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Sai gave a vision about my future-Experience of Sai devotee Kalyani .

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Sairam dear readers,
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day to all ,
Baba's leela's are pouring in everyday .This clearly indicates Baba's love is showering on each and everyone all over the world.Every Sai child has experienced different leela's of Baba to share with fellow Sai devotees.

These leela are nothing but the very personal experience of devotee that are shared with all which strengthen our faith and everyone is benefited from the same .Sometime when our mind is clouded with doubt and there is no answer ,reading Sai leela experienced by devotees work as light house directing us and giving us a way to move ahead with faith and hope that Baba WAS and IS and SHALL BE ever vigilant watching us and taking care of us .
Here is one Sai leela shared by Sai devotee Kalayani ,please read the mail attached below.Jai Sai Ram .At the Feet of my Sathguru Sai -Manisha.
Sairam Manisha Sister,

I am forwarding the Sai miracle that took place in the life of Kalyaniji - sister of Kaveriji' they are twins- Kalyaniji lives in Tampa she being a staunch devotee was introduced to me by Kaveriji and though I have not met Kalyaniji, She was very happy to talk to me and we were happy to share our leelas over phone. I felt that her leela need to shared in our blog with all other Sai children and hence I wrote it down and was duly checked by Kalyaniji and the same is now forwarded to you to post at your discretion.
Hope sai will bless the same. May sai be with us always, guide us and bless us always.
Sai Leela of sister Kaveriji can be read by clicking here.
Sai Leela :
It was in the year 1997 our family had to undergo a very difficult phase. Yes, my dad was diagnosed with heart attack and my mom was greatly worried as we were three daughters to be married and at that point of time my uncle (aunt’s husband) who is a staunch devotee of Sai told me to do Sai Satcharitra Parayan and he said I will be greatly benefited.

As per the words of Sai I consider him as our true relative and a real messenger from Sai to our family to guide us into Sai’s path.

My parents were looking for my marriage and I took the words of my uncle and started doing my parayan I used to get up early in the morning at 4 a.m. and used to do my parayan.

I felt very nice during those 7 days parayan and my devotion started to grow slowly but steadily towards my eternal father. I felt very calm and wanted to experience more and more.

On the 7th day after completing my parayan I wanted to offer Prasad so I prepared Sweet pongal and Puliogare (tamarind rice) and offered to Sai in our Pooja room in a plate and got back to the kitchen to pick up something and when I went again to the pooja room what shall I say I found the finger prints of my Sai in the Prasad.

When I kept the Prasad it was just flat but when I went back the marks –fingerprints were very clearly seen. Yes, my Sai had not only listened to my parayan but also blessed me by accepting my Prasad. My happiness reached no bounds.

Our home in Hyderabad is named as Dwarakamayi and I felt that my Sai is living with us in the same home. From then I started to carry Satcharitra always with me and even while I was sleeping I kept my Saisatcharitra under my pillow as though I am lying on my Sai’s lap.

During 1998 of April my family went to Vijaywada from Chennai for marriage proposal. The family members came to see me since the boy was in U.S., his parents and brother came. After 2 months my dad got phone call from boy’s side saying that there elder son has come back from USA and they are going to come to Chennai to see me. The same Thursday Sai gave me a vision in which I saw my Future husband, (the boy whose photo I never saw.)

The dream was as follows:
“My future husband came to my home with all his family members they all liked me and wanted to make all the arrangements for the betrothel and at that time my mother in law wanted to check my height so she says come and stand next to my son let me check the height and she was satisfied and feels that we are made for each other. “ I was happy about my dream and got up from my sleep and I did not express to anyone as I did not know what is going to be the reality.

Lo, on Friday morning they came and the bridegroom was just the same as I saw in my dream right from his height, complexion nothing was different from my dream and I could not believe my own eyes. And everything went on well just like how my Sai showed in my dream before leaving our home my would be mother in law called me and asked me to stand next to my would be and uttered just the same words as in my dream I just want to check the height”. And after that she said everything is fine and my father can go ahead and carry on with the marriage.
I was wonderstruck and did not know how to thank my Sai for all his blessings on me.My dream came true which was only possible by the mercy of my Omnipotent, Omniscient and All pervasive Sai.

I remain thankful to my Sai for all his blessings. He had been blessing me till date in various ways which only I and my Sai can understand. I wish and pray to my Satchindananda Sadguru Sainath to be with me always and guide me throughout.

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Anonymous said...

Kalyaniji sairam I really enjoyed reading ur experience and sometimes even i have felt the same thing when ever i have offered something to Baba.But the marks that I observed were very very small,so I used to feel that its my way of making my self happy but now I am convinced that it was Baba's own way of making me happy
Sai Ram.
Pooja Agarwal

Anonymous said...

excellent.. thanks for sharing. it definitely strengthens the faith !!!!!!

who else knows the future except our Baba???

i am reading thsi correctly at the moment.. u know what happened.. just 3 days back, i had visited one new Sai temple and the person who is incharge of the construction there, later that day told me.. that Baba asked him to convey to me a message. and that is this --- he asked if my parenst r looking out for a proposal and that the 'real' people would come in 3 months time. he said, the character of the person is very very nice.. he used teh same words "he is a very nice person, a very very nice person".. he said, he might not be a devotee of Baba now, but later fatre marriage he would eventually become one. he even said his height si 5.7" and has wavy hair.. i was stunned.. i don want to doubt nor did i find it very strange.. becos, i know, anyways Baba will shower us iwth the bestest.. for thsoe who constantly remember HIM. still.. i was surprised.. someone coudl see my future..


infact, today mroning, being a thursday.. i had a dream.. as if the very same person (who said Baba told him).. is on phone.. and he is askin me "do u know what Baba told me.. " i tell him, "pls tell.." and he is silent for a moment.. meanwhile i am climbing the stairs of a temple.. and i see devotees gathered.. i tell him its time for kakad arthi.. pls do tell what Baba said.. and i am abt to tell him, if the arthi starts, i shall disconn the call.. and i feel as if the priest has got ready to start the arthi.. and iam expecting to hear the bell sound.. but what rang next was my alarm !!! and i woke up...

Shunmuga Priya said...

After reading your experience my hair came to an end. Excellent experience. Increasing our faith. I am get motivated towards sai after this experience :)

Anonymous said...

Sairam ,

I am a frequent visitor of your website.

I too am a staunch devotee of BABA. He is my life , I can live without water and food but not without SAI.

I am undergoing a difficult phase and not getting any answers from Sai. Sometimes I feel that I should read Sai Sacharitra , but I m mother of 1 year old and i hardly find time to read, and when finally I have the time , so tired to read SSC.

Tell me what is the best way of seeking BABA's blessings and guidance, which I very much need right now.

A Sai devotee

Anonymous said...

Dear Sai devotee,

You can start Nam Saptah for a week. Tomorrow is thursay, BABA day. Tell BABA that you gonna do Nam Saptah in a week and kindly solve my current problem. This could be best for you to carry on even by taking care of your child

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply.

I probably got the direction to approach BABA. I will keep you all posted.

Thank you so much, it seems as if HE himself replied through you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sai devotee,

Start the Naam Saptah with faith. May BABA blessings will be with you.

Anonymous said...

Very nice experience....Thanks a lot for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

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