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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 26.

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Happy Baba's day to all,
"Oh, blessed Sad-guru Sai, we bow to You, Who have given happiness to the whole world, accomplished the welfare of the devotees and have removed the affliction of those who have resorted to Your Feet. Being very liberal and being the protector and saviour of the Bhaktas who surrender themselves to You, You incarnate yourself in this world to oblige the people and do them good. The liquid essence of Pure Self was poured into the mould of Brahma and out of this has come out the crest-jewel of the saints-Sai. This Sai is Atmarama Himself. He is the abode of perfect divine bliss. Having Himself attained all objects of life, He made His devotees desirelss and free"-SSC Chapter 38.

Here are few experiences shared by devotee revealing the love of Baba for His children .Jai Sai Ram .
How I Knew Baba:

Om Sai Ram..First of all thanks to Manisha Ji for this wonderful service
Dear readers/ Baba's devotees,

I decided to share my experience today since I wish this could make all believe Baba can pull anyone to Him at anytime.

I am from Malaysia. I am a vegetarian since 2004 and I prayed to Krishna. Its me alone not my family. To be frank I never believed in Guru. So its true I don't want to get to know any Guru or Baba. Since I have heard so many negative stories since small. Only I believed in one thing, "JUST HAVE A GOOD HEART AND DO GOOD TO ALL".

But today everything changed. I became so devoted to Baba all of a sudden. Its unbelievable. End of 2009 I had a strange dream.
At that time trust me I don't know who Baba is and for sure I am not interested to know. For me Krishna is enough.

In that dream, I saw a place which looks like an old building. It was closed with orange curtain. Then when I opened it I saw an old man wore a dress orange in colour. He was sitting there. Then I went and sat in front of him. He took out some white shells and threw on the floor. I believed it was shells used to forecast ones future. He told me something which I don't understand. Then behind me was my collegue. He was waiting to meet Baba. Thats all that was the dream.

After the dream I felt a bit weird. I search info on net. I printed out Baba's picture as what I saw in my dream. Please take note I haven't seen Baba in my life. First time I saw him was in my dream. The picture i printed out was the same. I printed out a few. I gave my mother, father and collegue each.

After giving the photos, everyone forgot about Baba. Still not important for me. Starting January 2011 wherever I go i saw Baba's centre mushrooming everywhere in Malaysia.All of a sudden. I am not joking. It was not like this before. But do you all know when I started to believe in our Baba???

I was taking care of 2 stray puppies. One day both were very ill. Almost died. Started purging blood. The doctor said they had virus and they will not survive. I loved them so much. Seeing them flat on the floor almost to death, i just pat them and said Baba will take care, you both will not die but I know they are dying. I didn't sleep the whole night.

I just prayed to Baba took some udi , put on their forehead and drinking water. They can't eat nor drink but I don't know how they drank the water with udi. Miracle happened next day ,they were so healthy just like a magic. I just knew it was Baba.

After this incident, my whole family believes in Baba. Before they made fun of me for praying to Baba. But after a few miracles that happened on them daily, they automatically honour Baba. Even I was so surprise to see the colleague i dream before started worshipping Baba. I even saw the word 'OM SAI RAM' which he stick to his PC. I just smiled. Anyway the dream in 2009 was a reality in 2011.

Sometimes we get annoyed when we feel our lives are so miserable and we get angry with Baba. But I strongly believe Baba is living with us. I can feel him with me. I dont know who He was before as being born in Malaysia and haven't been to India. Perhaps this is called miracle :-)



Baba Did Reiki For Me:

Dear Manisha ji. I have had the blessed opportunity to share a few experiences here earlier and I draw great strength and faith from reading the experiences of devotees in this site. I pray Baba to bless you and your family with health, peace and prosperity in the New Year.

This New Year started in a very strange way for me. We were at a New Years eve party and something uncomfortable happened. I am a person who depends on Baba's permission and guidance even for something as small as parking my car in a lot. I understand that the uncomfortable incident that happened in the party was something Baba gave me but I have no idea why.

Though I would like to abstain from writing the whole incident in this post, I should say that I was terribly upset and felt very very bad. I ended up with a very bad neck sprain due to the stress and could not even hold my head up straight.

The hospitals were closed for New year and I couldn't get help.

Obviously there is only one place to go. I applied Udi on the neck and ate some. I prayed to Baba the following. 'Baba, I dont know why the New year has started like this. I know you will do everything for my good. But please make me handle this situation and please take this pain from my neck.'

I suddenly got inspired to go to a local pharmacist and get some ointment or heating pad for the neck. At first I thought I couldn't drive so I will walk to a near by shop. But it was 3 degrees and windy outside and so i decided to drive to a shop a bit farther from home.

As soon as I entered the shop I saw this old pharmacist. He was a Japanese but somehow his face or smile was very very familiar. I asked him for a heating pad for my neck sprain and he gave me a packet of very good quality. But just before I left after paying, he suddenly asked me, 'Can I send power from my hands to your neck to heal it?' I was shocked.

Japanese are very Conservative people and after living here for 10 years i know that no one has ever imposed anything like this on others. I was very happy and told him that I would love to get healed.
I myself have learnt reiki, (level 1) and did try it the previous day. But the moment the old man placed his hand near my neck i felt the warmth and within seconds i could move my neck.

The pain vanished at least 60 % after the reiki. I couldn't thank him enough.I asked him if he works there always as he looked far above the retired age. He said that he comes there very rarely. I thanked Baba for coming in the form of the old man and healing me. 

Strangely, after the reiki, I felt that I am not as upset about the incident that happened during the party as I was earlier. I think I should say that my New Year started off well with Baba's grace. Thank you Baba. I love you.
Sorry for the long post.

Sai Blessed Me At Nick Of Time:

Om Sai Ram,
I am very thankful to baba to give my experience here.

I finished my diploma recently with the help of Baba only.When i was doing 2nd year diploma i had a lack of attendance for some reason.My madam called me and told "you dont having enough attendance ,you can't get the exam hall ticket, you will be dismissed from the collage".

Hearing this I was broke and that day i went to Sai Baba temple directly from collage.I prayed with full devotion and cried to Baba.I prayed Baba that i want my exam hall ticket and can He bless His child? Next day i went to collage my mam called me and gave my exam hall ticket .

 I was shocked as well as i was happy.Immediately I knew this has happened only with Baba's grace.Baba saved me timely and I know He is always taking care of His children .I know He is always with me.I  always remember the words of Baba Keep faith and have Patience and He shall bless.
Om sairam

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sairam said...

How I knew Baba? :) Perhaps this is called Miracle! Dear Manishaji the devotees are blessed & needless to say your website is blessed too. Thanks to Baba for indicating his leela. The placards you have posted are thought provoking & interesting. Baba bless all.

Anonymous said...

Hello, i am 25 years old, heard all this stories and it feels great i know baba since i was in my 4th standard i call him my baba @a person keeps an eye on me several incidents have taken place in my life which are undefinable and because of that i feel really close to baba. I just want to say that whenever you are in misery just calm, relax and believe that he is always there for you. He is just testing you to make you strong.


Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on January 5, 2012 at 4:38 PM said...

Thanks Sai devotee 'Sairam 'for your comment .I am sure each one of us who know Baba is blessed in their own way .Baba has His special blessing for each one of us .This is all his grace and It is HE who is making all this happen in this website .Nothing moves without His will.
Jai Sai Ram .

Unknown on January 22, 2015 at 9:56 PM said...

Experiencing your blessings each and every minute ..waiting for your blessings for the kid baba .... Love you soo much as human being and the services you provide at right time are enormous .... Love you baba

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