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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 53.

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Jai Sai Ram
Happy Baba's day to all
Here are few more experiences of Sai devotees with Shirdi Sai Baba .Jai Sai Ram .

All Gods are none but Baba :

Dear Manisha,

I would like to be anonymous and post here the real explanations Baba gave me. Baba always convinced me that whichever God i see is no one but Him.

I have this feeling which is said as the truth by everyone associated with Baba (in Sai satcharitra,many devotees and so many sai leela). Baba is Shiva.

 I had the habit of visiting Shiva temple for every pradosh(worship and vrat/fasting for Lord Shiva) when i was in my native place. I left to Chennai after i got a job and had the habit of visiting Mylapore Baba temple often.

I used to visit mostly in morning or afternoon hours and avoid in evening because of the distance i had to travel. After i came to Chennai i was not too particular about pradosh and stopped visiting Shiva temple too since i was not familiar with Shiva temples there.

 Once i had a very boring Sunday and i planned to move out. All my plans failed and i was half way out and decided to go to Baba temple but i was not very particular this time to go because it was already 6 pm and i knew i will be very late when i get back to home.

But something asked me to go to the temple in spite of all the doubts i had. I reached there and to my surprise the place was packed with people and i guessed it would be a special day. I asked someone near what is special and he told me as it is a Sunday it is packed . I had to wait for long but without doubt i had the best darshan of my Lord that i did not mind the time or crowd.

I was happy and reached home without any problem. My mom used to ask me for every pradosh if i went to Shiva temple but she did not ask this time. But without any reason my friend called me and was talking for a while, when suddenly he told me today is pradosh. I was taken aback by this and confirmed from him many times "is it so?".

 He said 'yes' and something was really blossoming inside me. I went and again confirmed it from the daily calendar which proved it right. How can i explain what i felt! I just had one strong feeling that i met my shiva on His day, who pulled me there to show me who HE is.

Baba is Narasimha: 
This too had no doubt convincing me that Sai Baba is lord Narasimha. Me and my mom went to Lord Narasimha temple on the day of his avatar. It was a grand festival in the nearby areas and we went there. As we all know that Baba's shared experience in this website itself has proved so many miracles, it occurred to me when i was going through an article in this website. After i visited the temple when we returned back i was browsing through this website and reading one particular article about Mahalaspati.

So many things were related but only one line sent a spark through me. Baba was smoking chillim with Mahalaspati and suddenly the stone that was kept for the purpose of fire was missing. Baba suddenly started giving abuses AS IF HE TOOK THE AVATAR OF NARASIMHA. I felt something which i cant explain. Baba has given me so many clues and sometimes He had told me straight that He is everything we see.

He is all pervading and His miracles will never fall short.

Now I am convinced that there is no god apart from Baba and He is every other avatar we see.
Glory be to HIM.
Anantha koti Brahmanda Nayaka Yogiram Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.
Om sai ram.

Sai Baba visits me on my Birthday:

Dear all,
Baba loves me sooooo much!!!!
My name is Sneha. I am 11 years old. This year, my star birthday was on the 14th of February. My mom, dad and I planned to go to Shridi to celebrate my birthday, but unfortunately, we could not go there.

Instead, we went to a Buddha temple and we went to the famous Indian hotel in Hong Kong, Branto for a nice, dinner party.

As our plan, we were going to the hotel at 7:30. But, suddenly, at 6:45, we were already hungry. As we washed our hands and went in the hotel, the TV was displaying a man with an orange cloak on his head. He was saying something in Hindi, so I could not understand him.

I went to the toilet and as I returned, Sai Baba and Shridi was shown!!! I was very surprised. The samadhi, the mook dharshan, and everything was shown. Why I was surprised was that I was in HONG KONG, and there aren't any Sai Baba temples in Hong Kong.

The second reason that I was surprised is that the previous times that I went to Branto, there would only be Hindi song or interviews by famous people displaying on the TV. Our whole family was soo pleased with the visit from Baba. He came to visit me on this auspicious day.

The reason that I shared this experience with you is because I wanted to tell you that don't give up. If you are in some foreign countries, you might see Shridi Sai baba somewhere... By Sneha :)

Blessed with job with Baba's grace:

All Sai devotee,
I am kumar from Tamilnadu.I married in 2008. I Have two children. I worked as engineer at one private industry in Trichy,Tamilnadu with manageable salary.

Suddenly my company finance situation went down from 2011. So that in 2012, company took action against managing financial situation- by reduction of manpower and salary reduction.

On that situation i could not manage my family.On that very critical situation, me and my wife surrendered to baba. Every Thursday we went to Sai temple.,after that my wife did 9 week Sai Baba Vrat. At the time of 5th week vrat, i received one phone call from Dubai.Here a great think to note is that, i did not apply any job , i posted my CV in job portals and we know of how many we get any response!!!. I had telephonic interview and i got a good job.Now  I am in Dubai with Baba's grace and able to take care of my family . Thank you Baba you only saved us. Om sai ram..

Sai Baba heard my prayer :

I am a Sai devotee ,
I come to know sai baba from 2009 but nowadays i become mad on Sai baba .

I have problem so i planned to start 9 weeks virat from 7th of February, for that also i had many problems, to start.I prayed to sai baba please "Sai ram make me to start Sai virat from 7th february and also i would like to go to mylapore temple".

See Sai baba miracle as i prayed to Sai baba i went to Mylapore temple on 7th February and also i have started vrat successfully.You may think its a simple reason to be happy but i only know my situation and what I am going through .Sai baba himself said that "no one will come to me until i call him".I thought i wont able to start but with Sai baba's blessings only i have started my vrat.Please pray for me .Sai baba make my wish come true for that only i started 9 weeks vrat please Sai baba accept my vrat and make my wish come true.I am in a very critical situation i need your help Sai baba please sai baba come and help me sai ram.

Please Sai baba en mela karunai katungal sai ram.

I should finish this 9 weeks vrat successfully without any problem and interruption Sai ram please Sai baba be with me ,bless my life it hurts me a lot sai baba.Please baba destroy my past karmas and bless me sai ram.

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om sai ram

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