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Lesson well taught.

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Following story occurred in Dwarkamayi,it reminds me of the human nature where humans are bound to look upon another fellow human ,be it of social designation,wealth,power,property -possession,beauty,or every day life of human one is looking upon another consciously /unconsciously depending on the state of mind and maturity of the individual .This story indicates such a thought which was well read by Baba and taken care to be rectified in his own special way .

There was a lady her name is not mentioned.She used to go to Shirdi and sit near Sai baba at his Mosque.
Any one could go up at the usual time, without permission asked of or introduction taken to Sai Baba and bow before him and all there.

On one occasion, as this lady was seated at a short distance from Baba, there came a leper to the Mosque. His disease was far advanced and he was stinking ,had very little strength in him to climb the steps of Dwarkamayi, very slowly he went up and moved on to the Dhuni and than to Sai Baba ,placed his head on Baba's feet. It took so much time for him to take his Darshan that the lady felt intense stench from him and hoped he would clear off soon.

At last when he got down slowly carrying a small parcel wrapped up in a dirty cloth, the lady felt relieved and said within herself, "Thank God. He is off." Sai Baba at once darted a piercing glance at her, and she knew that he read her thought.

Before the leper had gone far, Sai Baba called out and sent some one to fetch him back.
The man came.

It was again the slow process of his clambering up, emitting foul stench all the time; and as the man bowed to Baba, Baba picked up that parcel saying "What is this?and opened it.

It contained some "pedas," and Sai Baba took up a piece and gave it to her alone of all present-and asked her to eat it. What horror! To eat up a thing brought by the stinking leper! But it was Sai Baba's order, and there was no option but to obey. So she ate it up. Sai Baba took another piece and himself swallowed it and then sent the man away with the remainder.

Why he was recalled and she alone was the chosen recipient of his peda?none then understood. But the lady knew full well that Sai Baba had read her heart and was teaching her valuable lessons, of humility, fraternity, sympathy, endurance and trust in His Supreme wisdom rather than in her own notions of hygiene and sanitation for saving her from disease.

what a way!!

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