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Shirdi Sai Baba Blessed Us With Babies-Anonymous Devotee.

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Sairam ,
Happy Baba's day to all,
As stated in Shri Sai Satcharitra"By worshipping Sai Baba, we attain both the objects, worldly and spiritual, and are fixed in our true Nature, and get peace and happiness. Therefore, those who want to gain their welfare, should respectfully hear Sai Baba's Leelas or stories and meditate on them. If they do this, they will easily attain the object of their life and get Bliss."Chapter 24.

Sai leela shared today reminds us of above message from Shri Sai Satcharitra.
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Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Ram Manishaji,

I am going to write amazing experience . We do not know how to show our gratitude to BABA , HE helped us every time we were going through some issues . Here is one of the biggest Leela we experienced last year . Thanks for sharing my experience . Please do not share my name as well the email address .

We are from ****** , we married in 2002 and after that we tried for kids and because of some health issues , doctors told us it is very tough to have our own kids . We were very sad . We met couple of doctors back in India , things did not go in right direction . Then we moved to ******, BABA .
We met doctors over here for kids , doctors told us it is tough . In 2011 , sometime early morning around 3AM while I was in bed , I saw BABA . Then I woke up and I thought to do some BABA's work , I spoke to my wife and we decided to do very good BABA's work . (Cannot disclose what that work was )

Before doing that BABA's work, one of my friend asked me why do you want to do that work?, you can do something else? . I told him that BABA asked me to do that  and then we went to India and BABA made us to do that great great work and we want to do this work again and again, we know HE will give us this type opportunities more and more in this life .

After that we came back to *******.

After a month , we had an appointment with one of the doctor , that doctor suggested us to go for IVF ,that is the only one option left. IVF is very costly , it will cost around $ 25,000 . We did not have that much money ,I asked BABA whether to go for it , I asked BABA by putting "CHITS", BABA said "yes" and we decided to go for it .

We always ask BABA's permission by placing CHITs in front of BABA . We went for IVF because BABA approved this , otherwise we would not have gone for IVF . One of my friend gave me some money and got some amount from other friend and we paid $25,000 for IVF .

Our treatment started , it was painful , but my wife decided to go for it . She had too many medications . During that time couple of our friends told that "IVF is not a successful treatment and it will fail" , we did not say anything , we just moved on .

After 2 months , doctor's asked us to come for Embryo transfer . Before going to Embryo transfer we went to BABA temple and had darshan and went to the hospital . Doctor's transferred 2 embryos in my wife's uterus and then asked her to take rest for 2 weeks and then come for Pregnancy test .

We went back after 2 weeks, they did the pregnancy test and confirmed . Then they asked us to come back after a month for ultra sound test .

We went back after a month , during that they did the ultra sound test and confirmed that we are going to have "TWINS" .

It was amazing , we did not believe , doctor showed us twins in the ultra sound and told my wife to be very careful for at least 3 months . After the ultra sound test , we came back home and my wife was taking rest . One day while I was going to office, my wife called me and told that she had bleeding that morning .

I came back immediately and took her to the IVF hospital. Doctor at IVF hospital checked and told us that she was seeing some bleeding near one of the embryo and told us she suspect that there might be issue with one of the embryo , we were sad and my wife started crying .

I told her not to worry , BABA will take care of everything . We came back home and my wife was still crying , I went out and I was very sad too , but I had somewhere in my heart strong confidence that BABA will take care of everything .

After 2 days again , we went to the IVF hospital for testing . There was a senior doctor( around 60+) was there , he did the ultrasound and told us that everything looks good and not to worry about the bleeding happened 2 days ago and told us that he has seen these type of cases before also .

We were very happy and thanked BABA . Then doctor's told us to go for ultra sound for every 2 weeks because we were having twins .

On 5th month , doctor did the ultra sound and confirmed that we will be having BABAY BOY and BABAY GIRL .

Look at this amazing leela of BABA . We never thought that we will have kids but BABA decided to give us twins that too BABY BOY and GIRL .

We were shocked and all of our friends were shocked hearing this . Everyone told us that this is a rare combination in TWINS . We always felt that becuase of BABA we are going to have kids .

After 9 months, by Baba's blessing my wife delivered 2 beautiful kids(boy and girl) . We are very happy.

Now we have 4 more embryos with us and we are planing to give these embryos to Indian couples who are BABA devotees and whom Baba decides to give through us . We know BABA will give us good families who are despretly looking for Kids .

 BABA gave us everything what ever we asked . We are always greatful to HIM .

 BABA said "Believe in me. I never lie when I speak from this sacred Dwarkamai” JaiSaiRam

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Anonymous said...

Amazing experience, only baba could do this miracle. Baba please do a miracle in my life also. You know what I am going through. Please change his mind baba and bless me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the experience. This is such an amazing and blessed experience which proves that Baba always guides when you have complete Faith and Patience on Him. It is also wonderful to see the parents offering to help others help who are in similar situations which I am sure is the act of Baba to help his other devotees. May Baba bless us all...

Anonymous said...

Nice experience. .baba gave the fruit for ur faith.
Baba please help me. .dont be like a stone in my case.its been 4years im never cared for me.its true.why do you hate me baba?
Please clear my case.make bharath to come for compromise.make my marriage happen with him.please change his parents mind.
I lost,im just living.waiting for my turn to die.

Anonymous said...

Thank you baba.thank you for a wonderful day today.Its a miracle only.its me who posted above.after 4 long years,bharath had called me today to meet him. .i felt very happy.he asked me to withdraw the case, so that he will marry me.baba please make this come true. .im believing his going to withdraw the case.please help me baba.please show mercy on me.

Anonymous said...

Baba please help me.
Ivala angarika ganesha sankatahara chathurthi. .ganapathi please help me.please forgive me for my mistakes.please make my marriage happen with bharath.
After visiting tirupathi,doing hanuman pooja,praying to alevelu mangamma talli, and with blessings of all gods,bharath came down to marry me.
Please ganapathi,also make his parents convince for marriage.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Experience and BABA's blessing always on u and ur family

Anonymous said...

Ganapathi,baba please help me. .make everything go well. .please solve my problems ganapathi. .i have to write my exams peacefully.with all these tensions,im unable to study.please help me ganesha. If i think positive, everything seems good.but, im scared,if i think negative,what if again i get cheated,may be ivl becum mad. .please ganesha, please help me

Ashish said...

It is one of the most beautiful experiences I have read....May baba bless you With even more happiness, health, prosperity, love and devotion.

Jai Sai Ram!

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