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Pucca devotee and a Kuchha devotee ?

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Sri Vianayak Sitaram once went to Shirdi via Pandharpur, after duly taking Darshan of Lord Pandurang. There was a sweetmeat shop near the Mahadwar at Pandharpur. He asked the shopkeeper to give him one and quarter seer of the best Pedhas he had as he had to go for Sai’s Darshan in Shirdi.And shopkeeper did give him the best.

The next day, when he reached Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan and offered the Pedhas, Baba said, “These Pedhas are from Pandharpur aren’t they ? You have brought them for me ?” Sitaram replied, “Yes Baba, I have brought them for You. Only if You accept them shall I be gratified.

” “Yes, you brought them for me,’’ Baba said and right away took a couple of Pedhas. He gave back the rest saying, “Shri Pandurang’s Prasad.” The very fact that He called them Pedhas from Pandharpur underlines the fact that Baba was omniscient and fulfilled His devotees’ wishes without doubt.

Every time Sitaram went to Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan, another such miracle would take place.

Once, Sitaram left for Shirdi along with the Late Hon.Nanasaheb Chandorkar. They alighted at Kopargaon and bathed in the Godavari. Than took tea made by Nanasaheb’s Brahmin there. Nanasaheb had taken five seers of milk with him and there were many other pilgrims from Mumbai who had come there. They took bathed in the Godavari and were arranging for tea for their families.

When Nanasaheb started distributing the milk to the children, the women and children clamoured for the same and created a commotion. Sitaram was sitting in Nanasaheb’s Tonga nearby, waiting to move . Sitaram told the people, “Do not trouble him. He is not an ordinary pilgrim. He is the district’s Deputy Collector and a Pucca devotee of Shri Sai Baba.”

Later, when they both reached Shirdi in the Tonga, it was time for the Aarati. After the Aarati, when they prostrated in front of Baba, He looked at Sitaram and said, “So Nana is a Pucca devotee and what are you - a Kuchha devotee ?”Vianayak Sitram was surprised and remembered his words to the pilgrims in Godavari. It clearly shows, how Baba gave the experience of His omniscience at every step. Besides He gave the benefit of His profound wisdom to His devotees, so that they shunned any sort of conceit. Baba lovingly narrated stories to guide His devotees on the right path.

Here the writer Sri Vinayak Sitaram gives a beautiful lines from Sant Tukaram,
Sant Tukaram said, “Simply touching the feet of the saint, the seed of greed burns away. “We should place our heartfelt trust at the feet of the saint as per the following Abhang of Sant Tukaram -
“For the Paras, the hands and feet are both made of sandalwood. No part of the body is inferior to it.
For a lamp there is no darkness around or within. Sugar is sweet inside out.
Thus in a good person, Tuka says, you can find no flaws.”

Vinayak Sitaram Mulherkar


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