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Unbiased love of Baba.

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Sairam All

In Sai Satcharitra there are several incidences which illustrate how Baba cured and took care of the bhakta who seeked HIS refuge and restored his faith on HIM . Incidences are also there in Sai Satcharitra where Baba came to rescue of the non -believer .After Baba showered His unbiased love to such non -believer they were transformed to believer and become staunch Sai bhakta .One such recent experience is shared by Sai devotee Rathna .It is truly amazing to read this leela and faith in Baba strengthens many many folds.Read the mail attached below.Jai Sai Ram .
Sairam Manisha ,

I would like to share my Mom's experience with you all on this Thursday.

In the middle of January my dad took a complete physical check up as per doctor's advice. And one of the test showed that my dad has some growth on his chest called nodes and some fluids on his lungs. The doctor said the nodes and the fluids indicates one of the two possibilities. One it might be due to Tuberclosis(which is completely curable) and other possibility might be Lung cancer.

After hearing this we were all totally devastated and very scared. My mom was very depressed and started crying (my mom and dad are in India and myself and my brother in America)over the phone. I said to my mom not to worry, Baba is there to protect us and he will take care of dad. So the next day, again they went to doctor and the doctor said that he will give some medications for Tuberclosis for 6 weeks and if the nodes growth and fluids are due to TB then the medications will reduce the nodes growth and remove the fluids and if TB medication dosen't respond then the medication shall be stopped.

So the doctor asked my dad and mom to come after 6 weeks to see the changes and he also added that if the nodes reduce 15% also that will be very good.

My mom decieded to do Sai Viratham for 9 Thursdays, she told my dad to wait for 9 weeks to take the test again. Every thursday she started going to Baba temple and one day this miracle happened, my mom was in the temple ,she stood in front of Baba crying and asked Baba to give her some kind of assurance and some good signs so that she is peaceful and carry her prayers .

She started crying and closed her eyes for about 5 minutes,and when she opened her eyes a Pujari came out of no where and went inside and took a long Jasmine gardland which was on Pratima (the garland was so long that it even touched baba's feet)and came out gave the whole garland in my dad's hand. My dad and mom was so happy and my dad asked my mom to keep that garland in her hair.
My mom immediately kept the garland in her hair the whole day. When my mom narrated the whole incident to me over the phone I was crying and iI couldn't speak anything and I simply said to my mom" see mom you asked for assurance and some good signs, Baba gave the assurance by giving you flowers, now tell me what else you need more than this, so don't worry leave everything to Baba and he will protect you and dad".

My mom's 9 week Baba's Vratham got over on APRIL 10th and they went to the doctor on april 13th. Doctor looked at the X ray and looked at it for a very long time and finally said the fluids are gone and the nodes have reduced very significantly so nothing to worry about, he is out of danger. My mom called me and said this happy news and I was very happy and immediately thanked Baba.

My dad was never a Baba's devotee before this incident, he went to Baba's temple out of my mom's compulsion but now he says last Thursday he went to Baba's temple before the medical check up the pujari touched his head to bless him. My dad says he felt as if Baba himself touched his head. And now he says it's all by Baba's grace and says SAI SAI all the time. I am thinking this is Baba's way of pulling my dad under his holy feet.And illness became a small reason .Baba you are our father ,you are our mother whatever you do is always in our benefit .I lay my head at your holy feet and thank you for taking care of my parents and keeping our faith strong in you .
Rathna Viswa


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