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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 58.

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Sairam to all,
Happy Baba's day
Baba's way of interacting with His children is unique and inscrutable. His power of healing, protecting and blessing His children are beyond the comprehension of human mind.
Below experiences of devotees are indicating how Saibaba accept our prayers and how He is with us all the time. Jai Sai Ram 
Saibaba Gave Me Beautiful Darshan Everywhere:
Manisha Ji,
Thank you for posting my request for taking devotees prayers to Baba’s feet.
I had wonderful darshan of Baba not once but twice. I shall disclose that in my experience below.
The most important thing which I know, all devotees who sent their prayers would want to know. Yes, I did place all the prayers at Baba’s holy feet. When I emailed you my request to post my information online, you posted that devotees can send their prayers till 10th July but I reached India on 6th July and I did not have access to a printer. Maybe it was Baba’s wish so more devotees can send their prayers. So I hand written all the prayers as I did not like to leave any prayers behind.

Baba came to pick me up from the airport. As a Sai devotee I am always looking baba’s picture but it’s hard to see any in the USA. I was not even thinking about this as I came out from the airport. Guess what Baba came to pick me up; my uncle had a nice picture of Baba in his car. I felt very happy to see baba and realized he came to pick me up. When we reached my uncles house he gave me baba’s Shirdi Prasad along with Udi. My joy knew no bound. I was very happy. Trust me wherever I went Baba was already there. All my relatives and friends had Baba’s pictures in their house, even if I didn’t see any picture up front but some picture would be in corner and I felt very happy.
We had online reservations for July 10th darshan and Kakad aarti, but we reached Shirdi around 10:30 pm and I was sad that I could not have baba’s darshan. We eat and took some rest. My dad has a problem with his feet and he cannot stand or walk without pain. But trust me my dad attended the aarti and stood in the long queue for hours without any pain. I was not satisfied as I didn’t get to touch Baba’s Samadhi. I prayed to baba to please give me a flower if you heard my prayer but I did not get any flower as after the aarti baba is given a holy bath so no flowers were on the Samadhi. I was sad as I did not get any flower. Next we went to the chavadhi where the priest gave me a flower. I was so happy that baba heard my prayers. Then we brought prasad. I saw a dog sitting quietly people were feeding him but he would not eat anything. So I gave him a peda hoping he would eat it but he did not. I prayed to baba as I wanted to feed someone in Shirdi. The movement I prayed to baba, the dog ate all the pedas. I thanked baba for granting my wish.
We left Shirdi the next day at 12 pm for Trambakeshwar, our plan was to go to Trambakeshwar, Shani mandir and then to a temple in Aurangabad. As I said I was not satisfied with my Shirdi darshan as I couldn’t touch baba’s Samadhi. We reached Trambakeshwar and did pooja to lord shiva. As my dad did not like the food there, he decided to come bad to Shirdi and spend a night there and then proceed to Shani mandir. I was so happy but worried if my dad will let me go to dwarkamai again because of the crowd and I went to India after 18 years. So he doesn’t want me to go alone. We had dinner it was 8 pm and I was worried that soon aarti would start and then mandir will be closed.
 I asked my dad’s friend to take me to mandir for baba’s darshan. He said yes but as soon as we went to the hotel he felt to sleep. I was mad at my uncle and was praying to Baba to please call me to him. He woke up after few minutes and decided to take me to mandir. He told me there is no use of going as it is going to be very crowded and the queue will be very long. I told him to come and we will see. To my surprise the queue was not that long, we joined the queue and within 30 mins Baba was in front of my eyes. I prayed to Baba to solve my problems. I have a wish that I am waiting for to be fulfilled for a long time. As it was Friday there was a glass around the Samadhi but I did get to touch the edges and take a flower from there. I was so happy that baba called me back and I feel lucky to get Baba darshan twice in this trip. Then we went to all other temples and baba was already there waiting for me in a form of a picture.
On my way to the airport for USA, It was night time and I could not see any baba’s picture. I wanted see baba on the way. As soon as we took airport exit a taxi came on the side with nice baba picture on the back window. I was so happy and thanked baba for giving me darshan. He came to drop me to the airport.
Sorry I know it’s a long post but this was my first trip to Shirdi I do not want to leave out anything. I hope baba will grant all the prayers of the devotees I took and again call me Shirdi. Sai devotees please pray for my job and marriage as I am in a lot of trouble.

Saibaba Accepted My Prayer:
Dear Manisha,

Here is another cute experience I had with my dear Sai. Every experience given here is pure bliss to the readers and this too will be one to Sai lovers.
I used to come late to home by 10 PM after my work. As soon as I am home I would go to Sai Baba's idol and place my mobile next to him and touch his feet. Only after that I will relax.
That day too I did the same. I kept my mobile and touched his feet when I heard a beep sound. It was a forward message from my friend.
The message was like "keep pressing…. (For scrolling down)". So I scrolled down for a long page and at the end of the message it was written "Thanks for pressing my legs. They were paining."

I was really taken aback with the forward. Though it was a fun message the time it reached me clearly told me that my Sai is playing around with me always. I was so happy and started smiling like something. Nobody knew why I was smiling or I could not explain this to anyone, rather it was pure happiness which I and my Sai shared.

Om Sai Ram

 Why Fear When I Am Here:
Hi Manisha Ji,
I would like to share my experiences but please don’t disclose my contact details. Just one word for you didi that you are BABA’s person
I got married during 2007 and immediately after marriage my hubby went to Malaysia. I was left alone at home. Mine was a love marriage. I am north Indian and my hubby south Indian so after marriage I had tough times with his family especially my MIL (mom in law). My MIL never bothered to come and stay with me. I was bit scared to stay alone as the area was not very safe so one of our friend suggested to make maid stay at least during night. So daily night Maid use to sleep at home and she use to leave home at 5-5.30 A.M.
This experience was told by my maid. One day suddenly she got up at 5 A.M and started shivering with fear and she told me that she will not come to my house for night stay. Due to my continuous request she told me that in her dreams one old man came & sat on her chest and started pressing her neck, scolding her for wrong deeds.
As the house was new there were many items to be unpacked including puja items. Within few days I unpacked puja items including Saibaba photo and placed it in puja place. Next day morning she came to work and was completely scared looking at baba’s snap and she inquired about him. Later she told me that she saw the same person in her dream that day. Whatever words Saibaba told her in dream, I am trying to put the same words.
“Baba scolded saying that "How dare are you to steal items from this house during my presence, Next time if you repeat it than I won’t spare you".
She also accepted that she use to steal items from my kitchen before leaving house. Even though I never prayed to Saibaba with devoted heart, he cared so much for me.
DANYAVAD  Saibaba.
Saibaba Always Listen To Our Devoted Prayers:
Jai Sairam,
I want to share my experiences, please don't disclose my identity.
I came to know about Shirdi Saibaba through a relative, who has given me a SAI SATCHARITA book and told me to read it and finish in a week (parayana). I didn't know anything about baba till that time. I just started reading the book on a Thursday and somehow finished in a week. But through that I came to know about baba which again created an interest in me to know more about him. I started collecting books and magazines on him. Slowly baba stepped into my life. Also some problems in my life brought him more close to me. And now he is closest to my heart, the one who listens to me always, loves me unconditionally and cares for me the most. Two experiences of my life I’m going to share.
Experience No 01:
This is regarding my son's admission in a school. This is the school that most parents preferred to put their kid into in our locality. Usually they take an interview (an interaction) of the kid and parents as well, on that basis they select. So I was like preparing my kid so that he can answer well and I had a hope that he'll get selected. But that year the school got a huge no. of applicant(unexpectedly more) and suddenly the school took the decision of selecting kids through a lottery system, that means all the applicants name will be written on individual piece of papers which will be folded and all will be put in a basket.
Randomly they will call some parents to pick the required no of name chits (which is only around 1/5th of all chits) to take out from the basket. The whole thing will take place in front of all parents on a specified date. This became completely a matter of chance. I was shocked to know this, becasue now nothing is in our hand, I was worried that if he'll not get an admission to that school, then where we'll put him, as all the good schools are too far from my place, I was not comfortable with sending him by school bus as he is too small.
 I was praying at baba all the time that you've to do something. Finally that day came; I prayed to baba and got ready to go to school. I've told at my home that keep on putting ghee in the diya so that it'll not turn off until I reach home. At the school, they were allowing a single parent inside the hall to avoid rush, so I (am the mother) went inside and sat quietly uttering baba's name in my heart. The whole process began. After collecting all the names in the basket they mixed them nicely and randomly called a person to take out the chit. When that person put his hand in the basket and took out a chit, on that very moment I had a feeling that baba himself is taking out a chit from a load of chits present in the basket. Then he handed over the chit to the school authority to open it and read the name. To my surprise the name he read is my son's name, I could not believe from so many chits the first chit which was being picked up was my son's. I was in such a state that is it true! He then again read that name as nobody was responding from the parents. Then I stood up and my son got the admission easily. I can't forget that moment as baba was telling me I’m around you all the time, whenever you call me I’m there to help you.
Experience No 02:
Now we've moved to another state in India as my husband switched to another company. We are new to this place, but few relative and friends are staying here. Luckily I found a very nice Shirdi Saibaba temple near to my home (that also baba shown me).
My son's birthday was coming, I’ve planned to call those relative and friends and to have a small get together at our place on that evening so this will make my little one happy as we've recently left our native and he is missing his friends here. But my husband didn't agree with this. But anyhow I had that plan in my mind, I visited Sai temple just the previous day of my son's B'day and prayed at him to make that small party to happen successfully and just told him also to come to attend, I’m inviting u first. I've read in Satcharita that if someone invites baba to attend any occasion, then baba surely comes.
After that somehow my husband also agreed to it and in the evening I called our relatives and friends to attend our son's B'day in the next day evening (which was a Thursday). Next morning I prayed to baba to bless my child we did a small puja at home, then we started all arrangements for evening, I cooked the food at home, praying to baba that make these tasty. Then decorated the room with balloons, banners etc. But I’ve completely forgotten that I’ve invited baba also.
When everything got ready we waited for the guests to come. First my friend with her family reached our home and subsequently others. My friend was doing baba's 5 Thursday vrat. That was her last Thursday. She gave me baba's prasad, Udi and a vrat book with baba's cover photo. I took it and kept it in my puja room. I couldn't remember that time that baba has accepted my invitation and he was the first one to come and attend the party. I was busy with guests, served them food, my son also enjoyed a lot, everything got over late in the night, then I went to sleep.
While lying on the bed I thought everything went on smoothly, baba with your grace, everybody came whom I called up despite of a working day, but baba why u didn't come? That very moment I could remember that the book with baba's photo my friend has given me which I kept in puja room cupboard. That time only I realized that baba has come to bless my son as I’ve invited him, but how I could forget this. Even we forget baba keeping ourselves busy in all silly things, but baba who is handling the whole Brahmanda ( the entire universe) never forgets us. Om Shri Sainathaya Namah.

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Anonymous said...

Beautifull experiences. thanks for sharing :-)

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

omsairam..very nice experiences..

Anonymous said...

Very nice experiences....thanks a lot for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM.....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

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