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Baba's Message -Experience By Rama Rao.

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Dear all,
Wish you a very Happy Baba's day.I am sure each one would be spending their day in Baba's company in their own way .Today I am sharing a wonderful experience of Rama Rao ji .Rama Rao ji has been regularly sharing his experience in the website with all of us and enriching us with Baba's leela.The details of his recent experience is given below. Jai Sai Ram .

Respected Manisha,

I am of the opinion that we should share the experiences we get , so that like minded people would hear/read ,go into the meditative mood during that time and for some more time,which would spread positive energy/vibrations which in- turn is good for them and society as well.BABA encouraged this always. By this, we become more devout (devotee is a devotee,but what I mean is he/she will be meditative more time in what ever situation they are,by contemplating on BABA) Hence I am sending this message.My selfishness in this is to share my joy with people like you and our readers.

Last night I went to bed at 9-30 PM,worrying a lot on a couple of things and praying BABA as well( contrary to what BABA asked us not to worry.But I am still in infant stage).slowly slipped into sleep.At 10-30 I woke up on some disturbance.My worry started haunting me again with lot of force.At the same time I was contemplating on BABA with same intensity.I was feeling heaviness in the chest . 10 minutes later,At 10-40 PM I got a call on my cell. The conversation went on like this----
I said hello to the caller who has not introduced himself.

caller: whose number is this?
Me: whom do you want?and which number you dialed?( I am glad I have BABA's effect-- by not getting irritated)
Caller: I do not know,I have this number with me ,and I dialed.
Me: What is your name?
caller: Are you asking my body or my soul?( I thought this is a call from some body who is insane )
Me: I am asking your body's name.
Caller: I am not the body
Me: Then tell me the name of the soul
Caller: Soul does not have a name
Me: Ok. What do people call you?
caller: GOD
Me: ( I thought I should put a full stop here) Thanks for getting a call from GOD .Good night.

He did not stop talking.By this time I could recognize the tone,which was different during above conversation,that he is my BEST FRIEND,Krishna Das from Hyderabad.Then he asked me "" How are you and how are the things""I told him "Fine. good,not too bad.(I wondered later whether I sounded worried)**Then he told me the reason for his late night call.---He said"" you are worrying a lot.Do not worry.everything will be alright.""Yes I am worrying a lot ,but how do you know?"" I wondered a lot

Then he told me that he was also sleeping.He had a dream in which he saw me worrying a lot.

It is so painful for him that he got up suddenly and felt like calling me.He had to search for my number for some time since he lost his data recently.He got my cell number and called me.I was wondering.After that ,some usual conversation took place.

It was so amazing . I became emotional. BABA chose my friend to console me at my difficult time.It was BABA's grace.Five minutes later, after I got out of my initial impact of BABA's kindness and concern, I started wondering whether my friend concocted this dream matter,just for my satisfaction or gone by what I sounded when he asked how I am**So I called him up immediately and got the confirmation that he really saw me worrying in the dream only.Is it not BABA's leela? .Also see the conversation which is unusual .

Here some may wonder why not BABA come to my dream itself .

I strongly believe that BABA appears in dreams of devotees,as we normally hear, only up to a certain level/dimension.After that HE will make you/allow you to correlate HIS deeds and raise to upper level.This can happen only when you are in constant touch with HIM 24X7 .This is what BABA asked us to do and feel the consciousness.

""""Barring your name and form,there exists in you, as well as in all beings, a sense of Being or Consciousness of Existence. That is Myself.""""" ---- BABA

The leela is not completed here. Sorry for the lengthy narration.

After that I was trying to get some sleep,but with the thankfulness filling the heart.At that time I told my self.---""Tomorrow morning I shall go to BABA's temple in Cambridge layout Indira Nagar .I would like to see BABA in yellow shawl ---NO No --green shawl--- NO No -- any of this.Let BABA bless me."""

Next morning -- that is to day morning I went to temple around 7 AM.I went to the flower vendor.I gave Rs 10 and kept quiet. He asked me what flowers you want. I said-- your wish. He gave me flowers of different colors,mixed ,mostly red roses.

I went inside temple.I was amazed and blessed to see BABA with a thin shawl .You know the colors on the cloth?
A blend of YELLOW--GREEN --AND-- RED patches (not a single colour)distinctly visible.-- .I wished either yellow or green after a lot of debate with my self last night.

Both the colors apart from red are there.Just these three colors,distinctly visible ,as different shape patches on white back ground.

Has BABA designed the day like that(HE is avathar of Datta who in turn is Threemurthy.) or has he influenced the priests mind
to day while he was selecting the shawl to decorate to BABA?Who knows?

What more I want or any one wants ? See how BABA is always with us,as HE tells us .

Sorry to bother with my lengthy narration .But it is for a message from BABA that-- just feel HIM.Connect incidents which are happening.

Be contemplative on BABA on the back drop during the entire period,what ever you do.Let this narration be a faith enhancing tonic to all those who read.

I pray BABA to make me more submissive.I wrote a few lines in bold just to make reader to connect the incidents.

Thanks & Regards
Rama Rao

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