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Sai Baba Always Helped Me At The Appropriate Time-Experience By Harshit Shrivastav.

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Dear all,
Here are few experiences shared by Harshit and each one clearly indicates Baba's blessing on him and his family .All experiences reflects Baba's love and blessing and the 7th experience is a beautiful one.I am attaching complete mail below without any further delay .Thanks Harshit for sharing such wonderful Baba's leela with all of us.Jai Sai Ram .
Respected Manishaji,


I myself Harshit Shrivastava,presently an engineering student and a regular visitor of your website had never posted any experience of mine before.But,now I want to post some of
my experiences to all other Sai devotees,to show the love of Baba towards his devotees.As I am sharing my experiences for the first time,so please edit my mistakes if you find them.

If you post my experiences on your website,then it will be a blessing for me from my Baba.I am also attaching a photo of Sainath Maharaj which is of Shibpur Temple,which is proved
to be a miraculous temple after that of Samadhi Mandir of Shirdi.Hopefully,it will also be posted along with my experiences.

Thanking You.


My experiences with Sai Baba shows his love and care towards his devotees.His miracles simply makes his devotees understand that He is always there,behind them.Sorry, if this post proves to be lengthy because, I want to share some of my experiences with Sai Baba to all other Sai devotees.My 7th experience is the longest and most important one.I have posted only few experiences.Rest,I will share later.I apologize for any grammatical mistake.

My Experiences:-

I first came to know about Baba in 2005,when I was in Xth standard.On that days,a T.V. serial was running named "SAI BABA" on star plus every sunday at 8:00 pm.It was produced by Ramananda Sagar.I first came to know about Baba through that serial.After my matriculation,my father was planning for a trip through L.T.C. and I requested him to add Shirdi to our visiting places.At first he declined,but later he agreed when I refused to go onto the trip if Shirdi was removed from our visiting places.And by the blessings of Baba I visited Shirdi for the first time with my family.

My first experience:-
During board exams,my maths paper disappointed me,as even after so much preparation,I am not satisfied with what I have done in my paper.And I doubted that my marks in maths can be less than 60.So,I cried before a picture of Baba,and prayed Him to help me.And lo,in the result I was wonderstuck to see that my marks in maths was scoring 80%.I have no words to define what I was feeling that time.And this was the major cause that I forcibly agreed my father to visit Shirdi also in our tour.

My second experience:-
I often frequently visit Sai Baba Temple(On Thursdays) during my intermediate.I have a bicycle to travel with.One day,I forget to take the keys of the bicycle lock.And when I noticed,it was already too late as I had already approached the temple.I prayed to Baba to take care of my bicycle and entered the temple.At that time,a man was sweeping the temple.On seeing me,he stopped sweeping and walked towards my bicycle and seated himself there.And as soon as I finished my prayers and about to leave the temple,he suddenly got up and resumed sweeping.It was crystal clear to me that it was Baba's leela.

My third experience:-
One day I visited the same temple with some doubts in my mind.I simply sat before Baba and prayed to solve my doubts.When I was praying a monkey came to the temple and sat on a tree inside the temple campus.I ignored him and and continued with my prayers.When I got up,the monkey got down from the tree and took pieces of sweets offered to Baba as prasad and ran away.In this manner Baba gave me a teaching to have faith and patience to get the answers of my questions.And he practically showed me by displaying the patience of a monkey to get sweets.In the meantime,I also got my answers by Baba's blessings.

My fourth experience:-
My mother was having stones in her gall bladder and due to which she often used to weep in pain.Sometimes,the pain become violent and unbearable.On one such occasion I was in my maternal uncle's house with my mother,when suddenly the pain aroused once again.It was almost 2:30 am,dark at night.I woke up on hearing the weeping sounds of my mother.I am not able to find the proper way to help my mother as it was already dark and a sudden break in my sleep stopped proper working of my mind.I was also not having "Udi" at that time.So,I picked some sand from a flower pot nearby,mixed it into water and prayed to Sai Baba to make the sand same as "Udi" in its absence.And I made my mother drink that mixture.Wonders of wonders,the pain vanished and she resumed her sleeping.I thanked Baba from the bottom of my heart.In the mean time,my mother was also cured after a successful operation.The surgeon was also a Sai devotee who prayed before Sai Baba before starting the operation in front of me and my family.Also,my mother told me that in the operation theatre,there was a photo of Sai Baba hanged on the wall.It shows that He was present with her during operation.This leela simply shows that how much He cares for His devotees.

My fifth experience:-
It was the time,when I was appearing in my AIEEE exams.Getting tired after a lot of studies,I slept for a short period with my father's permission.He promised that he woke me 1:30 hours before the commencement of the exam to make myself ready.But,after some time he also slept.In dream,I saw Sai Baba dressed in red clothes shook me stongly and said "ARE JAAGO"(Wake Up).He shook me so strongly that I woke up immediately.To my amazement,I woke up exactly 1:30 hours before the commencement of the exam.I woke my father also and told him Baba's leela.He was speechless.Baba cares for His devotees in all the circumstances.

My sixth experience:-
I was then in hostel,during the first year of my B.Tech. My room-mate was a very selfish person.One day,in order to irritate me,he went out of the room and locked me inside when I was sleeping.When I woke up,I found myself locked.I waited for him anyhow,but he didn't came.This really angered me and due to frustration I began to kick the door,but in vein.I then started praying Baba for help.After prayer,when I pulled the gate,it opened.It really puzzled me.I enquired of many of my hostel-mates but none of them said that they opened the door.It was again a miracle and showed Baba's mercy.Later with the blessings of Baba I left that selfish fellow.This showed me that Baba cares for His devotees in all the conditions.

My seventh experience:-
This was really a big miracle.It even thrills me now.It was the time of dushera/diwali and I was going back home in vacations.Before this time,I had never traveled such a long journey alone and it was my first chance.I had to change bus in Mathura and hence I drop down in Mathura.But after enquiry,I came to know that all the buses from Mathura to Bareilly were already left.As already said I knew nothing about travelling at that time,I was in a dilemma as what to do now? I made a call to my father,but came to know that he was out of home and forgot to take his mobile with him.Now,I had no option but to travel to the railway station.At the ticket window I purchased a ticket of Bareilly.It is to be noted that when a ticket is purchased the purchasing time gets printed on the ticket.However,I mistook it to be the time of the train.I bought the ticket at 7:20 pm,so I thought it was the time of the train arrival.I looked my watch,it was 7:15 pm.Hence.I ran towards the platform and saw a train standing there.

After enquiry,I came to know that the train was going to Bareilly and was about to leave.So,I ran and caught the train in the mean time.I was much relaxed and thanked Baba.But it was cold then,and due to this running and all, I caught fever.I was shivering from fever at that time when suddenly a stranger appeared in the train.He was dirty and wearing a white cloth around his head.He directly approached me and said"Kuch Paise De Do"(Give me some money).Shivering from fever and tired of running all the day,I got irritated at His behaviour and rebuked Him left and right.He simply smiled and went away saying nothing to me.Also,He had not approached any other person and went straight away from the train.His strange behaviour amazed me(I will talk about this stange person later).

My co-passengers were good and gave me enough space to sleep comfortably(On seeing me shivering with fever).After almost half an hour,my father returned home and called me.I told him that I was already travelling in train comfortably.He shouted at me and enquired that which train I am travelling from?He said so because according to him there was no train from Mathura to Bareilly before 11:00 pm.This really tensed me.I again enquired from my co-passengers that whether that train was going to Bareilly or not?They replied in affirmative.I again called my father and said that that train was going to Bareilly and it was confirmed.Now,he was puzzled.He then enquired Mathura railway station and came to know that that train was newly started and it started from that very day itself.He was thrilled.

He thanked Baba for all his leela,as how I mistook the ticket purchasing time with train arrival time,how that time is the train time in real,how that train was started from that very day and how that train had a stoppage at Bareilly station.All this was Baba's leela.But the leela doesn't end here.My father started from my hometown(Shahjahanpur)for Bareilly to receive me.In a hurry,he sat in a wrong train.After a while,when he realized this,he became tensed and got down at the next station.But bad luck was awaiting there for him.He came to know that there was no train for Bareilly from that station on that night.As I was travelling such a long distance for the first time,he got more tensed that how I would come to my native town(Shahjahanpur)from Bareilly in such a condition of shivering fever.He immediately ran towards the bus station,but came to know that all tempos,rickshaws are on strike that day.So,he travelled on foot towards the bus station.After walking such a long distance,he came to know that being a small town the bus station there,gets closed after 9:00 pm.He had almost tears in his eyes.

Apart from this,he was also told that that area was also not good at night.Robberies are often during the nights in that town.My father started trembling with fear.He started praying Baba and Lord Hanuman(he is a devotee of Lord Hanuman).Suddenly,he saw a man driving a scooter was approaching towards him.He first thought him to be a robber but that strange man directly approached my father and requested him to be seated himself on the scooter.My father told me later that he don't know what had happened to him at that time as he at once seated himself on the scooter.The strange man started his scooter and moved towards the way to Bareilly(Bareilly was not far away from that town).My father told me later that he was in the semi-conscious state at that time and therefore, doesn't ask the stranger about his whereabouts.After full one hour,he stopped his scooter and asked my father to got down himself from the scooter and added that the Bareilly railway station is not far away from here and he can travel on foot now.My father was stunned.

How this strange person knew that my father want's to go to the Bareilly railway station?Before my father could say something,he again said"Deepak tum mujhe bahut pareshaan karte ho"[Deepak(my father's name) you disturb me very much].Saying so,he immediately started his scooter and went away.My father was dumbfounded.It was crystal clear that He was Lord Sainath who helped my father in such a strange manner.My father did sashtaang namaskara on road itself.He quickly reached Bareilly railway station.But he was in a confusion that whether the strange man was Lord Hanuman or Lord Sainath?When he was thinking in this fashion,he was suddenly called by a dirty man wearing white cloth round his head.That dirty man wanted some water from my father.So,in order to bring some water he approached a tap and filled his bottle.When he returned he saw,that there was no one there.He asked the people nearby about that dirty man but all of them said that nobody was sitting there since last 1 hour.

Now,my father started crying.It was now almost clear that that dirty man was none other than Lord Sainath,who in order to remove the confusion from my father's mind gave him SAAKSHAAT DARSHANA.So,my father had His darshan twice.In the nick of time my train was also arrived at Bareilly and I met my father at the station.We both happily returned to our home town(Shahjahanpur).Later,when I was told about the dressing syle and appearance of that dirty man,I had tears in my eyes,as the person who wanted some money from me in the train was none other than Sai Baba.I felt ashamed that I insulted my Baba instead of giving Him dakshina.I apologized in front of Baba's photo.My whole family had tears in their eyes at that time.We still remember this great leela of Baba.

My eighth experience:-
On my second trip to Shirdi with my family,my younger sister prayed innocently to Baba,that she wanted 6th rank in her exam results.She had a feeling,that she was not so much lucky that Baba will listen to her prayers.But on seeing her result she had tears in her eyes as she got the same 6th rank.Thus in this manner Baba teached us that He is for all and everyone is special for him.

My ninth experience:-
One day on cleaning my cupboard,I found a very old pocket calendar having an image of Sai Baba.The calendar was of year 1990(my birth year).I asked about this calendar from my father.He told me that this was the first photo of Sai Baba ever entered our house.I was overjoyed as I felt that Baba has come to my house when I was about to born.This clearly showed me that He Himself arrived at my home to take care of myself since my birth.My message to all other Sai devotees is to maintain full faith in Baba and have patience.He is taking care of all of us.And one day we will definitely come to know about His love and care towards us.

Harshit Shrivastav.

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