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Baba's love-Experience By Avinash Kaur.

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Dear all,
Here are series of Sai leela shared by sai sister Avinash .Jai Sai Ram .

Jai Sai Ram Manisha didi

I want to share my experience with you.I want to be thankful to you for this website.We can read and share Baba's leelas here.

Manisha didi I never tried to share my experiences but I don't know what happened to me.Now I want to share all the experiences of my life with my beloved Baba.I try to get time daily to read stories & miracles.If any day I don't read or spend time with Baba I feel something missing in my day.While doing any work I always remember Baba.Actually I can say that I don't remember but it's natural that I can not forget him any momemt.Even I don't know that How Baba pulls me towards HIm.I am sikh by religion but I always read my religious books as well as I do read Sai Satcharitra sometimes.The teachings of Sai baba & Gurunanak dev ji is same.Their way of pleasing God is same.My Sai Gurunanak has motivated me to share my experiences.I am sure with the blessings of baba I'll keep sharing my experiences.

1st Experience:

I am sharing that how Dr.Sai cured my mother. About 10 years back when I started to go Sai Baba mandir which is near to my place.At that time I was not knowing much about Saibaba and one of my neighbor accompanied me to temple on every Thursday.Whenever I went to temple at that time I felt very good seeing Saibaba.

My mother who was suffering from dust and onion allergy.Whenever she eats raw onion, she starts sneezing.Sometimes while dusting and cleaning of the house she starts sneezing with severe cold.One day she could not breathe or sleep properly because of breathing problems.No medication worked for her and the problem became very severe for 2-3 days.Then Baba's day Thursday came and I went to Sai baba temple with my neighbor.I prayed to Baba for my mother and Baba blessed my mother.From the very next day mother got well completely and from that day till now my mother never gets ill from allergic conditions.

My sadguru Saigurunanak always bless us and listens to our prayers and comes to us in different forms but sometimes we human beings never recognize him.We should always see him in everyone.

Thankyou so much Sai.

2nd Experience:

I kept Thursday fast for 2-3 times.It was my 9th Thursday fast and I distributed Kadi & Rice among poor children outside the Sai baba temple.Before distributing I offered it to Baba and my mother also accompanied me.On that particular night Sai baba appeared in my dream.He was wearing white greyish clothes, little dirty and wearing a safa on head.

In the dream I was at the place in the temple where we bow to Baba's pratima.In my dream my mother & my fiancee was also with me.He was standing in the same place just 2-3 steps behind us.Baba said "you gave me food to eat give me water to drink as well ,all your wishes will be fulfilled ".(tumne mujhe khana khilaya hai, mujhe paani bhi pilao tumhari sab ichcha puri hogI).

Then I woke up from dream.Next day I told it to my mother.After 2-3 weeks, It was again Thursday so me, my mother were going to Baba's temple.I remembered Baba's words.

I called to my fiancee and asked him to bring a beautifull cloth for baba and a bottle of water because we were already in the temple and there was no market near to that place.

We attended evening aarti and waited for my fiancee.He came with a beautifull yellow colour cloth and a bottle of water .I recollected in my dream I had seen my mother & my fiancee are together near Baba and same situation was here .

I gave the bottle of water to the priest and he offered it to Baba.It was a very beautiful moment.I could see dream turned into reality by Baba.

Thankyou Baba for accepting me.I always think that I am Baba's child and he always shows his leela to me and always cares for me.Jai Sai pita.
3rd Experience:

In my previous experience I mentioned that We offered a beautifull yellow colour cloth to Baba.Now I want to share with you that How Baba showed his love & care for me.

After that day when I had offered cloth to Baba I was waiting that when will Baba wear it?

I always went to temple with this hope that perhaps Baba will be in the dress I had offered but I did not see Baba in that cloth for 1-2 months.One day It was Thursday I was sitting on internet ans reading Baba's miracles.At my home there is Baba's pratima near my computer.I said to Baba that please wear it today.

In the evening we left house to go to Baba's temple and me & my mother were at stairs.I said to my mother with full confidence that today Baba will be wearing the dress that we offered him.

Even I don't recollect know how can I say it without seeing but I had a feeling inside.My mother did not say anything to me.We are sikh people and my mother is devotee of Gurunanak dev ji but every Thursday she accompanies me to the temple.When we went to temple I saw Baba in the clothes which we had offered him.My eyes were full of tears.I had no words to say .My mother was also surprised.

Oh my beloved Baba you take care of me and my faith as well as took care of my faith in front of my mother.You showed your love and affection to me.My baba always listen his children sincere prayers.

There are few lines that I write for my beloved baba.

Vo aankhein kisliye jinse agar aapko nahi dekha.
Vo sar kisliye jo aapke samne nahi jhukaya.
Vo haath kisliye jinse aapko namaskar nahi kiya.
Vo juban kisliye jisse aapka naam nahi liya.
Vo saas kisliye jisse aapki dhuni ki mehak nahi li.
Vo kaan kisliye jinse aapka naam nahi suna.
Vo paer kisliye jo chalkar aapke mandir nahi aaye

Jai Jai Sai Ram.

4th Experience:

In 2008,October I wanted to visit Saibaba temple on Thursday but could not go there for sometime because of my busy schedule.It is so sweet of Baba that while going to office I would see Sai Baba photo's and I noticed that those days were my Baba's day -a Thursday.I could not go to temple but Baba himself came to me in these form on Thursday to give me His darshan.What else can I ask my Baba .Thankyou so much Saibaba.

Jai Jai Sai Ram.

5th Experience:

In 2009, January or February,I used to go Sai baba temple on Thursday.One day I saw a dream that I am standing in queue for Baba's darshan in the same temple where I used to go on Thursday.Suddenly Baba came in front of me.He was wearing a green colour long dress and was looking like a Muslim saint.I bowed to him and touched his feet.He blessed me and kept his hand on my head.Then I came out from dream and felt very much blessed.I know dream are part of Baba's blessing and felt very good.

Jai Jai Sai Ram.

6th Experience:

In 2009, September or October, I started reading Sai Satcharitra and know about Sharadha & Saburi.Even I know that Baba always ask for two coins of shradha & saburi.One day I went to the temple and I offered two 1 rupee coins of sharadha & saburi to Baba.I felt that Baba is smiling.

After 3-4 days I saw in the dream that I am going in the train and sitting alone in the compartment.A fakir came to me asked for dakshina.He asked in this way "child give me some rupee for tea & water (beta chai paani ke paise dedo).I saw him He was wearing white colour clothes and was carrying a jhola and I think that He can be Sai baba.I again saw in his eyes.His eyes were shining and I can't see properly in his eyes but his face was like Sai baba and slowly I relaised that he is my Baba only.I gave him two coins of shradha & saburi with my both hands and he accepted.He blessed me and kept his hand on my head.I came out from dream and felt very much blessed.Sai baba accepted my sharadha and saburi and himself came to accept my coins this is what I feel. I am happy that Baba is always with me and coming in some or other form to express His love. I thank you Baba and I love you .

Jai Jai Sai Ram.

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Anonymous said...

You are really blessed. I don;t know why baba is refusing me and my prayers. I don't know what I am lacking. Whenever things didnt work, I thought its my past deeds that I am facing now but now I am really not able to take the pain anymore. I try to remember him. I read SSC, sai stavanmanjari, thursday fast but I don;t see my baba's response. I feel He also has left me all alone. I don't know what to do.

Anonymous said...

nice experiences...thanks for sharing with us...may always baba be with his children...

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