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Grace Of Sainath Through The ill Health Of Parents-Sai Devotee.

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Jai Sai Ram
Happy Baba's day to all
Here is an experience shared by Sai devotee which strengthens our faith in Sai and also makes us believe that Baba is always by the side of His children, taking care of all , even when His children are not aware about coming problems. But He knows ,He acts and He Bless us. Jai Sai Ram .

Sairam ,
 I am thankful for this platform. Posting my experience for the first time. I profusely apologize for the lengthy entry but in order for you to completely appreciate the bigger picture it seems imperative. Please don’t reveal my identity or email id. My posted experiences relates primarily to health of my parents.

Mother Uterus Cancer :

My mother was having trouble with abnormal bleeding since April 2012. She had already had her menopause, hence all the more troublesome. With gods inspiration we got a D&C and biopsy done.

The results came out as complex endometrial hyperplasia which is thickening of the wall of uterus due to excessive estrogen, obesity, diabetes etc. We put off the result as it was NOT cancerous but these cases do advance towards cancer.

The doctor recommended hysterectomy which is removal of the uterus. Since my mother is very scared of operation and the report was NON cancerous she asked for 6 months time to monitor and then see. The doctor readily agreed. Hence we put off the surgery till November – December 2012.

Amidst this due to some problems I was going through, I wanted to go to Shirdi to seek some consonance. When we reached Shirdi hotel, my father switched on the TV and there was a show on Doordarshan on the same problem of hyperplasia/uterus cancer etc.

The show had two guest doctors from AIIMS, Delhi. It was quiet surprising as I have not come across any show on tv/radio etc on this subject. Anyways we believed it to be direction, rather order, from Sai baba, as it could not have been a coincidence.

Mashallah with gods grace had great darshan, Kakad and Madhyan arti right under our lords grace. My mother felt that she is being directed to donate 50 rupees. She was a little hesitant. It seemed to her that someone rebuked her for the same. She got scared and donated. We came back.

Tracked down the doctors and met them. (to mention we were not going to consult any doctors till year end and this was only due to Shirdi Sai’s intervention.) They said the last D&C was not accurate as it was a blind D&C and new D&C with camera and biopsy were to be done.

The reports came out with a FIGO grade 1 cancer. We were obviously scared. To mention we are a very small family of three people. I am the only daughter. Hence all the more scary. The doctors recommended immediate surgery. It was scheduled on a Thursday with Sai’s grace. That is the first time I decided to do a saptah prayan.

Started parayan on Thursday, the day of the surgery. The surgery was a complicated one. Mother kept udi with her during the operation. Also to mention another Sai’s leela. My mother finds partial anesthesia to be less scary than general and opted for the same and went for surgery. Hence happy. Somehow it could not work out and they had to administer general anesthesia. It all seemed like Sai Nath’s way of calming her and getting her in the theater or else she would have had a panic attack before the operation itself.

For the first time I asked to see a photo of Sai Nath on the way. Reached hospital. No sign. No photo. Cursed myself for making stupid requests. Sat outside doing prayan.

The nurse there took out Sai Aarti book with a huge Sai Nath photo as the cover and started reading. What a way of blessing .

And just like that Calm prevailed one more time. Om Sai Nathay Namah. The operation went well. Sai’s grace could be felt throughout surgery and recovery. With gods grace she did not need chemo. It took her a really long and arduous time to get back on her feet due a major open surgery, Post operational care, delayed healing due to diabetes, etc.

She was given udi mixed with water everyday and udi applied every day to forehead. It was all Sai naths grace. Going to shirdi. The fortuitous the show on TV. The consequent discovery of cancer due to visiting the same doctors as on the show. Saving of mothers life at the right time. It is not an isolated incident .It is a chain of blessings. When one looks at the bigger picture one realizes how HE is indeed the wirepuller.

 1. I have given some additional medical details, in case someone has a similar problem they can understand the repercussions.

2. A little background- Our ishtadev is bhagwan shri Sita Ram and Hanumanji with whom I have had a multitude of experiences. I have been attached to Sai since 2008 and visiting Sai Baba temple every Thursday with my mother, but only a since April 2012 I have become close to him and read the Sai Satcharitra for the first time, due to some other problems being faced by me. Nevertheless bhagwan Shri Ram is not different from Sai ram but off late he has become life.

 3. We were not going to consult a doctor again till year end, had we not seen the show in Shirdi. The cancer would have progressed by then.

 4. Mother did not go to Shirdi to pray to for cancer treatment. She had no idea she had cancer. Sai did.

5. How true is it , JO SHIRDI MEIN AYEGA VIPDA DOOR BHAGAYEGA/ Whoever puts his feet on Shirdi soil, his sufferings would come to an end. Yes the sufferings do come to an end, irrespective of whether or not you are aware of the existence of suffering. Oh how HE keeps his promise ! He proactively prevents calamities that we don’t even know are going to befall us.

6. Some might see it as a coincidence and say there is no big deal in the fact that the show on hyperplasia/cancer was seen in Shirdi and everything happened thereafter. But alas to quote Einstein ““Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.”- Albert Einstein, The World as I See It”

7. The probability of a certain set of circumstances coming together in a meaningful way is so low that it simply cannot be considered mere coincidence.

 8. Sai gave my mother the gift of life , a second chance. If not for Him , I shudder to even think what would have happened.

 9. He is the Lord, the almighty, the everything. Om Sai shree sai jai jai sai.

 My father – Eye Problems :

My father is a diabetic. A couple of years ago he developed a heart condition. Raghav and Hanumanji were kind. Anyways he has had trouble with eyes.

Diabetic Retinopathy to be precise. It was revived to certain extent with laser operations. Recently he developed a condition of thickening of his retina , which is medically called as diabetic macular edema.

 He was suggested injections in the eye. The injection was called lucentis. We were a little scared reading about the side effects of heart attack and stroke in some patients, even though rarely. I and mother undertook prayan and asked for guidance.

Father was applied udi and given udi mixed with water every day. Through question answer website, sai nath was consulted. (I have asked multiple questions through the website and I always get a precise answer relevant to my question) He asked to wait patiently for ten days. We did so.

Father had developed a slight cross eyed problem as well. After ten days he had some trouble with double vision. The doctor suggested MRI and a neuro consult just to be safe. My father got the inspiration and went to AIIMS for the same.

The doctor pointed out a lot of defects with the earlier doctor’s treatment and suggested a different injection which has lesser side effects. Basically a more comprehensive and coherent treatment.

Soon thereafter, One day my mother was praying to Sai nath to show some way and thereafter immediately she was drawn to a book (I kid you not and this is no exaggeration). It was a vedic type book. And In there she found a CHAKSHU UPANISHAD which is to be done to SURYA DEV who alleviates and solves eye troubles. Again It was wire pulling. Soon after the squint/cross eye and double vision faded out.

 After that, My father has received 2 injections coupled with laser in his left eye which is much better with Sai’s grace, though still not completely sorted. He is to get one more soon. However he had developed retinal detachment in the other eye which was again diagnosed by the new AIIMS doctor to be at a progressed stage and recommended a major complex surgery for the same (with very difficult post operative care).

To quote the doctor he said their is no other cure in the world for detachment but surgery. Again father was scared. We had faith in Sai. Waited Mashallah with HIS grace the doctor now says that the detachment has improved itself and might not need the complex surgery. It can be fixed with a similar injection in the eye.

 Wire puller. Savior. Guru.God. Many names. One meaning. Sai Sai asked to wait for ten days.

A slight double vision problem led to a neuro consult and basically a better and effective doctor and treatment. Again No coincidence. Nothing but Wire pulling.

He is always the guide, always the guru, Always the God. I am not the sorts who would give you unsolicited advice but nevertheless I would suggest that all those with obesity/overweight/diabetes/hypertension/high cholesterol should proactively maintain and monitor weight, test result every 3 months+ healthy eating habits+ exercise which can prevent from later troubles.

 If anybody wants to donate to Shirdi sai baba sansthan I would suggest to take recourse to shirdi sai baba sansthan website( Access the online services ( and REGISTER with your basic information, photograph and id proof.

You can donate thereafter WHENEVER you wish through the registered account. On donation the sansthan sends across Sai’s udi to donators. The minimum donation amount is Rs 51 only.

Again I will not give you unsolicited advice or preach on whether to believe or not to believe or how to conduct yourself but hope that gods grace will rain on all. Om Sai Nathay Namah.

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Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram.

This post is so touching. Our Baba is indeed the best. He is so kind, caring and loving. He is ever awake to take good care of his children. May Baba's love and blessings reach all of us always and may Baba guide us to be in the right path always and may we be worthy enough to deserve his grace. We Love you a lot my sweetest SaiNatha. Please be with us always and help, bless, guide, advice and protect us always in all aspects of our life. We owe you all our happiness and thank you immensely from the bottom of our heart.

Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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