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Fruits of my Sai Satcharitra Parayan-AS YOU SOW, SO YOU REAP.

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Dear readers

Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day ,

Mahima of Sai Satcharitra parayan has been read from time to time from various Sai Satcharitra experiences shared by Sai devotees in the blog .Without writing too much I would like to share Sai devotee Ashalatha sister's Sai Satcharitra Mahima and many more leela associated with it and experienced by her .Since the experiences of Ashalatha sister is pretty long it shall be posted in 3 parts.Thank everyone for sharing the leela of Sai Satcharitra Parayan.These leela when read and shared, lights the lamp of faith in many more hearts and this keeps going on .Baba's love is eternal and this is how each one is witnessing it .Please read the attached mail below.

Jai Sai Ram .

Sairam Manisha sister
Sai gave me the urge to do parayan (Saptah) of Sri Sai Satcharita and I was in a dialemma whether to start for Ugadi-2009 being a New Year or for SriRamanavami. As per the wish of Sai I started my parayan on Ugadi, Manisha sister what to write I am sure no encyclopedia can help me to express the happiness and blessings I reaped during those 7 days. I am sure they are not mere coincidences as not even a leaf or an atom can move in this world on its own accord unless our eternal father Sai Maharaj had wished for.

Day 1-Friday
I completed chpt. 1-5 and by evening I finished my 6th chapter and was trying to imagine the Gopal Kala ceremony (competition in breaking the mudpot) and the cradle ceremony and just then my husband returned from work and he had few mails in his hand and handed over to me one of them and I was so happy because it was a mail from Chicago Sai Mandir invitation/ pooja details on Sri Ramanavami festival. This is the first mail I am receiving for this year from the temple and that too it was so apt timing. Word of thanks to them without saying.

Day 2-Saturday
I should say it’s nearly a year now we had visited Baba mandir which is quite far from our home. (After the coming of new Baba’s mandir near our place). That day we were really close to the temple and were not able to locate the mandir and when we called the mandir- got the directions. I vowed to Sai that today I need Sai Satcharitra (English) as I had given my copy to a friend. If I get in mandir today then I will feel that my parayan is blessed by Sai. When we went to the mandir it was afternoon and so we saw one devotee and I did not know whether he was a volunteer too and was trying to peek through the temple kitchen for known faces of the volunteers but none was found.

I was hesitating to ask. We had darshan and I spoke to Sai heart to heart if I don’t get Satcharitra then I am not going to take Prasad too. It was almost time for us to leave and than our merciful Sai, performed his leela, two devotees came to mandir and one of them went to the devotee who was already present there and introduced himself and said that he will be in the temple for the rest of the evening and came to relieve the other. I felt so happy and then I approached the volunteer and asked him if they have English Satcharita he happily brought me one after praying to Sai.

I was overwhelmed with joy and immediately kept in the lotus feet of Sai and was coming out of the mandir while wearing slippers I got reminded about Prasad and took the Prasad came home happily. I even felt that if we would have not got struck with the route we would have reached the temple much earlier and I wouldn’t have got the chance to approach the volunteer and I felt its all Sai’s plans.

Day 3-Sunday
We went to drop our kid in his religion class and they were supposed to do a pot- craft activity the previous week and could not do. I somehow was very interested to volunteer and that day also the teacher was not sure as she was waiting for the materials. I thought Sai if I get that pot done today then I can use it on SriRamanavami and just then a lady came with the materials and they actually wanted to show the butter pot from which Lord Krishna used to steal butter, we made the pot with kids and again my Sai blessed a tiny pot for Sri Ramanavami and fulfilled my wish.

Day 4-Monday
While I was continuing my parayan in the morning a friend invited me to their home for that Thursday. I told her we can meet some other day she then said she wants to have Sai pooja this Thursday as she is planning it for the first time and so she feels that I should help her out. I was so happy because my parayan would complete on the same day and Sai is planning me to take part in the pooja too. I thanked my Sai and prayed to him to bless me like this always.

Day 5-Tuesday and Day-6 Wednesday
I was really feeling blessed during my 24 weeks Sai SatCharitra parayan completed recently and wanted to get into a group and just then I came to know through Swamy Mahadevanji that weekly Sai Satcharita parayan is to commence in Sai Dwarakamai Forum. I was so glad about it and took it as a blessing from Sai and got into the group.

Day 7-Thursday
It was already SriRamanavami in India and I completed my Parayan by the grace of Sai and went to my friend’s place took part in the pooja and I was longing to have the darshan of my Sai and left to Sai to accomplish. And since morning I wanted to share the Prasad with another friend too and I told her about this she sent her husband and took the Prasad when I was saying bye to him just then our neighbor asked me whether we are willing to accompany them to Sai Mandir? My happiness reached no bounds thanked them and (my husband was not in town) and with kids had good darshan of Sai. I was thanking Sai for fulfilling even my smallest wish and being so loving on his children. While we were taking the Prasad, a senior volunteer of the temple who had been known to me for these couple of months told me to inform him before I leave”.

I was thinking in my mind he had been telling me that he will get me the name of a book written by Shri.B.V. Narasimha Swamiji to enable me to buy online may be he is going to give those details. When I went to him to say that I am going to leave miracles of miracle the volunteer after searching for a while gave me “GURUCHARITRA” in my hand. I was stunned for a minute so I asked him, ”Sairam you want me to read and return the holy book he said no this is for you, keep it with you and he said ,”Datta will be watching you when you do the parayan.” I really felt so happy and blessed.

I want to recollect something here when I went to Shirdi 2008 one Thursday after Chavadi Procession I bought Gurucharitra but till today I could not read everytime I pick up, keep in the lotus feet of my Sai then I end up in reading some other religious scriptures or Satcharita itself.

Manisha sister since my mail is too lengthy let me stop with this and continue in another post about the bliss supreme I experienced during my GURUCHARITRA parayan.

As written by Shri Hemadpant in SAI SATCHARITA it is very true that our merciful Sai will bless our parayan based on the depth of love and devotion we show while doing our parayan. I have experienced this kind of blessings even during my earlier Parayans and thank my eternal father for all his mercy upon me.

To be continued in next post another leela.
May Sai be with all of us, bless us and guide us always.
Ashalatha. R.

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Anonymous said...

nice experience..really felt happy to read this post..may saima bless everyone with health peace and sairam..

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