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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 52.

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Dear readers,
Happy Thursday and happy Baba's day
After a long absence from the website, today with Baba's grace I am resuming posting of devotees experiences.Thanks to each and everyone who wrote mail and showed concern for my absence.I would like to let dear readers know that I am hale and hearty with grace of almighty Sai Baba and there is nothing to worry.Sometime life gets very busy and inspite of our wish we are not able to do things which we long for and same happened with me .Thanks again to everyone for love and concern .

With blessing of Baba I am sure I shall be able to continue this seva uninterrupted .

Today's experiences shared by devotees are like light houses to all the souls who are lost in the ocean of worldly turmoil of this human life. As written in Shri Sai Satcharitra "If My Leelas are written, the Avidya (nescience) will vanish and if they are attentively, and devoutly listened to, the consciousness of the worldly existence will abate, and strong waves of devotion, and love will rise up and if one dives deep into My Leelas, he would get precious jewels of knowledge." 

Dear readers ,let us all dive deep into the leelas of Baba.Hear,share and read his leelas and grace our self with the experiences shared by devotees through this website and strengthen our faith in our Father Sai in many many folds .Jai Sai Ram .

Sai in my life:

I am retired central government employee searching every thing on SHRI SHIRDI SAI.I stay in Cuttack in Odisha .I was serving in All India Radio, Cuttack a Central Government Organisation.

I were to retire from Govt service on 31.10.2012 on attaining the age of superannuation at 60 yrs. In principle one should not be disturbed/ transferred from his home town posting within three years from the date of retirement. But I was transferred to Berhampur amidst tremendous family problems & health issue.

My representations were turned down. I suit a case at Central Administrative Tribunal, Cuttack who immediately stayed the transfer order. Govt. submitted the counters with strong arguments. On the date of final hearing at CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal), Cuttack I was supposed to be present in the Court as per advise of my Advocate. But what happened miraculously 5 days prior to the date of final hearing ,I was sitting in front of my computer doing Internet.

Casually I just went through the bookings of train tickets to Shirdi (Manmad). I don't know how my hands automatically booked tickets for both sides through IRCTC when I never knew how to book on Internet.

The returned ticket in sleeper class was confirmed where as starting ticket was assigned as RAC75. I prepared my mind to go sitting and left home for station.When I reached, I was surprised to see my name in confirmation list and reached Shirdi just 25 minutes before Madhyana Arati.

I kept my bag in cloak room & went to Dwarkamai for a trial to enter. Gate were closed for entry. But one security men before I could know anything , what happened I don't know held my hand and got me entered to sit comfortably in Dwarkamai ,that too 10 minutes before Arati.

Tears profusely started coming from my eyes, I was crying madly as I was supposed to be present in the Court room of CAT, Cuttack at 12 noon, where as  here I was in the Court room of BABA at Shirdi.

I performed Arati and took prasad thereafter. Again I stood in a queue to visit the Samadhi, again miracle happened, the gate with short route direct to Samadhi place opened in front of us and we reached the spot within 5 minutes as against normal one hour.

 I returned next day and on reaching Cuttack got a call from my Advocate ,who asked me to come to him immediately. I was afraid since I was absent in the Court Room, but he handed over a copy of Judgement of Hon'ble CAT, Cuttack. A historical Judgement in his words, never such a Judgement was passed- wherein it was ordered that I must retire from All India Radio, Cuttack and should not be disturbed. I felt BABA all along with me. HE is present in each and every every event of our Life. We may or may not believe but He is the one who is taking care of everything .Thank you Baba for always keeping your blessing hand on us.
Jai Sai Ram .
PC Panda, Cuttack

Have full faith in Baba and HE is there with you:

Myself, my sister and her daughter had gone recently to the Kumbabhishekam of a Sai Temple in outer Chennai. This is constructed inside the college campus where my niece is studying. There were alomost 10000 people who attended the function and it is like Shirdi Sai temple.

The function was over by 10.30 am and we have the college bus starting at 1 pm. Since it is outer Chennai there are no state buses running to that place.

There are autos plying but the moment an auto comes people flock and engage on a first come first serve basis.

We three were not able to compete. We were waiting. There were young, and old waiting there. Even as I was telling my sister "Just wait and see a car will come and stop in front of us giving us lift upto Railway station (around 5-7 kms)" to which my sister said "Who is giving to give us lift in this crowd?".

But, Yes! Sai has already heard my words and there it was. A car came and stopped in front of us and offered lift for 3 of us. There were Husband and wife inside ,space was just enough for 3 of us. My sister was shocked. This is not all.

As we got in and started, I just told the noble soul (person driving the car) that there is another Sai temple (First wax Sai Baba statue) nearby and that I have been planning to visit that temple for 8 years but have not been able to do so. He immediately recognised what I said and turned the car around and took us to that temple also.

 It seems he wanted to go to that temple but his wife had told him that they can go some other day since they are frequent visitors to that temple. He said that Sai has instructed through me to visit him in that temple and that he will be happy to do so.

Isn't this enough proof that Sai Baba is always hearing us and noticing us if we are fully devoted to him? OM SAI RAM!


 Sai showed His living form:

I am Babita from Cuttack,Odisha.I was aware of Sai since last 12 years.

Just after my marriage a feast was arranged in  Sai temple as per suggestion of our neighbour ,who was a Sai devotee.By that time I had forgotten about Sai.In November 2011 I went to Shirdi with my family for a pilgrimage.No such strong spiritual connection was felt there by me.Within last one and half year many sad things happened in my life and during this period Sai Baba showed his presence in my life.

Now I am continuing my 9 Thursday vrata and experiencing miracles every moment.I always believed in god but not in rituals.My mother told me to recite one sloka from  Bagvad Gita during free time and whenever I face any trouble.I did not knew any sloka other than then the one which my mother told me .That sloka is,"madhusudana krushneti vasudeva janardana,chatwari taba namani maha bipatti nasanam".This is in Sanskrit relating to Lord Krishna.

Now after believing Sai one question came to my mind,why he blessed me?Was he in my life before my marriage or did he came after my marriage during the feast in Sai temple?Another thing that i felt is that I could concentrate on Sai by closing my eyes or looking at his photo but not by looking at idols made of marble.Idols seemed lifeless to me.But  3 days back at 10 p.m my daughter called me to see a programme on Sai in prarthana(divine)channel.

I went and saw Sai idol blinking his eyes and smiling.First I could not believe and thought it to be a hallucination.I went close to t.v screen and observed for five minutes.At one point of  time i thought one person might be dressed as Sai.But that was not true.Devotees were coming,giving pranam and were going.I could not believe how Sai fulfilled my wish and showed his lively form in his idol strengthening my faith on him .The programme then ended with a sloka from the background.

The sloka was from Bagvad Gita,my only known sloka from childhood.Thereby Sai showed me that as I believed in god he was in my life and protecting me even before my marriage,since my childhood.

Now only a form is given in form of Sai.Further one day my daughter told me,if she finds one photo of Sai in our photo albums ,she will believe Sai is present in our house.Then both of us started searching His photo.After searching, my daughter found a photo of Sai in one of the albums,which was taken 12 years back during feast in a Sai temple after my marriage.

At that time we were not conscious of Sai and went there only by persuasion of our neighbours.We also forgot about that photo.Our marriage was also done as per baba's wish.We both families did not knew each other.No common friend was there.We two were from different areas having cultural variations.My mother always told me that god will act as middle man for my marriage.

Now I realise this after 12 years.My mother was a great believer of god and god helped her in settling her daughter's marriage.So one thing we have to remember that if we protect righteousness, righteousness will protect us.Let Sai bring more and more people to his fold and make the world a better one.
Jai sai ram

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Very nice experiences....thanks a lot for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

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om sai ram

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