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Baba Can Make Impossible Possible-Experience by Mithun

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Dear all,
Sai bhakt Mithun ji has shared his recent Sai experience with all of us .This Sai experience is a true example of faith and patience .In the current time of financial recession the experience will be a guiding factor to many devotees.Please read the mail shared below by Mithun ji.Jai Sai Ram .

SaiRam Manisha Ji,
Hope you are doing fine, I wanted to share my recent experience with Baba,Please post it on your website.

With Baba's blessing I would like to share my most recent experience and amazing miracle showing that Baba can only make impossible possible and also how Baba reads our causal thoughts.

I was working as a software consultant, After my son was born, my wife went to India to take rest. After 4 months a day before my wife was returning from India,I went to office and opened my mail, I received thrusday's message in my mail, when I opened it, it was about shama's snake bite story,what stuck me was, "Don't be afraid, don't care a jot, the Merciful Fakir will save you, go and sit quiet at home, don't go out, believe in Me and remain fearless and have no anxeity". After some time my Project Manager called me and told me that my project would end on Next day.

I immediately remembered Baba's message and thought that baba would take care of this and I dont have to worry.I was Praying baba and applying for Jobs.

During one of my prayers(Casual talks) to Baba I requested Baba to find me a permanent position so that I don’t have to look for projects every now and then. But I knew that it was hard to find even a temporary gig leave along a permanent position.

Due to the economic recession, It was hard to get calls, but I was getting calls and also interviews. But I used to get interview call every week, and when I shared the same with my friends they wondered how I would get interview calls when they were not even receiving vendor calls. I use to attend interviews, every time I thought that I did better and thought my wait would be over soon, I use to face disappointment when they called to say that they did not select me.

During this period I got dreams of my another two spiritually uplifted Guruji's

I use to attend Satsangs, every week,. I forgot everything and enjoyed it to the core.

After 2 months, I got a dream, and I saw my Guru ji. When I prostrated before him, he gave me a marble statue of baba. I immediately called my wife and Guru Ji gave her another marble statue to her. Few days after this dream I got a call for Interview for a permanent position.

I was very sure that I would never get that job, as I was on H1B visa, and due to the recession, it would be even difficult to convince them to sponsor my visa if they did select me. But atleast for experience purpose I thought of attending the interview.

I prayed baba and attended the interview, Though I did not have the required skills that they were looking I answered them very confidently thinking they would never select me. After the interview I had a meeting with HR, to whom I mentioned that I need a sponsorship. He told me that he would check and said that they have not sponsored anybody till now.

I was selected in the first round and they asked me to come for two more rounds of Interview. I cleared them also. HR told me that they are willing to sponsor my Visa also.

Its only Baba’s blessing that could make this possible. Nothing else. I do not even have the required skills, even though they knew it they hired me. I believe that if they wanted they could definitely find more skilled person for that job.

By Baba’s blessing I got a permanent Job in a IT firm after three months. I never thought that I could get a permanent Job when the market is so bad. Only Baba could make this impossible feat possible. Now when I look back I see that those three months very important period for me as I could spend more time with my son and develop a bond with him. My wife would not be able to manage the child all by herself.

Another leela of baba is before starting the job suddenly a casual thought passed by my mind that how nice would it be if Baba be in the office before me. I immediately cut it off thinking that It cant be possible as no other Indian works there and even if someone is working, there would be very less chance that they would be baba’s devotee and carry baba’s photo. I thought these kinds of thoughts are not good for myself and faith. After some time I totally forgot about this thought.

I joined the company and attended orientation along with another person who has joined 1 Week before me, he was of Indian origin. During the orientation suddenly my look fell on my colleague ring, I saw something white, I tried take closer look and Lo! I saw baba on the ring. I was in a total bliss, my thought passed by my mind again.

After the meeting I met my Indian Colleague and asked him if he was baba’s devotee, he said no, and he believes in all the gods not baba in particular. Then I asked him how come he is wearing baba’s ring on his finger. He said Just before his joining, his sister visited Shirdi bought a ring and gave it to him.

I wanted to re iterate that my colleague joined 1 week before me, Baba came before me in the office. Baba read even my casual thought and fulfilled it.

I don’t have word to describe all his leela’s in my life. Its only him that is guiding my whole life.

I seek his forgiveness for all the mistakes that I committed.

Thank you very much baba for this life in which you play a major role, I also would like to thank my guruji's for guiding me and all the people who prayed for me.


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geetha said...

wonderful experience :-)

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky that Baba's blessings are with you and your family. Hope he will keep on showering you with love. Om Sai Ram.

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