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Baba the Doer.

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We all know Baba had various way of interacting with HIS devotees and imparting them any message or indicating them about something , one of them was through Dream.Here is a dream experience of a Sai bhakt shared in reply to the post of the blog Pucca devotee and Kuchha devotee? ..

Sairam ,
Very True That Baba shows his Omnipresence.
I had an amazing dream in which Baba has told us that he is the doer of action.

Few months ago in the early hours of a wednesday morning in my dream I had been to my friend Vijaya's house.After spending sometime at her place she takes me to the terrace.Suddenly I see a Babas temple with its rear facing their backyard but strangely the back compound wall is not fully built so we can see what is happening in the temple from the rear side.

So I ask her why she did not tell me? Meanwhile I see Baba lighting the Dhuni and making preparations for evening aarti. I am amazed and look into my friend's face to see if she also sees Baba but she says Look they are making preparations for aarti so from her expression I understand that she sees an ordinary person and not Baba.

Then when I look once again I see Baba again and this time he waves his head forward as though asking me to come on as the aarti is about to begin. Once again I ask her why didnt u tell me? . As she is about to give a reply my husband calls me from downstairs and says " Let's go it's getting dark."

Then I plead him " Oh let's have darshan and go" He agrees and we enter the temple from the frontside .The frontside has a gate through which we enter and there are 4 big steps to enter the temple. The doors of the temple are wide open so that we can see the murti from down.

As we are about to go on to the third step Baba stops me and says " STOP WHERE YOU ARE ,WAIT FOR A WHILE UNTIL I TELL YOU ELSE U WILL FACE GREAT DANGER" I turn to my husband and says let's wait for 5 mins the temple authorities have asked us to do so. Then he doesn't listen and goes forward. I feel helpless and Baba says " SEE I TOLD UR HUSBAND AND U TO WAIT AND HE HAS NOT LISTENED, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED.

When Baba said see what happened I look around to see and I notice that my husband is holding his forehead with his left hand and there is a little blood oozing out of it. Then I say to Baba "what to do Baba he doesn't believe these kind of things like wait till they ask u to go etc". Then Baba says " IS THAT NOT WHY I AM HERE? HE WILL CHANGE HIS THINKING SOON" . Then I close my eyes to ask for his blessings . when I open my eyes he is not there.

Sai Bhakt

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Anonymous said...

Sai Ram Sai Bhakt,

I was really touched to read about your dream through Manisha Didi. I feel obliged that Baba has blessed devotees like you and also me that we are able share our experiences through a common medium.

Sai Ram.
May Sai Baba Bless you and your famiily.

baba on June 4, 2008 at 5:16 PM said...

om Sairam
great Leela.

Sangeeth on July 22, 2008 at 5:25 PM said...

jai sai ram...god bless....very great leela of baba...he does come and wishes us thru dreams...I hope he comes in mine too....

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