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My Laziness and Importance of UDI MAA-Experience by Shirish .

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Dear all ,
Many a time I have posted leela of Baba and His UDI .And each time after reading the leela of Baba and his powerful UDI I come to only one conclusion that its not just Baba's UDI but our UDI MAA.Like a mother taking care of her children at all cost .Here is one such experience of UDI Maa by Sai bhakt Shirish .Jai Sai Ram .

Dear Manisha Didi,

I want to share one experience which I had today,just few hours back.With the help of which I realized the importance of UDI MAA.And learnt how laziness can harm us physically and mentally.
I request you to please post it as per your schedule and convenience.

Hi All.

I am not well from past few weeks.I am having some allergy due to cold atmosphere or dust. I consulted one doctor in Nagpur.He gave me good medicines also. Yesterday on 18th I came back to my hostel in Nashik.Nashik is somewhat colder as compared to other cities.So i was bit afraid of effectiveness of medicines in Nashik.

In the morning everything was fine.I went to have hair cut and after returning went to bathe.At that very time water supply stopped.

My hair were wet.I was afraid that I might get cold and my cold allergy might increase.Then in around 20 minutes I somehow managed to get drinking water and cleaned my hair.Out of laziness and in frustration I left all taps open and went for lunch.When I entered the room I saw water in the whole room.what to say ....

I was not feeling good as I was having very heavy head due to keeping my head wet for around 20 minutes.But I had to get the water out of room

I started searching for cleaner or helping hand in the hostel .By that time all had left.I got even more frustrated.But due to Saibaba's grace one cleaner was available who removed all water and cleaned the entire room. I felt relaxed .

Soon after this I started feeling heavy head and uneasy.I thought this cold is going to be severe by tomorrow. So I decided to take some rest and sleep for some time in the afternoon.But When I woke up I was feeling even more bad and uneasy. More then headache I was also feeling feverish. I went out and had tea and came back.

Then I started thinking that why its happening to me?.I was worried as from 22nd my exams were commencing.So I thought with this kind of health and cold I wont be able to concentrate on studies.This thought was disturbing and then soon I realized that I should take help of our own Saibabaji and seek His grace.

I immediately took UDI and started reading chapters of UDI KI MAHIMA in Sai Satcharitra.It was written in both the chapters to take UDI by mixing it with water.

So after finishing both the chapters on Udi ki Mahima I thought that I will take rest.And I tried to sleep. Then thought came into my mind that my faith on Udi is the only way by which Udi will help me.I made my faith strong thinking that taking UDI is only thing which will take care of me and my health.And than at that moment I happen to realize my mistake and tried to surrender my health issue to Saibaba.

I drank Udi after mixing it in water.Applied some UDI on my forehead and head.And again slept.I was regretting about my mistake of not keep faith, not surrendering my health issue and not keeping faith in UDI MAA.I prayed to Saibaba to please forgive me.And said that I will never show such laziness again.

And I started chanting Om Sairam for 108 times.By this time my body started feeling hot and sweat started coming out. I started feeling better and energetic and headache subsided.

I thanked my Saideva,lighted the lamp and incense stick .After that I went for dinner.

Now I have realized completely following points .I feel as though Baba has taught me these important lesson.

1) Laziness towards any aspect of life is our biggest enemy. As out of laziness I awaited with wet hair for tap water to come .And got into this headache and fever thing.

2) Out of laziness I left the tap open as at that time water was not coming.And I suffered with the problem of water all over in my room.

3) UDI MAA is the best medicine.And it can heal any pain or cure any disease. But we need to have full faith and keep patience to be healed by Udi Maa.

Faith is the most important thing.

4) Manishaji out of laziness only I did not do seva (In Sai temple)as discussed by us.I am very sorry for it.And as soon as possible I will do the needful.

5) Now I am realizing laziness could be one of the reason for not having strong determination and vision towards life.

Now within 2.5 hours ,I am feeling much better and I again I took UDI with water. And then I started writing this Sai leela to Shirdisaibabakripa Website.

Om Sairam

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