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My 7 Years Problem Got Solved-Sai Devotee.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Today we have an experience proving again that total surrender to Baba's will and His grace bear fruits to devotees wishes.Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Ram Manishaji ,

First of all I thank Baba for showing me the way to your site and thank him for blessing you with such a great work of love and devotion towards him.

I try and read all your mails and the inspiring stories of all Sai devotees. I have a long way to go in attaining unconditional 'Shraddha' and unaltered 'Saburi' but every story i read brings me closer to achieving it.

I have tried my best to explain the level of my issue and the graceful healp i received from Sai Baba. Please do feel free to share my experience if you find it inspiring and useful to all Sai devotees. However, I request you to kindly conceal my identity.

Everyone must have heard of Sade-sathi, and almost everyone dreads this long 7 1/2 year period that brings hurdles in one’s life. Well when I entered the Sade-sathi period in the second half of 2002, I was unaware of its effects. Life before that was carefree and though I was a God-loving human I rarely ran to God with my problems (which were anyways few).

Then life took a 360 degree turn and I was caught in an unusual problem. Before I touch upon the problem I would like all my Sai-devotee friends to know that I hail from a relatively conservative family and had a very protective surrounding be it family or friends. Being conservative, my family is not open to unsettling incidents and being protected means I was not independent, courageous and bold. So coming back to the second half of 2002.

 I encountered a difficult situation when a colleague almost 6 years younger to me confessed to be in love. At first, I laughed it out but as days passed I realized that it was a serious problem. This person started slashing his wrist and chest with sharp blades, would call me at the dead of the night threatening to jump off a running train and even attempted suicide.... as terrible as it sounds so was I terrified and as days went by I started being stalked from morning to evening.

I could run to my family or friends for help, but I was scared of their reactions and started handling this person myself. Slowly I got entangled in a mess that I could not clean-up. That was the worst thing I ever did cause what followed was a 7 year torture. It is difficult for me to pen down everything because it brings back all the pain and suffering and I do not want to relive it.

 I lost 2 jobs, was unable to marry, lived in fear 24/7, was abused, beaten and checked on all the time. The carefree me had become a helpless caged bird. During these days I always passed by our local Sai Baba Mandir and looked at Sai Ma from the gate and said, 'I was not born for this'. I never entered the temple and I don’t know why. Maybe there was no calling. Maybe I had to pay back for my past Karma.... Then sometime in 2005/2006 I had a vision of Baba in my dreams and he had his index finger pointing upwards and palm towards him.

As I did not know that this gesture was his usual way of saying "Sab ka malik ek", I interpreted it as Baba telling me, "What are you up to girl?" Once again I paid no heed to this call of Baba as I was immersed in handling my day-to-day minute-by minute problems. By this time I had reconciled with my problem and given up on any hope to get free.

 I had made-up my mind that if he pushes too hard I shall put an end to this life. With this thought another two years passed by and I became a living vegetable, uninterested in myself, putting up a false act in front of family and friends... Then in 2009, I came across a professional associate who was kind and nice. This person became a good friend and one day scooped out all my dark secrets. This person introduced Sai Baba to me in the most wondrous manner and made me believe that here is your saviour.

To add to it my colleague from another city who had become very close also told me about Sai Baba and asked me to make him my friend, my love, my parent. It may be noted that this colleague talks to Baba as he were his family member, like wishing him Good morning, sharing her happiness and sorrows. And she advised me to do the same. So I did. Initially I found it weird to talk to a picture but gradually I started feeling it.

As advised by my first friend (professional associate) I even met a few NGOs, Lawyer clubs and read a few inspiring articles on how women fought their way out of abusive relations. All of this as I see was nothing but Baba's calling. It is he who sent these angels in to my life to show me the way. The way finally led me to speak to my family and to my pleasant surprise and more so Baba's grace my parents were supportive.

We lodged a police complaint around end of 2009 and since then my problem has been resolved. After this incident my faith in Baba has grown. He has helped me in many more trying incidents but there are times that my faith staggers.

But I pray to my Sai Baba, to my Sai Ma to deliver from me my faith and in case I ever fall, to bring me back on track and guide me through this life and ever.

I pray to Sai Baba to cure us, his devotees, of disease of mind and body and give us a final place in his heart and feet.

 Om Sai Ram

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Anonymous said...

Very touching experience.. even i suffered for 6 years and then wen Baba came into my life i am reborn.. Thanks deard devotee for sharing ur experience.May Baba bless u

Om Sai Ram,
Baba Maalik

Anonymous said...


VSK on August 16, 2013 at 10:08 PM said...

This does show that irrespective of your faith and devotion, Baabaa will come into your life to save you in HIS own way. May Baabaa be always with this woman to increase her faith. Om sairam.

Anonymous said...

Sade sathi reminds me of the worst sufferings I went through from 2006 and looks like we are almost towards the end. It was a time when I was totally lost in life, confused, clueless and in pain, when the nearest and dearest ones refused to help, a very benevolent friend came into my life like an angel and led me to Baba. And there is no looking back after that. I can feel His presence every single moment now. I can only imagine the misery you've been through. Stay blessed and strong and secure in Baba's love and grace :-)

Jai Sairam

Krishna on August 17, 2013 at 6:08 AM said...


Anonymous said...

om sai ram

Anonymous said...

Sai kirpa karo

Anonymous said...

Sai sun lo meri pukar

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