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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 51.

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Jai Sai Ram
Happy Babas day to all
Here are few more experiences of Sai devotees with Shri Shirdi Sai Baba . Jai Sai Ram .

Sainath Cured My Mother -In-Law: 

Manisha ji,
Om Sai Ram. You are doing a great seva of our beloved baba through these website. We all the Sai devotees are thankful to you for this. Sai baba showers his blessings on us in each and every problem of us but he checks our patience.

My MIL(mother in law) is a diabetic since last 10 years but suddenly from fast 2 years she had a great fall in her health.

We all got tensed for her. We took her to the doctor and performed the needed tests. In reports she was having a secondary stage Tuberculosis, high sugar level and fluid in her kidneys had increased also she had infection in her uterus.

We cross checked the reports with 4-5 doctors and everyone concluded the same. So we started her treatment for those problems.

After a 6 months treatment we couldn't find any improvement in her health. This increased worry between us. In between i asked Baba for health at the question answer website ( and did accordingly.

After few days we decided to get her checkup done at Mumbai or Kolhapur. My MIL and FIL(father in law) went to Kolhapur as my BIL(brother in law) lives there.

On phone my husband told BIL about his mother's health and asked him to take her to physician. BIL did the same. And for everyone's amazement by seeing those reports he told she has none of the above mentioned problem.

The ill health is due to high sugar level. And for our satisfaction he performed all the tests once again and they were negative. Is it a miracle or not? He gave medicine to decrease sugar level and with those medication she became fine in a week only.

 Baba showered his blessings on us. Baba please keep on blessing us.

Another experience is of two days before.

That day I was sad due to some reason and feeling for crying and cried also. In that sad mood only I started my daily pooja. I was doing jaap / reciting Devi Kavach and a mouse came from some where and started drinking water kept for baba.

I felt so happy and prayed baba if it were you then once again come . Really it was Baba. The mouse(baba) again came and drank water and went.When baba(mouse) were drinking water i cann't pen down the happiness just i can feel it. That condition is only the paramanand. Baba thanks for the happiest moment. I want to feel that again and again. Baba you proved that you always take care of your devotees. When i was so sad you came to make me happy. Baba keep blessings on my family. And also baba resolve my biggest tension(i.e. my daughter's health). Om Sai Ram "Anantkoti Brahmand nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbhram Shri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai"

Baba's Blessing For My Health:

Om Sai Ram
Dear Manisha Didi /
All Baba’s Childrens Happy Sai’s day to you.
Today I am so so soooo very happy to share my first and biggest ever miracle in my life. There is short story to tell. I was introduced to Baba in the year 2004. I was a staunch devotee of Baba. However as time passed I moved ahead in life with Baba in my remembrace - Only.

I got married on July 6, 2011. As every marriage, mine was also sweet and sour. Along side, I was having issues with my monthly periods been missed for duration of almost four months. I consulted some doctors. There was no pregnancy. Doctor gave me infusion medicine and periods started. Life kept moving.

Finally, in July12 I seriously consulted on a very renowened doctor. That’s was it. I got the worst nightmare of all. She bluntly told me that I could not become a mother. Earth beneath my feet moved and without even a notice, I collapsed.

All this time I had a very good friend with me – Bhagyashree. Bhagyashree had just entered my life.

She used to accompany me to hospital checks. Thank-you Sai for such a beloved friend. The day this news broke, she was with me. She holded my hand and said, “Don’t worry. She is stupid doctor”.

We both came to office and sat in canteen to have tea. In our early introductory days, we used to discuss about Baba. Bhagyashree used to keep strict Thursday fasts and me an adjusting one  (I cannot bear hunger – Sorry Baba) In days passing by Bhagyashree reintroduced me to Baba.

She suggested me to do Sai Naav Gurwar Vrat. We both decided to do together and we started too. On December 27, 2012 is our Udhyapan. Thanks Baba for giving me opportunity and strenght to do Sai Nav Gurwar Vrat. In due course of time, Bhagyashree introduced me to someone who showed me path towards Ayurvedic Medicine – Dr. Amol Saptarushi.

Dr Amol is a fantastic person. He simply said, “Forget all rubbish. Romove all doubts and start getting ready to become a Mother. There are some issues. But we will overcome all. Days are passing by and i am taking ayurvedic medicine.

My health, every little cell, organs, tissues are getting better and better everyday. It has been three months September 23, 2012 I havent got my periods.

 Yesterday, December 21, 2012, while going my home from office, I saw a car on which it was written “De Sai” in Marathi, meaning “Give Sai”. These two simple words caught my attention; I started praying Baba to give me my periods, regular periods, my normal health, my normal hormones level, my pregnancy, my triplet babies.

I prayed to Baba to forgive of my sins. My past sins and my past births sins. I prayed so strongly that I started crying. On my way, I visited Sai temple. I looked at babas statue and prayed to him. Begged him, "De Sai"- Give Sai, Give me my pregnancy- my babies and to start with give me my periods.

Miracles of miracle happened today, December 22, 2012, morning I reached office. I discovered that my periods have started. Oh my Sai, I cannot tell you how happy I am for your mercy on me. Thank-you, thank-you.. Thank-you Sai.. thank-you for my periods. I pray to you that my health restores from now and soon I will become pregnant with my triplet babies.

Bhagyashree and I have made plans to visit Shirdi. We hope Sai calls us soon. In my visit, I wish to see Baba wearing yellow kafni. I too will wear yellow dress. I wish to pray to Baba to make my health normal. To bring all my hormones level to normal. To reduce my weight. To give me regular periods and give me my triplets babies. I am sure I will have my regular periods from now on. Soon Baba blesses me with my triplet babies, my wonderful pregnancy.

Thank-you Baba for forgiving my sins and me. Thank-you Baba for accepting me. Thank-you Baba for loving me. Thank-you. Thank-you.. Thank-you.. I love you Baba. Please keep me under your abode always.

Job With Saibaba's Grace:

I really don't have words to describe baba's greatness. I strongly feel that people who have lost faith in god must start believing baba at least for a period. I say this because just before a few months I belonged to the same category of non believers due to hard time in my life. I've mentioned the happenings of my life below.

Dear All, It was during Sep'2009 when I left my job with a very big MNC due to issues with my manager. After that I was jobless for close to 1.5 years. I tried continuously for a job as well as a visit to Shirdi but got disappointed every time (as it's said that man proposes and god disposes). I was completely against fasting for Shirdi Saibaba but actually during Jan'2011 me and my hubby (even he had some issues with his company) started doing “9-Sai Guruwar Vrat” for getting a job. Getting a job in my field was really difficult at least in Bangalore but as Saibaba said “Why fear when I am here”.

Believe me after completing 7th Guruwar Vrat I got a call from a company (of course my field) for an interview and I got job on the 8th Guruwar (even my hubby got offer from a good company in his field). I don't want to say much about my feeling towards Saibaba but one thing I can tell every believer is that BABA DOES COME TO OUR RESCUE BUT NOT NECESSARY IN A WAY WE WANT and believe me he does listen to our prayers but many does not answer immediately.

He knows what is best for us. We might feel that he should have responded immediately but in future we will understand the reasons behind late reply. I am talking purely on a personal experience basis. I joined a new company on May 25th and my tickets to Shirdi were miraculously confirmed for July 1st week (tickets were never confirmed from September 2009 to April 2011).

In Shirdi too I got a very good darshan and also aashirwad from a saint (which is again a miracle because I have been visiting Shirdi for the past 6-7 years and never got acquainted with any saints). Just one need to perform fasting or any other formalities...just say all your problems to him rather than telling it to the whole world and becoming a laughing stock.

Believe me Baba listens and also HAVE PATIENCE (sometimes we might have to wait for a really long period as I did). Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba's Blessing In My Life:

Hi, Manisha didi,
Jai Sai Ram,
Hope you are fine. I am also devotee of Saibaba. I want to share my small experiences but it means to me a lot.

After my graduation, I was searching for good company. Meanwhile, I gave interview in one company of Mumbai. But I did not hear from them. I was so disturbed. My Elder brother recommends me to his boss. I had been interviewed and then selected. After 15 days, my brother felt some kind of torture. So he took decision to leave the company. I was so hurt. As at that time our financial circumstances were not so good.

On our way to go home, I prayed Baba please give some solution. One of my best friend asked to pray to Saibaba. She is also devotee of Saibaba. She said He will sure help you. When I reached home with pity hearted, my mother told me that one lady called me from Mumbai that you have been selected for second round from the same company of Mumbai.

I was very glad and prayed to Baba and thanked him. I thought Baba "jo karte hai ache ke liye karte hai-what ever Baba does he does for good".

My second experience of baba’s grace.

My colleague gave me Shri Saibaba vrat book and asked me to start vrat on a convenient time. I heard about vrat earlier also. I started my vrat in 2009, did not remember the month, for my lover to have the job in good company. After completion of my 8th Thursday vrat I came to know that he finally got the job in Swaminarayan Mandir in Ahmedabad as a 3D Animator.

It touched my heart. I felt like Saibaba is always with me.

My third experience.

I did vrat for my elder brother's marriage in 2011.After 9th Thursday, He met my bhabhi and had some religious formalities and in 2011 they got married. He also had faith in Baba. Whenever I need Saibaba, he always there for me. I want go to Shirdi to meet baba but some circumstances do not allow me to go. I just pray Baba please call me to meet you.

With Regards, Jai Sai Ram

Miracle Of Lord Shirdi Sai Baba :

I would like to start by expressing my sincere gratitude in allowing me to share my experience. I would also like to request that my name and email id be kept a secret and not disclosed. My personal experience with his divine BABA has a very far reaching impact in my life that would forever ensure my undivided devotion to him and his teachings.

 For many years I have been in a trauma because whenever I go to sleep I used to get anxiety attacks and due to this my heart palpitation would cause me to be terrified of many things in my sleep. This would cause me to have a very unsatisfying day and cause many problems both at work and in my personal life.

My anxiety attack became worse and I started to have it even during the day, what causes it and why it happens is a total mystery to me. It came to a point where I went to BABA at his shrine and cried to him asking him why I have to go through this agony and how it can be removed.

I was also surprised because the priest came and I told him what I was going through because of my illness and his words were "If You Have Faith In BABA Just Send Your Problems To Him And He will Accept It Willingly And Ensure Your Sorrows Are Removed, BAB Will Always Help If You Go To Him For His Support With Full Devotion, Rest Assured Things Will Improve Soon".

I did what the priest asked and to my surprise after a short period I never had the anxiety attacks in my sleep or while during the daytime. I never realised that that the problem was solved until much later and this has only further strengthen my belief, devotion and love for our BELOVED SHIRDI SAI BABA.

Sai Pulled Me To Him :

My life was just like normal human beings and even more than that. I was pulled into this illusion world and went into wrong path. God will pull you through saints at those times.

Sai came to me as Sai vrat book through my cousin. I underwent Sai vrat and completely surrender to him. Baba had already tried to take me to his path, this time it happened. I became sincere devotee and  baba arranged my Shirdi trip.

I saw old man eating bread wearing kafni looking at me.I couldn't immediately understand it was Sai. After some i left the place and later understood it was Sai. Sai appears to all his devotees through some human form or photos.

I bought Shri Satcharita book through my cousin. I started reading it and I gradually attained peace of mind, relief from all sorrows, lost fear,excitement,attachments.

I started reading Rama vijaya as mentioned in Satcharita. Finally i am through the phase of self realization. Now i have seen Sai within me as inner guide.Bow to Shidi Sai .
Om Sai Ram

Baba Will Choose His Devotee :

I want to remain anonymous and please do not share my id or name. I have been reading the leelas of Sai Baba for the past few months and strongly got a desire to share my experience with my divine almighty. This site provides a good platform for devoted minds to meet.

I was introduced to Baba through my friend some 8 years back. I failed to recognize that i have a great soul with me and suffered all the pangs of my karma.

But Baba was so kind to me and was with me every second till now. The way he came to me is the first miracle and it took me years to recognize it as a leela of Sai Baba.

My close friend once gave me a Sai Baba dollar which would not cost more than Rs. 10. I was new to this and asked her how she got it and why she is giving to me. She and her family are devotees of Sai Baba for so many years and so they had known people from Baba's temple.

They had a saint invited to their house and he is a very old man and was from Shirdi. She also explained to me how they got him come to her home but i was not too attentive on those facts since i did not believe in all these. When he came , after receiving him and the due formalities everyone fell on his feet for blessings. When it was my friend's turn she fell on his feet and he had given her this dollar.

So i was puzzled why she is giving me this. Since it was simple dollar and it would not suit her gold chain she told me to have it. Also she told me that she had ordered for a golden Baba dollar and so she handed it over to me. I was not shocked or anything. Without second thought i got it and attached it to my gold chain. She too was surprised but i dont know why i did that.

 The miracle lies here where the simple dollar did not rust after so many years and not even showed slight removal of paint or color or dullness even after 8 years. It is still the same dollar which i got from her and i would never part with it.

 My family and everyone started to slowly notice this and got surprised that it never rusted even though i dont remove it during bath. So many dollars came and went in my family but nothing stayed long.

After so many painful years i started realising slowly that i am not alone and He came to me so long ago and i have to hold on to him which i am trying to do these years.

Im really thankful to my friend for giving me the dollar. Regarding her she too got every dear blessing from Sai Baba ,still she was ready not to keep the dollar is because it was Baba's decision to make me his devotee. He did it and he is filling my life with blessings.

I m experiencing miracles every now and then which i long to share but fall short of words. Praying to Baba to bless every soul like this. Om Sai Ram Shri Sai Ram Jai Jai Sai ram.

Baba Ate The Fruit We Took To The Temple :

Wanted to share our experience that happened at Sai's temple about 3weeks ago.
Sai Ram devotees, I just would like to share me and my daughter's experience that happend 3weeks ago. One Thursday evening me and my daughter visited Sai temple and we offered some apples to Baba.

After sometime we went in a line to take teerdham and prasadam. So the priest gave my daughter the fruit (apple)that we gave to Baba and I got banana as prasad. And my daughter asked me Mom why did Baba gave our fruit back when we offered him! I just said that whatever we get we have to take it as Baba's gift.

 So next we sat down and started doing Bhajan, so surprisingly small boy was sitting in front of us was pulling apple and banana from us, his mom refused and gave us back. Then again that 15months old boy he didn't stop pulling apple, he didn't listen to his mom and took the apple and started biting it. He ate the apple little bit and his mom took the apple.

Then I explained my daughter see..Baba listened to what you said earlier and he came in the form of that small boy and he took our apple and ate it!!

Me and my daughter were so happy and that is one of the Baba's presence everywhere that we experienced. He is always with us and he always will be with us. May Baba's blessing will be with us all the time. Om Sai Ram .

Sai As A Cloud : 

I am writing for the first time. I feel babas presence around me every second of the day. I have grown up in a very spiritual environment where my grandmother and parents did and still do seva of Krishna and radha deities.

Sai baba came into my life in the form of the Sai charitra which my aunty had blessed at some one's house where baba showered vibhuti.

 For some reason I did not get the book in my possession for a few years and then when I finally got it I didn't read it for another year or so.

I was going through a very bad time and one day I just started reading it and since that day I have not put it down. Baba helped me through the very very bad patch I was going through. I kept taking his name and felt I woould not be able to breath if I didn't take his name!

One day as I was walking to work , I was chanting his name as usual and feeling low in myself, when something made me look up in the sky. There He was, Sai Babas face in the form of a cloud. It was so beautiful and so detailed I could clearly see his wrinkles, his eyes, his lips and his headgear.

I thought I was imagining things so I looked around me to see if anyone else on the street saw what I saw but everyone was in their own world getting on with their day. I looked up again and there he still was. I will never till my last breath forget Sai Babas darshan and what a beautiful darshan it was. I kept walking till the cloud image disappeared from my vision. I pray to Him to give me and his other bhaktas sakshath darshan. Just to let you know my problems all got sorted by his grace and I feel his presence by my side always.

Thank you Sai Baba for your love, your patience and your blessings. May we all always stay as the dust under your feet till the end of time and beyond. 
Thank you Baba, love you always by your grace.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice experiences....thanks for sharing with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram.

Come in our lives Baba, bless us always.Love you a lot Baba, you are the best and sweetest.

Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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