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Inner Voyage To Explore Sai-Foreword And Introduction By Writer Sai Ananda.

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Dear All,
In last post the Introduction of the book" Inner Voyage To Explore Sai" was given describing how the book came into existence.Today ,I am publishing the 'Foreword' written by R .Sheshadari ji and prologue by the author Sai Ananda .Jai Sai Ram .

Standing at the Sanctum Sanctorum of my Gurusthan at Sri Sai Spiritual Centre, T.R. Nagar, Bangalore, this humble soul in this aged body, expresses its thanks and prays for Sadguru Sai Baba and Saipadananda Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji’s blessings both for secular and spiritual progress of all the donors and their families for their great help in publishing this book of eternal value.--Sai Ananda.

“My Sircar’s Treasury (spiritual wealth) is full, it is overflowing. Dig out and take away this wealth in cartloads, the blessed son of a true mother should fill himself with this” : Sadguru Shirdi Sai.(Sai Satcharitra)


I have been offered this opportunity for the second time to write the Foreword for
“Inner Voyage to Explore Sai” by Sai Ananda. The author had dedicated his earlier three
books to Sri Sai Baba and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji, his ‘Upasana Murthi’.Inspired by the great Sadgurus this book deals with the prime purpose of human life,liberation by cutting asunder bondage through ‘Antharmukha’, turning inward.Here are a few gems from the book. “One who has never experienced God within will never find Him outside.”“God’s temple can only be the temple of Consciousness.”“Sai lights the flame within your unawakened soul and He can be felt in every atom of our body, true to the Vedic statement (Tattvamasi).”
The author has quoted from the Gita, Bhagavatham and the Upanishads as also saints and
seers to reinforce his assertions.Sai Ananda’s personal experience through visions of Sri RadhaKrishna Swamiji make very interesting reading.With abundant quotations from the lives and sayings of Baba, Sri Narasimha Swamiji and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji, the book fully merits the attention of Sai devotees. In conclusion, I may add that it was Guru’s grace that saved the author, who was seriously ill in hospital when this book was under print.
Sri Sai Spiritual Centre, T.R.Nagar, Bangalore – 28

Namah Sri Radha Krishnaya Moha Tantra Vinasine
Guruve Buddhi Bodhaya Bodha Mantra Swaroopine.
Om: Sai Thiruvadigalay Charam, Charam
Saipadananda Padangalay Charam, Charanamaya.

During Brahma Murtha, one day early morning in July 2004, a cryptic title “Inner Voyage” was whispered by my Master’s voice. The Master’s Voice was none else than my Atma guru, Saipadananda Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji, who always spoke to the soul of the devotee, however much his body was lame, crooked or disabled. Every word uttered by our Swamiji glitters with the image of Sai and Swamiji in every devotee’s heart. One should believe fully that guru is the actor and doer. It is the guru who provides with means and as well as the end with the sense of sight and as well as the object of sight (Divya chaksu). Like Baba, our Swamiji used to tell “The unseen can be seen only by the spirit of the individual”.

Saints always saw the supreme value of the soul and not their perishable body. Sai Baba in His “Pearls of Wisdom” has said “We have not to bother about beauty or ugliness (even crooked body) of persons but concentrate solely on God underlying that form.”

Moreover, Swamiji’s whisper of the enigmatic title was more of a confusing nature and so an appeal to Swamiji was to make the devotee’s mind of proper condition to process the title and getting it digested to read within so that it could be elaborated by searching one’s heart to discover Sai.

“May He guide me and make me write a few lines” was my prayer to Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji. When one abandons the sense of self-agency in his activities, Sai with His compassion is ready to help the devotee fulfill his wishes that too especially ordained by his atma guru. It is complete faith that gives the vision of one’s guru and also of the eternal divinity. The relationship of self and God is a very subtle subject and none can explain it except acting on Guru’s voice. A devotee should dedicate himself entirely to the Lord and feel all the time that HE is doing everything.

Garuda Purana says:

Achievement of the head is to bow to Him
That hands to worship Him
That of mind to think of Him
And that of speech to sing and speak of Him.

The credit of writing this book goes to our Sai and Swamiji. They alone know the knack of getting things done as they liked. Baba has said, “I carry on as a wire puller all actions of the man who trusts Me and merges in Me”. Though with the blessings of my atma guru, the heading for the book was flashed, the devotee was not sure whether he would be able to complete it when he found his health was proving a stumbling block.

In this wavering state, Sai Ananda was dilly dallying to act on the whisper. And finally, one day experiencing Sai left and right of him, the devotee bowing his head at the holy feet of Baba sought his guidance and command. Baba confirmed that the devotee should write on the given subject and blessed him saying that all guidance would the forthcoming in full measure to execute the task and health would not be a problem. In April 1984, Swamiji had initiated and encouraged this devotee to write on Baba. The devotee had a dream vision of Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji merging with Baba in Dwarakamai. The devotee was standing next to the Dhunikund gazing at Sai’s portrait. He could see Suvasinis sitting in rows on both sides of the front hall of Dwarakamai and singing Sai bhajans.

“Swamiji’s image, walking down the centre row of the Suvasinis, was approaching Baba to merge with Sai Jyothi. It was clear from the vision that Baba had possessed Saipadananda. But surprisingly, while walking down the central lane, our Swamiji pointed out this devotee and blessed him to write on Baba. But the devotee mistook that Swamiji was pointing it out to another devotee next to him. So, he was musing over this command till another vision came to him.Our compassionate Swamiji, in order to reaffirm his earlier command, appeared to this devotee in a dream vision in December, 1986. the devotee saw many Sai devotees standing before his house, nay it is Swamiji’s house, and Mr.Dattatreya of Sri Sai Spiritual Centre, came to the devotee and told him that they had come with a saintly person from Shirdi. The saintly person was none else but our Swamiji who had come to this house.

The great saint came inside and with sparisha deeksha blessed this devotee and immediately transformed himself as a young boy, perhaps to remind the devotee of Bala Murugan darshan. Unstincted like a pole, the devotee fell at his feet chanting, “Shanmughanatha Priyaya Sri Radhakrishna Swamine Namah.”
Since then, purely with the guidance of Swaimiji and Sai, the first book, “Shubhra Marga – Shirdi Sai Baba” was published in November 1999, the second one “Our Guru-God – Shirdi Sai Baba” in January 2001 and the third book, “Light of Wisdom – Shirdi Sai Baba”, was released in May 2002. All these books were offered at the holy feet of Sai and our Sai Premi, Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji on different auspicious occasions. Emerson has said that all writing comes by the grace of God.

Unexpected, on His 99th Jayanti on May 2004, a booklet ‘Love, Love and Divine Love’, was dedicated to the holy feet of Sri Saipadananda Radhakrishna Swamiji. This attempt was also guided by Swamiji.

And now, at 83, at the fag end o his life, this humble sevak offers this book, “Inner Voyage to Explore Sai” at the holy feet of Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji on his 25th year of MahaSamadhi day on 14th January 2005.

Sai Sai Charanam, Charanam
Sri Saipadananda Charanam, Charanam.
- Sai Ananda

Dwarakamai, our Sadguru Tayee (Mother)
This soul appeals to Thee, tell our Sadguru Sai
Sai, a Shirdi Jnani of Hindu Mosque
To unmask the shealth of my ignorance,
Ignorance that blinded me of real Sai
Real Sai of compassion and Supreme love
Supreme love that uplifts one’s soul.
And soul gets immersed in devotion
Devotion embedded in faith and patience
Faith and patience are Sai’s dakshina
Sincerity alone our Sai seeks.
Oh! Mother, thos soul seeks Sai’s grace
Neglect me not, but fill me with thy gay.
This atma comes to you as Sai Premi
In real Nayaki bhava
Even excelling a Krishna Gopika
A Premi seeing Sai in every creation
A Premi serving Sai in every form
A Premi singing Sai every moment
Sai ever sticks to my heart
By ever chanting ‘Sai, Sai and Sai’
Shirdi Sai Dwarakamai,
Sarvanthayami Sai Ram
Daya Karo, Kshama Karo, Kripa Karo Sai Ram

Inner Voyage….

This voyage can be defined as an inward journey of the soul for enlightenment and endearment with Lord Paramatma – the soul of all jivatmas.The Brihadarinya Upanishad, speaking of Aikyam (jivathma-Paramatma Aikyam i.e, identity of jivatma with Paramatma) says: “As Paramatma only entered the body as a jiva, every jiva can happily claim he is Paramatma just as a dreamer can claim he is the waker.

In this journey, which spills out the inner energy, one will be dumb found by the serene soul and its spiritual sinews, producing insights, creativity and awareness of mind. The deeper the concentration, the richer will be one’s ultimate unity with Brahmanandam.
The final purpose of one’s atma is to realize its identity with cosmic consciousness by removing the veil of duality and ignorance that distances it from the Divine. Our inner world and its knowledge should be the prime focus of one’s soul.

This inner search has an inexplicable meaning to a sadhaka, revealing jiva’s oneness with Paramatma i.e., Brahman (generally described as God in religious parlance). The more one goes deeper into concentration, one’s unbridled impulses get released and open up the reservoirs of imagination and will power.

All Mahavakyas emphasize this oneness of jivatma and Paramatma in essence. Paramatma is the source of all jivas and so every atma should strive to swing back to its source and be placed in permanently with it in Sat-Chit-Ananda.

The supreme soul of a jiva is only a spark of Para Brahma and to experience this one with that eternal and everlasting supreme force is Deiva ananda.

Sri Ramana bhagwan has said: “Plunge your purified mind into the heart with contemplation and concentration i.e, inner voyage, the mind can have an easy access to the inner secrets and can perceive the Truth about Self – Realisation.
Baba had given a rare experience to this soul in this inner voyage and He is the Sutradhari of this soul.

- Sai Ananda

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