big Miracle of Sai Virat. I told her that I will also do Virat along with her.

Doctors told that once he started feeding we will send him home. Since he had severe reflux problem, he couldn't drink the milk continuously. So they inserted a tube through his nose to the stomach. Feeding started through the tube. Because of reflux stomach acids and milk started coming through his nose and mouth. Shri Nikesh was so fussy during feeding. Then Doctor decided to put another tube down the stomach which will go to the intestine directly. With this tube doctor decided to discharge us. Doctor told that since Baby is active, he may pull the tube any time so it is very risk. She asked us to go for G-Tube .i.e a tube will be inserted into the stomach through which we can feed the baby. We refused and told that since this reflux problem will go way when baby out grows. Before the day of discharge i.e on May 29, Shri Nikesh pulled out the tube from nose. We waited until the next day after noon and inserted the tube again. Here Baba played another Leela. i.e the Doctor who inserted the tube suspected the "Mall rotation of intestine". It is very serious problem which needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

They did another x-ray and ultrasound in the stomach to confirm it but from these tests they told they couldn't find any mall rotation. We are supposed to get discharged on June 3 but it didn't happen because of the new attending doctor. This doctor clearly told that she can't discharge the baby with the tube in the nose since he already pulled it out and he may pull out in future which high risk since baby is not drinking enough milk through the mouth. She also recommended for G-tube. The new attending doctor tried hard with various department to put the G-tube with out any surgery but failed. Finally she decided to discharge us on June 12 th. Again baba played another Leela. Shri Nikesh got fever which resulted his extended stay in the hospital. They confirmed that he has Urinary Track Infection and treatment started for that.

In the mean time lot of acids started coming out of his nose from his stomach because of reflux. When ever acid came, he cried a lot. The current attending doctor also got changed and new Indian Chief Doctor came. The doctor told that she will discharge us on June 18th. But my wife was not ready for discharge since more acids started coming from his nose and mouth. So the doctor decided to extend the stay at hospital. She also interested in to avoid mall rotation. On 21st they did another advanced i.e Barium Inima test to check for mall rotation. We thought since this is Thursday, Baba will decide something. The result indicated that they are seeing high Seecum i.e his intestine is not in normal position. To confirm the position of intestine, the only way is we need to open the stomach and see it.

We both cried a lot and went to Baba temple on the same day. We cried in front of Sai. Sai blessed us with flowers,UDI and chaddar. He told that don't worry I will take care of him. So we decided from there that we will go with what doctor says. Doctor also decided for surgery. Sai created a problem in the form of Intestine and planned to fix the reflux. Again Dr Klein came to see Shri Nikesh and he suggested that while opening the stomach, we will fix the reflux problem and put a G-tube in the stomach for feeding. Dr Klein did a surgery on June 26th. With the Baba's grace they couldn't find any intestine problem but they fixed reflux issue which Dr Klein already explained us.

When we think about this and searching for the reason for everything, Baba showed us this website  .Yes it is because of our Karma. We have to cross the stage. We could see and feel Sai in our each and every step.

Shri Nikesh showed improvements in the hospital and they decided to discharge him on Jul 3 the GURU Poornima day. We went to Sai temple directly from hospital.

Still he is having feeding problem. He still couldn't drink milk. Sai told us indirectly through various people to keep patience and we are waiting for the day to celebrate. Surely he will drink milk one day and we will celebrate that day with Sai.

Sai Leela on his weight.

Some times in hospital they will monitor weight very strictly. He didn't gain weight for 5 days. No improvements. Doctor decided that "ok we will wait for one more day and we will increase the formula milk and reduce the Breast milk". We prayed Sai and the very next day he increased 280gms which is abnormal. The nurse weighed in 4 different scale and confirmed that he go increased by 280 gms. Doctors them self wondered. Doctors used to tell about Shri Nikesh that he used to confuse us lot. He will show a problem for time being but he himself corrects that.

Sai Leela on his Name.

One day we were worried a lot and thought that we should have included "Sai" before his name. Since we have Sai krish our elder one, we named him as "SRINIKESH" initially. Baba helped us for this also through Ranadheer brother who is the author of "Miracles of Sai" book. We changed his name as per Baba's wish as "SHRI NIKESH". The name change is definitely a miracle. We were about to ask Baba for that but before that Baba asked us to change.

Please pray for Shri Nikesh .

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Anonymous said...


This miracle is realy amazing. Brother You have gone through a very tough time but Sai was and is always with you. Do not worry your son will be alright completely very soon. Sai's blessings are always with your family that is the reason you still have your son with you today. Sai is taking care of your baby so have faith in Sai and whenever your faith shakes think of miracles how Sai came for your rescue. Sai is realy present and looking after you and your family. Please put pinch of Udi in mouth of your child everyday after bath without fail and see wonders of our Sai. My prayers are always there with you and your family. Jako Rakhe Sai Maar Sake Na koi (For whom Sai saves nobody can harm them). Jai Sainath

Anonymous said...

as said it is the leela of sai and just wanted to test ur saburi. do not worry we will definitely pray for him
baba will be with him
om sai ram

Anonymous said...

Om JAI SAI RAM..I'm just speechless and tears rolled down continuously.Baba is Awesome and Amazing.No words to describe the greatness of Baba's leelas.I can understand what is the plight of the parents.But Our SAI never leaves us.Surely HE will bless ShriNikesh and you will celebrate the day very soon.We will also pray for him.Do not worry.

Anonymous said...

U and ur family have gone thru a lot. I pray to Baba to bless you, ur wife, both ur kids especially Shri Nikesh for a happy, healthy life without any more hurdles. I admire your patience and faith. I bow to ur wife for being so strong to have gone thru such a difficult situation. She is surely an inspiration. Give regards to her please. May Baba bless u all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sai family I was becoming speechless for all the pain the baby and you both underwent. At the same time Baba is stepping ahead and leading you.
My God this is a real amazing experience and thanks for sharing and i will defenitely pray for the baby for Saima's blessing.

Anonymous said...

May Sai bless ShriNikesh always.

Anonymous said...

I really had tears after reading about Sri Nikesh. Baba is always with you. I am really sorry for what you went through. He will get better with Baba's grace. I'll also pray for him.

Anonymous said...

Baba will be with you through out and Shri Nikesh would get well very soon.

Ashish said...

Tears just rolled down my eyes while reading the entire post. I prayed for shri nikesh...plz baba remove the past bad effects and karmas of this little baby....baba shower your garce like downpours of heavy rainfall on this kid...he doesn't even know anything and he is going through this pain. Baba Plz plz plz plz plz if you bless this baby nothing can harm him. I beg ur blessings for this little one. Sai brother Balaji I am also your brother and felt heart pierced with axe when i read it. Do not worry, remember BABA is a "MIRACLE MAN" and he can bring out from any grave situation. Jai Sai Ram !

Anonymous said...

WOW, What an experience, almost impossible to fathom any human can go through all this. Surely Baba has been with you always, however very powerful faith & patience from your side. No words can & will describe the amount of troubles/ tests you have gone through. May Baba bless you & your baby always.

Anonymous said...

what an heart touching post is this.really baba blessed the baby to come out from all the u alot baba.may baba shower his blessings on shrinikesh always..may baba bless him with good health and sairam..

Anonymous said...

omsairam..please saimaa give your helping hand to the child through out his life..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sai is always with his devotess helping them during their difficult times and providing solutions and also showing ways for solving the problems.

Sai be always with this devotee and bless the kid always throughout his life.


Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram JI all who follows you are always blessed by your love and care

Anonymous said...

Omm Sri Sainathaya Namah. Dear Sai Brother the experience you have with Baba is really speechless. One thing i would like to say that Baba never leaves his devotees hopeless. He is so kind that one cannot imagine with ordinary sense. Time is playing very critical game with you, which is nothing but a part of test by Baba that how you are fighting against the situation with firm belief on Baba. Strictly remember that Baba takes very critical tests of his most and most beloved devotees and you are one of them. This is not i am saying but that i have experienced a number of times in my life. We are his children then how he can see our sufferings? Don't worry, dedicate the child on the lotus feet of Lord Sai and say 'YOU SAVE YOUR CHILD'. If possible take the child to Samadhi Mandir once and roll him on Baba's Samadhi. Once do this and continue firm faith on Baba and see what happens next. If you have already done this then why to worry, the day is very nearer to you to celebrate with Baba. Mere Sai bless dear SHRI NIKESH with all your blessings.Omm Sri Sai Ram.

Anonymous said...

om sai ram who ever have faith in baba will never be cheated its true have full believe in him.sai ram

Anonymous said...

Om Sri Sainathaya Namah: I was reading this in my office and could not help the tears rolling down. Baba has blessed me at every step of my life and pulled me out each time I or my husband were in a difficult situation. I used to think that the kind of problems we faced were so hard and difficult that perhaps there are no bigger problems than these. But, through you story Baba told me how people go through some unexplainable and absolutely difficult times that our problems appear to be small. I, as a mother to a 29-week born girl can imagine the stress you both went through and how testing and stressful each moment must have been to you and your child. My prayers for you both and the child especially, BABA IS THERE. Please don't let the string of faith break at any time. When BABA has done so much, HE will bring everything back to normal. - Reena

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram.

BABA, please Bless the child SHRI NIKESH with good health. Prayers for his well being. Please DEVA , with your loving glance nd king grace, please cure him of all his health issues and bless SHRI NIKESH with good health and a ling long and happy life. Please bless the whole family with loads of happiness, joy and peaceful days. Let no one in this world have to suffer like this.

Let all people in this world get to know you and your Leelas and become your Devotees. May every house be blessed by you. Let there me peace, prosperity and joy in every house across this globe.

Love you DEVA, please heal everyone from all their pain and shower your kind grace on one and all.

Many thanks to you for everything BABA, we owe you all that you have showered on us.


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