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Sai Baba Mightier Than Problem-Experience By Sai Kartikeya Bisht.

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Shri Sai Satcharitra Chapter XXX-"Bow to the Kind Sai Who is the Abode of Mercy and Who is affectionate towards His devotees. By His mere darshan, He does away with their fear of this 'bhava' (samsar) and destroys their calamities. He was first Nirgun (formless), but on account of the devotion of His Bhaktas, He was obliged to take a form. To give liberation - self-realisation to the Bhaktas is the mission of the saints, and for Sai - the Chief of them, that mission is inevitable. Those who take refuge in His Feet have all their sins destroyed and their progress is certain. Remembering His Feet, Brahmins from holy places come to Him and read scriptures and chant the Gayatri mantra in His presence. We, who are weak and without any merits, do not know what Bhakti is but we know this much, that though all others may leave us, Sai won't forsake us. Those whom He favours get enormous strength, discrimination between the Unreal and the Real and knowledge.

Sai knows fully the desire of His devotees and fulfills the same. Hence they get what they want and are grateful. So we invoke Him and prostrate ourselves before Him. Forgetting all our faults let Him free us from all anxieties. He who being overcome with calamities remembers and prays Sai thus, will get his mind calmed and pacified through His grace.

Baba's leela and experience are not mere tale, but pure nectar. He who drinks it will realise Sai's greatness and all-pervasiveness. Those who want to argue and criticise, should not go in for these stories. What is wanted here, is not discussion but unlimited love and devotion. Learned, devout and faithful believers or those, who consider themselves as servants of the Saints, will like and appreciate these stories, others will take them to be fables. The fortunate Bhaktas of Sai, will find the Sai-leelas as the Kalpataru (Wish-fulfilling Tree). Drinking this nectar of Sai-leelas, will give liberation to the ignorant Jivas, satisfaction to the house-holders and a sadhana to the aspirants."

Dear readers,
Happy Baba's day and Happy Dussera to all,
Reading the divine excerpt written above from Shri Sai Satcharitra realises us the infinite power and magnanimity of Sai deva.Here is one such divine leela of our Shri Sai Baba.

In the last post there was a detail explanation by brother Shirish about promise made to Lord Sai Baba .Today I wish to share something similar which happened during last 2-3 days in my home.

Regular reader know about Kartikeya(my son) and the sketches he does .This year in the month of June he decided to sketch Baba's picture for Gurupurnima as he did last year but due to lot of extra -curricular activities he kept postponing .He had started to sketch but left it incomplete to do it some other time.I asked him several time when he is going to complete? And he was always answered in affirmative that he would complete it in time. But he could not do so and I did not force him, thinking that if Baba wishes then only he will be able to draw His divine form .

 So I did not ask him any further .Gurupurnima came and I asked him has he completed and he felt sorry that he could not . I too did not feel bad but I did mention to him that what is obstructing him for completing his sketch .I advised him to at least complete the work he started and not leave it incomplete .He listened and agreed but as usual forget .

Few days back when I had posted about brother Shirish I was trying to educate my both son regarding the promise and vow to Baba and to any body in general .My obejcive was to educate them about the value of promise and how it should be carried .I was also explaining how Baba's children make promise to Baba for various reason and than how Baba responds .

On saturday both my son went for their basketball game .During the game Kartikeya was pushed and rolled over by another boy of his team and he hurt his finger on left hand.We causally took the incident and pacified him as normal injuries of the game.

Next day he felt more sore on his finger ,with pain and swelling . Since it was sunday and GP was closed we decided to take him for X-ray and other check up on monday.

On monday morning when I looked at his finger I found it bit blue and immediately booked an appointment with the GP. I was referred to take him for x-ray .After having his x-ray taken we were waiting for his report ,during this time I started talking to boys about Baba's Mahasamdhi and asked them how we should spend the day .During the conversation I recollected that Kartikeya had not completed his painting .I reminded him and said he would definitely complete it .

In the mean time the report came and the radiologist suggested for another referral from doctor for an Ultra sound as they were suspecting some wear or tear of tendon or ligament along with a small fracture in the finger.

I was taken aback by the severity of the injury and immediately prayed to Baba for His grace.Kartikeya reading my face expression and radiologist suggestion supspected something serious and started feeling scared.

He got more scared as he recollected his Karate teacher's injury ,where the teachers hand was hit by a glass and he broke his tendon and needed multiple surgery .In spite of all the treatment and surgery the teacher was not able to recover completely .He was unable to make a fist and finger did not roll properly to close. All this made him more nervous,he was choked and he was in tears. I could understand his fear and asked him to only chant Baba's name and not to worry what the report will be.I told him that no one can help him other than our Sai deva so instead of fearing and crying it will be good if he can focus and chant Baba's name.He quitely chanted Baba's name .

We left for ultrasound and waited for report, chanting Baba's name. During our waiting period Kartikeya said "Mummy I will complete Baba's sketch and I promise that from now on every year I will draw Baba's sketch on Gurupurnima or Mahasamadhi ".I was touched by his promise and to this he added that I wish that this Mahasamadhi we chant Baba's name like your friend did .

I would like to mention here to readers that my friend had one lakh time Lalitha Shashranam chanting sankalp in her home on sunday where I had gone.So I had casually mentioned to my husband and both son after returning that let us do Naam Jaap of Baba on 6th October.

Hearing him I was really touched and said definitely we will do that .Let the report be Baba's wish ,you should definitely carry out the following promises. He said "I have promised with my vows and have seeked Baba to save me from severe injury or operation ".I confirmed him that Baba will not let any harm be on him .

After sometime we got the report and I learnt that he has injury(avulsion injury to his finger) which would heal by buddy taping but no severe damage of tendon or ligament and he does not require plastering his hand. It was relief to us from fear of surgery and Baba's blessing to Kartikeya. Immediately we all thanked Baba and came home .

Kartikeya stood in home temple and applied Udi and silently thanked Baba many time.

It would be worth mentioning that after having ice pack for 10 minutes Kartikeya was busy sketching Baba's picture which he had left incomplete during gurupurnima.I really wondered as he did not sit with his brother to play PS3 or got involved in any other activities after spending whole day in his check up and hospital visit .

I believe this is another way of Baba to instill the faith,patiance and value of commitment in Kartikeya at this tender age of 10+ year .He very well knows now that promise to Baba is to be carried out and Baba is mightier than the problem .

We all once again witnessed the grace of Baba ,grace of chanting His holy name and witnessed blessing of having full faith in our Param pita Sairam who rescued us from another big problem   .

Attached above are few photos made by Kartikeya purely with Grace of Baba .This picture is an attempt to try making the famous painting of Baba which is in the home of Dr Gawanker .I would like to clarify this is an attempt and has no comparision with the original painting of Baba which is unique and original and cannot be compared by any means.

I would also like to bring to notice of readers that this sketch was drawn seeing the cover of the recently released divine book "Shirdiche Sai Baba".

This book was sent to me  by G.P Sinha Bhaiya and that is how Kartikeya was inspired to draw.

When Kartikeya incident happened ,it also reminded me of the book and its note to published on website to all the devotees. I reminded Sinha Bhaiya and he immediately arranged the note to be shared to all via Leeladhar ji .This all happened in such a short span of one day ,that the announcement of the book was chosen by Baba to be Mahasamadhi day ,a Guruwar  unknown and unplanned to all of us .What else can I write about the Sai leela!!Baba knows His way .

I am publishing another exclusive post on the details of this blessed book .Readers are requested to go through these details and avail the oppurtunity of knowing another gem of a book for their spiritual quest .
Devotees are requested to leave their comment for kartikeya below this post .Please feel free to suggest or guide kartikeya .

Devotees witnessing something similar can share their experience Here.

Children can come forward and share their Sai thought,sai creative work like painting and poem and post me in this E-mail  or Here with the subject line "Shirdi Sai Baba -By children"

Jai Sai Ram

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Sunita Srivastav said...

Good work Kartikya you are blessed by Baba. It is very tough to draw baba's feature.At your age you are doing very good. Keep it up.
Sunita Aunty

Anonymous said...

Very nice sketch.How is his hand ,may baba bless the little artist .

Jessy Narula said...

Dear Kartikeya ,
What a fine work you have done. Keep it up and will look for more painting of Baba in future.Baba's blessing are with you and you have done good work.My good wishes with you .

Anamika singh on October 10, 2011 at 1:43 PM said...


Anonymous said...

Om Sairam,

Dear Kartikeya,
Wonderful painting. you are a blessed child of Baba. Good job!! Keep it up..


Sairam said...

Dear Manisha
WoW!! It is the only word that could ever fit for Karthi's sketches hereafter. He is a blessed child for baba wants his devotees to see HIM through the works of this stunt master too :) Shri Sainath bless your family with all strength & by giving manisha specially 48 hours a day to accomplish all sorts of work. Sairam

Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on October 19, 2011 at 1:02 PM said...

Thanks dear friend (Sairam),I appreciate your feeling and word of encouragement for Kartikeya,please accept thanks on behalf of Kartikeya .
I am truely blessed by friend like you who keep me in their good thoughts and prayer .Baba is the doer but I am recieving the blessing and wishes of His children across the globe through this platform of seca .May Sainath bless everyone and make us worthy of His blessing .
Thanks (Sairam)

Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on October 19, 2011 at 1:08 PM said...

Dear readers ,thanks a lot for your lovely comments on Kartikeya's effort .I truely appreciate and thank you on behalf of Kartikeya to all , who have jotted down word of encouragement and appreciation below this post and have sent mail at my e-mail address.I am sure Baba has some plan which will unfold in due time but he would constantly need blessing and wishes of loved one's as he progress in his path of Saism.Please keep him in your wishes and prayer

Thanks again to all and one .
Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

You are really a blessed child Kartikeya. The sketch is really nice and beautiful. Hope your finger is all fine by now and continue doing the good work. Do keep your promise to Saibaba.

Anonymous said...

may saibaba bless u karthikeya.sketches are very nice keep doing.get well soon

Anonymous said...

Karthikeya,Baba blessings are with you These sketches are so wonderful,Baba is alive in them. Good work,take care, Om Sai Ram

Ashish said...

Beautiful n blissful.... baba bless everyone!

Anonymous said...

nice paintings of baba by karthikeya priyankaji...thanks alot for sharing with us..may saima bless everyone with peace love...

Anonymous said...

sorry i was confused your name edit my comment

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