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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 63.

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Sairam ,
Happy Baba's day to all and a very happy Ashtami .May Maa Sai Durga bless you all with abundant joy,health and prosperity.

Today's experiences are from few devotees who wishes to remain anonymous .The experience shared reflects Baba's special blessing in each stage of devotees life.Jai Sai Ram .

Sairam Manisha
Please keep my name and id secretly. First of all, thanks to admin of Sai Baba Miracles page, because of which all can know about miracles of Baba. I am regular reader of this blog. Really all experiences are miracles of Baba.

Now I am going to share my experiences for the first time.

 Experience 1:

Mine was a love marriage so during marriage there was lot of confusion and issues (myself a north Indian and hubby a south Indian).Before marriage none of our relatives came forward for help,few joined us just for touring south india (selfish motives). I was really very worried and prayed to Saibaba to be with us.

As marriage was suppose to be held in hubby,s location,we were to travel by rail.Due to severe stress at one point we even planned to drop the idea of marriage.On the night of journey we all went to station & I was fervently praying to sai to be with me.

Train started approaching station and I turned to move back,suddenly I saw a big picture of sai in magazine.I brought the book and guess what got free golden locket of baba with it.surprising fact is that we all were in station for almost 1 hr that too beside book stalls & no one saw any magazine with baba picture not even me :-). Many might find such incidents as normal but for me during that period this was really a boosting experience.

Later I faced many issues from my in laws due to which i went into deep depression and cursed baba.During all this stormy period my hubby stood beside me like a pillar.Today (almost 7.5 years of marriage) I really feel blessed to have such life partner which is possible only by baba grace. Due to pain and suffering most of time in our life we might think that baba has not done justice to us BUT BELIEVE ME,later as we move in life,we realize that the same person/carrier/situation was was BEST in some way :-). Seriously  "believe him".

Experience 2:

I got married during 2007 and immediately after marriage my hubby went to Malaysia.I was left alone at home.Mine was a love marriage.I am north Indian and my hubby south Indian so after marriage I had tough time with his family especially my MIL (mom in law). My MIL never bothered to come and stay with me.

I was bit scared to stay alone as the area was not very safe so one of our friend suggested to make maid stay at least during night. So daily night maid use to sleep at home and she use to leave home at 6a.m.

One day suddenly she got up at 5A.M and started shivering with fear and she told me that she is not going to come to my house for night stay.

Due to my continuous request she told me that in her dreams one old man came & sat on her chest and started pressing her neck,scolding her for wrong deeds.

As the house was new there were many items to be unpacked including puja items.Within few days I unpacked puja items including saibaba photo and placed it in puja place.

Next day morning she came to work and was completely scared looking at baba's photo and she inquired about him.Later she told me that she saw the same person in her dream that day.

Whatever words Saibaba told her in dream,I am trying to put the same words. Baba scolded her saying that "How dare are you to steal items from this house during my presence, Next time if you repeat this act than I will punish you".

She also accepted that she use to steal items from my kitchen before leaving house. Even though I never prayed to saibaba with devoted heart,he cared so much for me.
Glory to Shirdi Sai Baba .

Jai Sai Ram

Dear Manisha Ji,
 Sai Ram ! How are you doing ? With Baba ‘s grace you and your family might be ok. You have already obliged me by publishing my previous experiences under the title name ‘Believe In Sai -Experience By Anonymous Sai Devotee.’ (06-09-2012(Thursday) e-mailed by me).

In those experiences I had described about my vitamin -D deficiency problem which caused my muscles so weak that it became difficult for me even to stand at one point for more than one minute or walk for more than 20 min. and do household chores .

At that time I had decided if by Baba’s grace I came out of these horrible symptom then I will again mail my experiences.

As per Baba‘s assurance through’Swal Apke Aur Jwab Shri Sai Ke’Bimari ki chinta na Karen jad se chali jayegi’(don’t think much of malady ,you will get rid of it completely)

Now I am ( 75-80)% ok and hopeful of full recovery soon. The house where we live in UK(as tenant ) we have to pay very less rent ,almost half of its actual worth by Baba’s grace otherwise we couldn’t have afforded this kind of house with more than enough accommodation and facilities .

Beside this mysterious every day support of Baba I am in deep sorrow and disheartened because of my mother’s passing away. She(1942-2014[birth year and death year sum is 7! Birth date is 16 also sum is 7]) left this world on 26 th June(Thursday ),2014 in the morning(7:40 am ) in India .

During the last two phone conversations she had with me ,she read out to me Baba’s 11 assurance(11 Bachan).Also in the end of May(one month before mom’s death) I had a dream in which I saw a yogi(celibate) who was surrounded by devotees and he called out to me and said,’’You will come across bad days now’’.(I cannot describe in detail all daily life experiences ).

I have not only been respecting her as a mother but as a unique and precious human being .I couldn’t help but to give brief account about her. She(retd. govt headmistress and lecturer) was very religious and pious lady(happy in singing and listening devotional songs),very supportive ,giving, dominating ,always respected sadhus,fakirs,celibates,kind ,emotional,ambitious,hard working giving particular stress on education, best teacher of her times and always wished to die before my father ,never wished to be hospitalised(she would say that one fakir had told her that she would die before her husband) ,very beautiful (pink and white ,natural teeth and black hair at 71 looked like in late 50s). more interestingly 2,3 days before her death she met with all children(sons & grandchildren),her dear brother ( I phoned her previous day evening ).

She always had religious books in her hand bag,she handed over’ Sai Vrat book’ to my sister on 26 June morning and drove home with my father .In the morning ,( 26 th June ) while she was travelling with my father in a car she was alright and very happy (she had only blood pressure problem for last 6 yrs.) talked to driver about his wellbeing and on the way suddenly she felt like suffocation and soon was out of breadth and passed away in my father’s lap. We (2bros and 1sis) could only console ourselves only after thinking that she is with Baba .

 With the tears in my eyes I can only pray to Baba to take good care of my mother and give her peace and place In His Feet. May Baba forgive me for being selfish for my mother. If Baba wished I would be sharing more experiences in the time to come.

Sai Dasi Om Sai Ram!

Dear Manisha ji ,

I would like to post as anonymous. They say that as you start reading SAI SATCHARITHRA you can feel the same things happening in your life. I too had an experience which I think is also one of his Leela's. I had been to Vijayawada few months back for attending a conference. I usually search for Baba's photo somewhere on the way. I was very happy when I saw that almost every shop in and around the hotel we stayed had Baba's photo.

 Morning we left for conference and after we started only I noticed that there was a small Sai Baba temple in just a few minutes walk from our hotel. Me and my friend are devotees and so we decided to go that evening. But others wanted to go to some other temple. We both didn't compel them but felt bit depressed in not going to that temple.

Suddenly it turned that no auto was ready to take them to the place they asked for. It was more than half an hour and it was getting dark. So it was decided that everyone will go to Baba temple. We both started feeling his blessing and smiled to each other. As I entered I was thinking suddenly, "Baba you are sitting here. I came to this unknown place and somehow I found you are here. You wanted me to meet you here is it not.

You brought me here like a sparrow tied with strings in its feet. That's what you used to say, is it not?" As I was asking him thus I found one thread round my big toe and I noticed that I had dragged it unknowingly from outside the temple.

I just found that its edge was somewhere out. I was so surprised and shocked to see that he had literally tied a string and dragged me. As I again thought that "Baba you are really doing this leela", poojari came and placed UDI in my hands. What a bliss Deva.

I felt I am blessed and so are every devotee of our Sai. I shared this with my friend and I saw the real happiness in her face. It was like she herself experienced it. Not only I experienced His blessings but also learnt that Baba gives the same happiness and blessing which I felt to whoever reads or hears his leelas.

 Jai Sai Ram

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Anonymous said...

Sairam Manisha ji..
thanks for posting wonderful experiences.
Could not thank you enough for posting the experiences of devotees,who were fortunate to pray to baba, during his life time.It brings a great joy while reading.

Unknown on October 9, 2014 at 7:50 AM said...

Om saimaa be with us bless us ti day is your day I feel sai is with me om saimaa

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

madhu52 on April 11, 2015 at 3:56 PM said...

Om sai.namo namah siridinivasa namo namah karuna murti namo namah sadgurusai namo namah baba bless us with london visa. With your grace we must get visa om saima

indu on August 9, 2015 at 7:30 PM said...

Iam searching groom for my daughter.kindly show way baba.bless .my daughter healthy nd agood husband

Unknown on January 17, 2016 at 3:14 AM said...

Om Sai Ram

My name is Jasbir Kaur Sangha, I am a dentist from India and I am very depressed and in very much stress. In my family, I have a mother (depression patient, on medication, living in India), father (cancer patient- multiple myeloma, on medication, living in India), I am elder sister, married and have 2 kids, living in UK, middle sister is suffering from schizophrenia (mental problem) and living in India, youngest sister is recently married and living in America. I am in UK from last 5 years and I have a business visa but don't have money to start my business due to this reason I am unable to go to India to see my parents and sister, On this visa I cant even practice my dentistry. Being eldest among 3 sisters, I feel responsibility of my parents and sister but I am helpless and cant do anything. I am struggling hard to get PR of UK. I want to see my father because he had his 1st transplant in 2007 and he has been diagnosed again with cancer (doctor said that cancer has come back) and may need transplant again. during his 1st transplant I was there with my father because it was held before my marriage but now due to visa problem I am feeling difficulty to help my father as none of my relatives are helpful. Every day I pray to Sai baba to make my parents and my sister get rid of these diseases and bless them with long life and healthy body. I also pray to Sai baba to give me PR of UK so that wishes of my parents may come true because my parents heartily wants me to get PR, to be a British citizen. Its been 5 years, I have not seen my parents and sisters, my eldest sister recently got married in October 2015 and due to visa problem I was unable to attend my sister's wedding and also I was unable to help my father in her marriage as there are lots and lots of works to be done in marriages and my father was alone, doing all the arrangements for marriage. I was feeling so helpless. I still remember when my mother told me during my father's 1st transplant that you are my son, make sure you bring your father back home ( doctors had no hope of my father's survival during 1st transplant) and by baba's blessing my father had successful transplant and good recovery but again cancer has come back. I am very stressed. Every second in my mind health of my family goes on, there are loads of questions going on in my mind about what will happen next, I am clueless, standing in dark. Why Sai baba is not listening to my prayers. I need him badly. Please help

Om Shri Sai Nathaye Namah

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~ श्री साई बाबा के ग्यारह वचन : १.जो शिरडी आएगा ,आपद दूर भगाएगा,२.चढ़े समाधी की सीढी पर ,पैर तले दुःख की पीढ़ी पर,३.त्याग शरीर चला जाऊंगा ,भक्त हेतु दौडा आऊंगा,४.मन में रखना द्रढ विश्वास, करे समाधी पुरी आस५.मुझे सदा ही जीवत जानो ,अनुभव करो सत्य पहचानो,,६.मेरी शरण आ खाली जाए, हो कोई तो मुझे बताये ७.जैसा भाव रहे जिस मनका, वैसा रूप हुआ मेरे मनका,,८.भार तुम्हारा मुझ पर होगा ,वचन न मेरा झूठा होगा ९ आ सहायता लो भरपूर, जो माँगा वो नही है दूर ,१०.मुझ में लीन वचन मन काया ,उसका ऋण न कभी चुकाया,११ .धन्य -धन्य व भक्त अनन्य ,मेरी शरण तज जिसे न अन्य~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~
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