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Sai Baba blessed me with Job -Experience of Sai devotee Rathna.

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Dear all ,
when our prayers are not being answered we have to think that Baba is working on something better .We are nor capable of seeing our future but the master is .When the prayer are not being answered almost all human mind doubt in various ways.Anxiety ,circumstances and worry worsen the situation more.Either they think that Baba does not love them or think that the prayers are not heard or they are lacking somewhere in their devotion that prayers are not reaching the Lord. But dear one's ,one has to hold on to Baba's feet with complete faith no matter what and this shall always prove more fruitful than any other thought .Here is one Sai leela shared by Sai devotee Rathna who shares with all of us .Jai Sai Ram .

Manisha Ji, Please post my experience in your blog whenever you find time.

Once again Baba showered his blessings on me and he assures me that he is with me all the time.

In September 2008, i attended an interview in a government company and the interview went very well and that evening i prayed Baba to help me get the government job and i prayed "Baba please get me the government job" and the minute i finished saying that i heard a very strong and loud door bell as if Baba himself saying "ok don't worry, i will get that job for you". I felt so happy and i said to my husband that i am going to be selected and i will definitely get the government job as Baba himself gave me the sign.

But at that time i was already working for a small firm that didn't pay me that well and they didn't give me that much work also. I waited and waited to get the result of my job interview very nervously. On Thursday , first thing in the morning in my office when i opened my email i got the rejection letter from the government firm and i immediately felt very disappointed and i went inside the bathroom cried a lot silently and asked Baba why he gave me false hope. But i didn't lose my hope on Baba as i thought Baba is going to give me much better opportunity soon.

I was very upset afterward and i consoled myself that i at least have a job in spite of the huge recession (i live in America). But that current job was very depressing and i have to be always in fear about my job as anytime anything will happen as there is no job security. After 3 months, while i was driving home in the car i was talking to myself "why baba when i was praying that i should get the government job you gave me positive sign and on Thursday why there came rejection notice"

Then i said maybe Baba has some different plan for me and Baba's words will never become untrue and immediately to acknowledge my answer my cell phone rang. Then i thought OK Baba sure has some other plans for me.

Then on May, my husband who is also working for a government company called me and said that there is an opening coming up in my field(my husband works in IT field and i work for accounting)and asked if i am interested in that position?. And i asked him it's IT field and i don't know anything in IT, he said "dont worry, i will teach you and will enroll you in few classes" i immediately said yes. Believe it or not, just like that i was again called for an interview and got selected for an internship IT program job with very good pay.

Baba thought that i will do good in IT field. Baba's words are always true and he will never give false hope. I was very scared as i am new to IT field and asked Baba to guide me through out my new career as he is the one who has chosen this career path. So i joined this new job on July 20th and my team lead is very nice and she understands that i am new to this field so she spends lot of time with me to train me on various stuff. So i think it is only with Baba's grace i got this wonderful team lead who trains me from the scratch. And since my husband also works with me he is also helping me a lot.

I don't have words to thank Baba and i dont know what i am going to do to Baba in return. I always want to stay and hold his holy feet till my last breath.I can only thank my Saima for thinking the best in my favour.Koti koti pranam to my Sai.

Sai Ram

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