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Serving the Master selflessly.

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Dear readers,
Happy Baba's Day and Happy Thursday to all ,
Generally all the action of human being are drived with the intention of getting results .Ignorantly people extend this logic to their faith also ,they tend to worship the Lord and wants something in return .There are very few devotee who does the seva selflessly without desiring anything in return .Aunty ji has gone one step further .She continues to weave Baba's leela despite all the physical pain and her visual feebleness.Her devotion and creation motivates me to post all her new creation as soon as I recieve these from Sister Lavanya .Readers are requested to see the new creation of the selfless devotee of Sai baba.Jai Sai Ram.

Sairam Manisha sis,
I thank Manisha sister for posting my mom's artwork and a beautiful writeup about my mom.

I want to tell all devotees that my mom lost her right eye due to hemorrage in her eye.
Its nearly 8yrs till now. Doctor said its too late she cannot get her eye back.From the time she lost her eye she started embroidery work during early days she used be depressed about her eye but from the time Baba inspired her to stitch she used to get peace and forget about the pain. As she feels uneasy when ever she strains her eyes.

She manages all the embroidery work with a single eye that too she has lot of power and wears very fat glasses.Stitching work gives lot of strain to her eyes. But still she manages to do with Baba's grace.As written in Shri Sai Satcharitra "The Saints inspire the work, the devotee becomes only the indirect instrument to achieve the end" , it is Baba who made my mom do such beautiful art work.

Several times she gets pricked with the needle ,and she feels oh! Baba is angry with me I have to do better and better work and she concentrates more and more, finally she ends up with beautiful Baba's picture.

Aao Sai-Mahalsapati.
Shri Sai Charan Kamal .
Philosphical meaning of grinding wheat .
Sai Baba explaining importance of Vishnu Sahasranam to Shama.

She sits in sunlight for several hours with lot of headache but her love never stops towards Baba.By evening due to strain she runs temperature.Still she never stops loving Baba. She is blessed I cannot describe her undying love for Baba . Her inner vision is more pure and pious than the physical vision.

In each and every single picture there are thousands of lines of embroidery work,and each stitch echoes SAI SAI SAI ..

This is a way of doing puja where each and every second she chants SAI SAI ,feels Baba's presence and love it is the endless bliss bliss...every where .

She cannot even thread the needle ,when ever I get time I help her for that.This shows how Baba helped her to do embroidery with a person who cannot thread the needle, cannot see properly.

It is a big Sai Leela in our life. If Baba wishes a dumb can talk, a blind can see.
All Baba's love and care for his children.

When ever myself and my brother go out we carry mom's made picture of Baba ,we feel mom and Baba's love is with us.

I want to share a recent Saileela .
Two to three months back my mom dropped her spectacles in bathroom, lens were chipped off ,she cannot imagine her self without spectacles, mom cannot walk inside our house without wearing spectacles. She was very sad and depressed, she felt now I cannot stitch any more.

As Baba always take care of His children ,Baba took us to optical show room where her eye sight was checked and it was increased, she was comfortable after increasing the power of the lens (only to the left eye) as she can see through right eye.

But lens became more fat, mom is very thin frame and it was not at all suitable for her as soon as she used to bend frame used to slip off from her face, for reading it was not at all comfortable, we tried plastic lens that also she was not at all comfortable with and at the end we were depressed and started praying for Baba's grace.

As Baba knows what his child wants Baba guided us and gave us idea to try for frames which are used for children but mom's lens are bifocal so we got it fixed only near distance (reading) in that small frame which is used for small children. This near distance frame she uses for stitching and reading purpose with Baba's grace.Another frame which is bifocal is for daily use.
It was All Baba's Grace who guided us else we were not getting a way to deal with this situation.

At the end I want to say all these embroidery work done by mom are very precious and invaluable gifts for me, I pray to Baba these pictures should be with me for ever.

Baba always be with us
Sai Reham Nazar Karna Apne Bhachoo Par
Always on Sainath's Holy Feet.

To read and view Aunty ji's embroidery work posted in past please click on the link given below.

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Anubhav said...

Jai Sai Ram...
Really, Heart touching work... My Prostrations in the Lotus Feet of Baba Ji & the mother who is doing wonderful service of Baba Ji with the grace & blessings of Him...
May Baba bless her & her family...!!
Its all my Baba Ji's Leela - with His wish only a blind can see, a dumb can talk... very true every stitch eco's Sai Sai... Sai Sai...!!
Thanks for sharing...
Baba bless us All...
Jai Sai Ram...

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