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Inner Voyage To Explore Sai-Sai Krishna-Chapter 5.

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Dear all,
Today I am uploading 5th chapter from the book "Inner Voyage To Explore Sai ".Devotees are requested to follow the link given at the end of this post if they miss on any part/chapter of the book .Jai Sai Ram
Chapter V

Om, Sri Sai Krishna Vandhe Jagadgurum.

Shirdi Sai Baba also declared Himself as Lord Krishna and showed Himself in Krishna’s forms and repeated Krishna’s promises and assurances and revealed in Himself the Krishna Personality.

Baba informed His devotee named Uddhavesa Bua (who was living on the banks of Narmada) that, He, Sai, was the Krishna,who taught Uddhava in Dwaparayuga the quintessence of wisdom and Truth contained in the XI skanda of Srimad Bhagavata.

When God manifested as Krishna, He revealed His nature and proved His Godhead. Similarly, Shirdi Sai declared Himself as ‘God’ and proved the fact many times of His ubiquity, omniscience, omnipotence and supreme Love.

Lord Krishna, who parted from His parents soon after birth and brought up by foster parents and then got regular training under an eminent Brahmin guru, revived the dead when leaving that teacher moved off to distant places showing His super human powers of protecting those seeking refuge in Him.

Sai Krishna,our Baba’s earlier life was also similar to Lord Krishna’s. Born to Brahmin parents,the child was handed over to a fakir’s family.There,the Baba-child grew up for five years in the background of Islamic religious atmosphere.And the fakir,who fell sick and spending his last days,handed over the young foster boy to the custody of Guru Venkusa of Selu village. That eminent guru was considered to be an avatar of Lord Venkateswara.This boy had 12 year gurukulavasa under the protection of His guru.

The Guru transferred all his powers and nature to this young disciple and before parting company with His learned guru,the disciple revived a dead by His guru’s grace.As per His guru’s command, the lad of 16, came to Shirdi and after many years He got the celestial name of Sai, now a protector of devotees in the entire universe.


Lord Krishna’s power and love gave His companions a blessed feeling of perfect safety. Exactly similar was the feeling of devotees in the presence of Baba.In the presence of Baba,nothing could hurt them and Sai was there with boundless love and supreme power.

Baba after asking Shyama to get Rs.15 dakshina from a visitor and handling the money he got,told him that He had not received the sum.Shyama stared.But Sai Krishna was talking from His position as the antaryami of all that acts not and is not tainted by action. “Karmanyakarma yath pashyet” said Krishna in Gita. Sai Krishna acted out before Shyama the same truth.

Baba’s cryptical words seeming riddles to those present were always intended for the benefit of mankind.Sri Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita IX (11) that the deluded persons treat Him as a mere man because “Param Bhavam ajanantah, mama avyayam anuthamam”,they were ignorant of His real essence and His identity with the Supreme Self or Paramatma and in IX (13) that great souls recognize Him as the imperishable source of all and worship solely fixed on Him and that is due to their Daivi prakriti i.e., Godly nature). What happened to Sri Krishna is what happened to Sai Baba also. The vast mass took Him to be a mere man, a begging fakir, who was putting up in Shirdi mosque.

And His nature was deduced from these premises that He was a beggar intent on getting His food and was wasting His time doing nothing useful to anybody. But the mass did not know the truth at first.Others more refined and sensitive who came into closer contact and had eyes to see the truth were the hermits like Devadas who noticed that Baba was saint of the rare merit.Persons like Ganga Gir Bua of Puntambe treated Baba as something like a very precious gem.Good souls like Mahlsapathy began to perceive the high moral and spiritual position that Baba occupied through His perfect selfless acts, His equal minded beneficence and freedom from ordinary reactions like greed and anger and began to serve Him and wait on Him.Then many started regarding Baba as their Ishta Devatats.


A Bandra youth said that many were defaming Baba that He was not God. But Baba once blurted out when talking to someone thanking Him (Baba) for the marvelous rescue from a very serious accident,“What am I to do? I spread four hands at a time to save my devotees.I will not allow any harm to befall them”. The youth at once said “Baba, just now You said that You were only a fakir. How can You have four hands?” Baba smiled at him.Four hands is typical of Godhead.The youth, therefore,was more convinced that Baba was God and Godhead is not easy to define.(There was a judge who used to come to Shirdi;he asked his wife and child to stay with Baba and left to go home for a couple of days.He said to the boy when he took leave, "This is God Himself".After some days the mother left for Manmad with the boy.There,they fell in with a kathak who was reciting musically some Puranic story.Within a few minutes, they heard him revile Sai Baba as a mad man and a cheat;the child could not stand it any longer.He tugged at the sari of his mother and forced her to return to Baba. Next morning,they approached Baba for His blessings and He asked them why they had returned.The incident of the kathak was duly reported.The boy heard every one addressing Baba as the Lord. Remembering the harsh words of the kathak, the boy wept,But Baba pacified Him humorously, "I am only a man.What the kathak said is true;I am mad and I am cheating people of what they consider very valuable, but what I feel is useless".

Then, even as they were talking,one Mr. Patel came there and related how Baba had saved his child from a serious accident.Baba told him, "Yes, I held him when he fell,with My Four Hands".Patel shed tears of thankfulness, but the boy cried out,"Ah, I told You, You are God, You have four hands like Vishnu". Baba laughed,He took the boy inside and gave him a vision of Himself,as having Four Hands.That boy stayed on in Shirdi for 26 years after this and left only after Baba 'left' His earthly body.He then took sanyas and became a great sage.)

In 1918, when Sri Sai Baba left His mortal coil, His ever living form changed into Sri krishna and occupied the pedestal built for installing Muralidhar in the Butiwada. As such Sai Krishna from His Samadhi Mandir is perennially blessing His devotees with an assurance as follows: “Believe Me, though I pass away, My bones in My tomb will give you hope and confidence. Not only Myself, but My tomb would be speaking, moving and communicating with those who would surrender themselves wholeheartedly to Me. Do not be anxious that I would be absent from you. You will hear my bones speaking and discussing you welfare. Always remember Me. Believe in Me heart and soul and then you will be most benefited.”


Sadguru Sai possessed all the characteristics of Lord Krishna and let us see what Krishna speaks of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.“I am the conscience in the heart of all creatures. I am their beginning, being, their end. I am the mind of the senses. I am the radiant sun among lights.”

“I am the song in the scared lore. I am the King of deities. I am the priest of great seers. Of words, I am the eternal ‘Om’; the prayer of sacrifices. I am the measure of what endures.”

“I am the chief of divine sages, leader of celestial musicians. I am the recluse philosopher among saints. I am the thunderbolt among the weapons. Among cattle, the Kamadenu, I am the procreative God of Love.”

“I am endless cosmic serpent, the Lord of sea creatures. I am the chief of ancestral fathers, I am the gracious Shiva among howling storms.”

“Of restraints I am death. Of measures I am time, I am purifying wind. I am cleansing Ganga of sciences. I am the Science of the Self.”

“I am the dispute of the orators. I am victory and resolve, the lucidity of lucidmen.I am the brilliance of fiery heroes.”

“I am the mortality of ambitious men. I am the silence of mystery. I am the seed of the creatures.I am the destroyer of all”

And our Baba destroyed the ignorance of one’s self.

Sai Sahasranamavali 207 says: Sai knew which is supreme beyond Om.

216 says: Sai had high regard for Pranava Om.

S.S 326 says: Baba ever watched over and guarded the family of S.B.Nachene with the perfect care as bestowed by Sri Krishna in protecting the shepherdesses of vraja of Brindavan.

The Guru Seva –Love of the Lord –is our only sadhana,the means to attain spiritualwisdom. Lord Krishna said:

“Chaturvida Bhajante Mam
Janah Sucritino Arjuna
Aartha jijnamuh Artharthi
Jnani Cha Bharatarsha ba”

This means: Four sorts of men are drawn to Me (God).They are blessed:they are 1) distressed 2) those seeking knowledge 3) those wanting worldly objects and 4) the men of perfect wisdom.Let us all Love and serve one and all – avoid hatred at all costs – be good and simple –as exemplified by our Sadguru Sai,H.H.Narasimha Swamiji and H.H.Saipadananda Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji.

Om Sai Krishna, Break the chain of my births and deaths.
Redeem me from the bond Karma vasanas
This soul seeks Thy holy Feet, O Lord
To sink steadfast in Thy devotion
Aabadh Bandhava Sai Krishna
Anantha Rakshasa Sai Krishna
Bhaktavatsala Sai Krishna
Parama Dayala Sai Krishna

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