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Baba’s grace is always with us and our loved ones-Experience of Sai devotee Ashwin.

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Dear all ,
Forwarded below is experience of Sai devotee Ashwin ji.Please read his attached mail below .Jai Sai Ram .

I thank you for your blog and the peace it presents to all the Sai bhaktas everywhere. I have this rather short anecdote that I was hoping you could post on your blog as I dreamt that I was writing it when Baba was present with me. May Sai Ram always shower his blessings on you and your family abundantly.
Thank You
Ashwin Kumar

Baba’s grace is always with us and our loved ones.
There have been many instances where I felt Sai Baba’s help reaching me in times of need. In fact, whenever I keep praying to Baba I realize I always should be thankful for the good health he endows on my family. My mother had a very major neuro -surgery when I was in my tenth grade. In spite of the risk involved my mom recovered completely and has been doing excellently as a professional writer all thanks to Sai Baba’s grace. However, the story I am about to relate here is about my younger brother.

When I had just a few weeks left before my flight to Texas, USA to pursue my masters I decided I wanted to go to Shirdi. This plan of mine was put off by some circumstances and concerns of people in my family due to certain reasons. I was supposed to board a bus to Shirdi along with my friend Nikhil on a Sunday evening .

Everything was running along smoothly and I felt relieved that I was finally making it to Shirdi. I had heard so much about Shirdi from my friend Sai Shyam’s father . I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to visit Shirdi anytime soon and considering this was my first trip or rather my first trip to a holy place which I wanted to visit all by myself I wanted nothing to go wrong.

Maybe circumstances arise which are meant to test people’s faith as it is usually said or maybe it’s karma or maybe it’s something else entirely. All I knew was I was really stressed during those times and was confused about a lot of things in my life in spite of a lot going favorably for me. The bus that Nikhil and me were boarded in soon started and we were passing my architecture college when I received a distressing phone call from my mother.

My incompetence knows no bounds. I had worked out with a heavy dumbbell before leaving to board the bus and had placed one of the weights on my computer chair and carelessly threw some clothes over it. My mom scolded me and related that my brother moved the chair and the weight fell on his foot from over a height of 2 feet. To picture, the very incident is painful.
For the next 1 hour I was in the bus, I was praying to Sai Baba to somehow prevent any serious injury to my Brother Krishna. My family was worried that he might’ve fractured his leg and I couldn’t help but feel guilty and stupid for my carelessness.

I couldn’t believe that such a thing should happen when I was really yearning to go to Shirdi. But my mind was soon put to rest when I got another phone call from my mother telling me that the injury was nothing serious and Krishna was fine. I felt so helpless before the call that my mind started wandering, I wanted to get off the bus while it was within Hyderabad city's limits and go back. I started a train of thought blaming myself that if I couldn’t be sensible enough to arrange my things around the house I was unfit to leave for my Masters as I will be living alone then.

I even felt the distance between my home and me would be too much to bear if any other incident or accident like this one should ever occur again. Of what possible use can I be to my family living far away on the other side of the world if I couldn’t reach out to them in a crisis if only to be there. But when I realized that my close friend Dattu and even some of Krishna’s friends were present to see how he was doing at the hospital and that at the end there was nothing serious, the relief was insurmountable.

But the thought that I would be away in case my family ever needed me was still plaguing me and my first semester in Texas was passing with some friction. When I was giving my final exams I couldn’t reach my mother on the phone on the day of the last exam and even when I could get through she hung up saying she was busy. It was only later that I found out that she was in an accident which totaled our car and yet she was not harmed in any way. Although this disturbed me , I immediately understood that a very grave danger has passed us and Sai Baba’s grace was on my family throughout. It was even timely as my mother was waiting to get a new car . I also could make it home for the summer and the time spent here back with my friends, family and my city was awesome.

I write this on the day of Ganesh chaturthi and I’m about to leave to continue my master’s day after tomorrow. I have many things which worry me sometimes and I may have many hard times ahead but I’ve learned time and again that Sai Baba is guiding me no matter what. I only hope I get to return to India soon so that I can go to Shirdi again and marvel at Sai Baba’s wonders in idle contemplation while being with my friends. Sai Rama, always give this bhakt a place at your feet and let me experience the joyous peace that I can only find at your feet.


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