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“I have Known him for 30 generation-you will be Incharge of IT”

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Whenever I read or come across any article or Leela of Shri Sai Baba’s devotee of Those times a strong desire rises to be in that period of time just like ocean waves rises high in a full moon day .I wonder and imagine how fortunate were all those whom Baba expressed HIS relation of Many years,with whom baba talked,played,touched and did HIS daily chores!!! I fancy..Oh Sai I wish I could have been one of Those fortunate one ,Wish I could have seen what all took place standing in the corner of the dwarkamayi and looking at your Divine form.

This incident is very interesting ,one is bound to think How Baba planned and looked after each and single devotee sitting at one place controlling the whole universe….

Prof G.G Narke was son-in-law of Sri Buty.The picture on right is of Shri Bapu Saheb Buty.

His wife,mother and father-in-law were great Babas devotee . Buty sahib wrote a mail to Narke to go and pay his respect to Shirdi Sai Baba for which G.G Narke wrote back to say “I would go If Baba wanted me “.

Mr Buty wrote to Baba and Baba asked Him to come.

G.G Narke went to Shirdi in April 1913. Baba was very kind to Buty Family . He would jump up and play a jig, before Narke's mother, showing how happy he was to see her..

Madhava Rao Deshpande took him and introduced him for the first time to Sai Baba.
Baba replied "You introduce him to me! I have known him for thirty generations." What wonderful knowledge of the past was this!

Any devotee who went to Baba to see Him got their first impression from Babas eyes, Babas eyes would be piercing through and through as if reading every thought of the person .They were powerful and intense, Same happened with Narke, The impression of Babas image seated in Chavadi left indelible impression at heart of Narke .Baba worked on HIM internally gradually .In the flow of devotion Narke did his seva to Baba and attended aratis.

At one such Arti in HIS early visits he saw BABA in towering passion.getting angry,shouting ,cursing ,threatening for no cause.Seeing this for a second a passing though came to Narke and doubted HIM to be a MAD man.

In the Afternoon when he went and massaged Babas feet and legs.
Babas stroked Narkes head and said “"I am not mad".
Narke was surprised ,he thought Baba is seeing his heart and nothing is concealed from HIM.Narke thought Baba is my Antaryami-the inner soul of my soul.

After that many instances occurred of Babas Antaryamitwa .Narke had so many experience that nothing was beyond HIM or concealed from Baba ,in past present and future.When Baba talked he spoke as seated in his heart knowing thoughts and wishes
.”This is God within"
Narke thought and had no hesitation that He was God.
Many times Narke tested baba and it proved same conviction that he was all knowing ,all seeing and able to mould all the things to his will.

One of the incidence is narrated here .
In 1913 Baba told Narke that “your father –in-law would build a Dagdiwada(a stone edifice) at Shirdi and that Narke would be in charge of it”.
In 1916 Mr. Buty began to built the building in which Babas tomb is erected and it was after 1918 -19 Narke became the Trustee in charge of IT(tomb).

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