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Baba's Miracle To Protect Me From A Scary Disease-Sai Devotee.

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Jai Sai Ram ,
Happy Baba's day to all,
There are many instances mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharitra where Baba has cured maladies of His children in His own queer way .The following experience reflects a similar incident in todays time in the life of the annonymous Sai devotee.Jai Sai Ram .

Happy Baba's Day to all Sai Devotees,

Dear Manisha Di,
Wish you a very Happy New Year. I am fortunate to get a chance again to share my Miracle with Baba with all my brothers and sisters .

'OM SAI RAM' Thank you Baba for giving me this opportunity again on Thursday to share my experience with all your devotees,though I feel sorry for delaying it for 2-3 months but I know Baba, you will forgive me for this you always do for your kids.

Here is my experience :

I have got a tendency from my mother to get heavy bleeding during mensus. I take proper precautions for this.On 22nd Sept'12 Saturday, it was my third day of mensus, I was sitting in the office with great difficulty to pass time and go back home at 01:00PM as Saturdays are half days for us.

Suddenly I realized that bleeding is becominng too heavy and in odd manner which earlier I never faced. I called up my husband and asked him to pick me up from office immediately as I was unable to sit for long in office.

It was fortunately a holiday for my husband, so he immediately rushed and reached my office in 15 minites time. I requested my husband to take me to a doctor as this problem was going beyond my toleration. I took Baba's name and went to a Gyne.

She initially refused to examine me as her OPD timings were over but when I insisted and shared my problem, then she said to go for an abdominal ultrasound first and come with a report. We took help of the nurse to fix up an appointment immediately with a Radiologist for an ultrasound.

We reached there in 15-20 mins time.There were many patients in the queue so I had to wait there for 1-2 hours. All the time I was taking Baba's name to take me out from this problem. I had to cosume 1-2 litres of water before getting the ultrasound.

When my turn came, my heart was really beating high as somewhere in my heart, I was expecting that doctor will detect me Fibroid disease since my mother also had and got it operated few years back.She also had the same symptoms which I was having so I was really getting nervous. I lied on the bed and doctor started his procedure. I was continuously watching and trying to read Doctor's face while he was examining me through a computer mouse and watching on the screen continuously.

My husband was there with me. After a pause of 2 mints, doctor said very confidently that you have a Cervical Fibroid problem, though it is small in shape but two to three Fibroids are clearly visible. He further said that Surgery is the only solution for this. He wrote the same thing on my Doctor's prescription.

I made a crying face after listening this as I was expecting that this is going to happen. However, Radiologist advised us that since my bladder was not full it seems, it is advisable to go for one more ultrasound. He advised me to consume 1-2 litres more water. My husband agreed to it. Now again we had to wait for 1 - 2 hours till our turn comes as Doctor had to see other patients now.

We decided to go home and then come back again. We fixed up the next appointment after 2 hours on the same day and came back home. All the time, I was taking Baba's name and requesting him that please take me out from this disease, I do not want any surgery Baba please help me out.

I requested Baba, to give me some other punishment if at all I have done any mistake but please save me from this disease because I had a very bad experience seeing my mother struggling with Fibroid, Pre and post operation complications.

 While offering my prayers to Baba somehow, in my mind, striked the idea that if I will take Baba's Udi which I always keep with me I will be saved from this. I immediately mixed Baba's Udi with water and drank it. I again requested my beloved father, my Sai show me some miracle and save me from this disease.

I would make a confession here that somewhere I was trying to test Baba's Miracle Power also. I know, I was being mean to even think like that especially when Baba has proved me his presence number of times and have shown his Miracles...I was so selfish to test his Miracle Power but actually I was quite depressed, hence all these thoughts.

I am extremely sorry for this Baba..Please forgive me for these thoughts.

 I had to cosume 8-10 glasses of water during those two hours time. I did that and again as per the appointment time we reached to Radiologist. He called me as per my turn and started applying the same procedure. I was very nervous and like a kid waiting for my result.. After few seconds of examination only, Doctor was stunned to see that there was NO FIBROID NOW.

He was completely shocked. He said that since my bladder was full and he could clearly see that there were no signs of any Fibroid. The symtoms which earlier he was detecing were completely vanished. He then said, thank God I have called you again to examine else, it could have been a major disaster!!

I started crying there...I knew it was my Beloved Baba's Miracle but nothing else. I said thanks to Doctor and came out. While coming back home, I had tears in my eyes and in my heart saying thanks to my Beloved Baba who proved again that nothing is impossible for Him.We should have 100% faith in Him and then He fulfills all our desires.

I again said sorry to Baba to have a doubt on his Miracle power. My husband was also relieved to see Ultrasound reports which shows no major problem except some Harmonoal changes which was normal in ladies at the age of 35 years.

THANKS TO MY SWEET BABA AGAIN..WHO DID THIS MIRACLE FOR ME..I would request all of you to have 100% faith and devotion in Baba.He would surely listen to your prayers.

Baba, with you permission only..I could complete my long pending promise to you.



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Anonymous said...

Very nice experience...really nothing is impossible to our beloved saima....baba is the only one doctor in the whole universe who can cure any kind of diseases...and udi is very sai children always have 100% faith towards our saima he can do impossible things to possible....thanks a lot for sharing this experience with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

Shikha Bisht on February 8, 2013 at 9:25 AM said...


Rashmi on February 8, 2013 at 9:39 AM said...

Very nice experience...May Baba bless you with good health always...Om Sai Ram

SaiKrishRam on February 8, 2013 at 11:52 PM said...


Anonymous said...

Sairam Anonymous

I can relate to your experience fully. I have been a terrible sufferer of fibroids for years and have lived in fear and terror about when my bleeding will start anytime during the month. I have been begging to baba for years and asked Him forgiveness for all the sins whatever i would have committed in this or earlier birh. And, Baba opened His eyes and blessed me too. He made me vow to do Sai Nav Gur var vrat back to back 18 times. In the first round of Nav gurvar I read the Sai sat charita 3 times. I am doing m second round of Nav gurvar and this time I prayed Baba should bless me to read SSC 9 times, ie one parayan in one week, 9 times. It is tedious but Baba will make us keep the promise. Of course He has already shown me His grace and blessed be with a better life. He has made me change my lifestyle and He showed me the benefits of drinking Green raw juice which has worked miracles for me.
Baba will listen to your prayers always and the only thing I ask Him always is to make me keep the Faith and Patience like He says.
Please keep your prayers and as you said, He is alwys with you. You will be healthy and fine and will have happiness always.

Anonymous said...

Didi you are great Baba has blessed you in a miraculous way! Sairam, Take Care

Anonymous said...

Its True. You had a great experience. He never fails. All praises to Sai Baba.

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