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Sai Baba-His All Pervasiveness-Experience By Ashwin.

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Dear All,
Sai devotee Ashwin has shared with all of us his personal thoughts and also Baba's Leela which he experienced recently.Below I have attached his mail . Jai Sai Ram

Dear Manisha Ji,

Its been a while since the last time I wrote to you with a personal experience of mine in which I described how Sai Baba helped me and my brother when I was making my first trip to Shirdi. There haven’t been any opportunities in which I don’t see his all pervading grace and so I would like to send you another instance which can only be described as a miracle by Para Brahma Sai baba. Please post this on your website which has been a great source of inspiration and peace to me.

Wishing you and your family a year full of happiness filled with Sai baba’s grace ahead.

Sai Baba- Strings of random events in HIS hands.

People always told me that with science developing at a rapid phase, we can leave very little up to God. It is almost humorous to me to see that every few years science takes a leap and proclaims itself getting closer to the truth or source of things behind daily events. Probability functions, Research into random events have yielded us little breakthroughs and we take our little successes too seriously and forget that we have always stumbled again with our limited knowledge time and time again.

A century ago, people of the world triumphed with thermodynamics which could explain a lot about energy…it fell short of explaining gravity and electromagnetic forces’ influence on matter and energy.

A few decades ago we again triumphed with Einstein’s theory of relativity…it fell short of predicting anything beyond quantum mechanics and was challenged by Schrodinger’s theory of unpredictability.

Now, we are on the verge of figuring out that fractals and chaos mathematics can explain most things ..even random events happening but we are dumbfounded ad amazed and even scientists have for once admitted the hand of God will always have the strings of the universe. No matter how much we try to predict, calculate or predict events …extraordinary things will happen randomly …in a way..the universe will always be an infinite alternate interceding layered membrane …..those interceding alternate layers are order and chaos. Don’t get me wrong chaos is not always bad…its simply unpredictable..perhaps it’s more of God’s creation than the order in things that we like so much. Chaos and order sometimes make miracles come true and they can also lead to disastrous results when (we consider events.)

I apologize in drifting away on this topic but it is something I wished to share about what’s happening in one of the most path breaking research in chaos mathematics…something which can be literally termed hand of God.

I began my Masters in Texas in 2009 January and my first semester was very hard on me…it drove me to such stress that I felt I would not be able to continue my masters owing to the stress of staying away from home and other personal issues. It was then that I wanted to go back to India , my home, for the summer and think about “If I want to come back?”…Providence played a vital role and I got convinced that I should end what I’ve started or at least give it my best shot. Before leaving from back home, I prayed a lot to Sai Baba before I took my decision and I gauged the consequences of graduate college debt that will haunt me as I had no funding. But I made a firm resolve to read Sai Satcharita everyday and leave the rest to Sai Baba. My semester went really well and just as I was pondering the impact of another semester’s fees ..thanksgiving hits . I saw a lot of my friends doing a lot of shopping for their parents and families for thanksgiving and I particularly felt dejected and sad when I realized that I couldn’t even buy my mother a saree much less other things. I prayed to Baba saying..”I don’t expect anything incredible but it would be nice if I am able to save enough money to buy something for my parents and if I can go back to India for the next summer again.

I haven’t been an exceptional student and any chances of me getting any sort of funding were next to nil but within a day’s time of the above thoughts …I read a mail from one of my professor’s asking for research assistants and to qualify everybody had to follow one particular condition which was not possible…I’ll suffice to say that I was the only one qualified because I had started my Master’s in Spring 09’ JAN rather than Fall 08’ September like everyone else in my department. Even the fact that I was admitted in Spring was an exception in my case back then…but that’s another miracle ..another story.. J…

So, within a week, everything ran smooth and he said I was hired …and my funding problems have been solved and I get paid enough to save to buy my parents some things and do anna daan(like my mother suggested ) before Sai Baba’s mandir.

I was praying everyday to Baba ever since I came here and I don’t see any reason why I should ever doubt his grace on me. Not after a miracle like this…which surprised a lot of people. The odds of me ending up with funding were very low. But this wasn’t the only miracle in my life…in retrospective people often make sense of their achievements but I only cant help but notice Sai Maharaj’s divine grace on me. I always pray that I am granted a place at his feet and that is my sole refuge and sole idea of peace or any meaning in life. I also pray he gives me enough strength to be his instrument to help whomever I can in the coming days. I am still praying that he will also grace me with his blessings by making it really easy for me to end my semester in May and go back to India where I will go to Shirdi to bow my head and feel blessed before Sai Baba.

Wishing everybody a Happy new year ahead with Sai Ram’s blessings in abundance on everyone.


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