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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 50.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Few more experiences are shared in today's post . Jai Sai Ram

Baba Blessed Me In Dream:

Dear all,
I am from Bali, now days living in Arab united.I am so happy to have a chance to share my happiness with all of you. I never thought and had never known Shirdi Sai Baba before.Many time in my life I dreamt about an old man visiting my room.

He always gave me advice and talked to me in Sanskrit language which I never understand but in dream I fully understoodd what we were discussing about.

He guided me to see the farm,garden with lots of flower very green. He than showed and guided me to a very old house where He lives. Its very simple house with big tree in the middle of the house .He walks with me to his dining house.

He teach me how to pray and He put up vibhooti on my forehead and He say"come and visit me my daughter,the door is already open and why are you soo confused I am always with you just talk to me, release your sadness, face up and be happy ,smile as much as you can and feed the poor people."

Finally in July after long process I get visa to visit India and I visit Shirdi .
I kept crying and can not say how happy I was to see the house of my dream in real!!

The way He is seat in althar is HIM.I can not imagine how lucky I am to have Baba and He always allowing me to come and touch his feet. He allowed me to have food and eat with all of my family from other country there in Shirdi.

Really blessed life I have, and every time I am sad, I feel happy to know He is there and I can feel Baba always around me. He knows even what will happen and what will happening in future. I believe in the power the glorious Baba, Baba really guides me to the right path and to make the  right decision every time I am confused .  Thank you Baba for blessing me and taking me in your fold.

Om Sai Ram

Oppurtunity Of Being Blessed Twice By Baba:

In the year 2002, when I had lost a rudraksh which was given to us when a person had come to visit our house, saying that he had come from Shirdi and actually nobody else in the building had even seen anybody enter the building, we had the opportunity of being blessed. and we knew it was our Sai who had come to our house and also given us the rudraksh.

But after some months my husband got some assignment abroad and we all went with him and we actually forgot about the rudraksh, though we were still great devotee of baba. Once after few years, when I suddenly remembered about the rudraksh I wept bitterly and asked baba to forgive me for being so irresponsible.

But then in the year 2007 when we came back to Mumbai I used to pray to my baba to  give the rudraksh back to me. And it actually happened  in 2008 when we had gone to a temple in Baroda Pavgad Mata temple a person wearing a white kafni and head dress came to me and handed over the rudraksh to me.

I was so wonderstruck that I did not even realize at that moment what happened. Because we were almost 6 of us but how did this maha purush come directly to me and give me the rudraksh??

I knew it was my baba who had come and gifted me the rudraksh the second time. I don’t know what I can do to serve my baba.  I keep talking to him and ask him for guidance all the time.
I want to thank My Baba for being there all through out .
Mumbai .

A Miracle Of Baba:

A miracle of baba.Now a days i am not at all in peace.
Today on this websit some anonymous sister wrote her blessing of sai and she seeing baba in auto.

Once again i asked baba to Please give me his darshan.

And i forgot totally about it. In the afternoon I was very much feeling to go to my regular baba's temple near my place.

And as of work i am unable to but still i was feeling to go to him as i was doing 9 guruvar vrat and today is thursday.

Aftersometime I casually opened my email which I don't use regularly.

To my ashnotinshment my friend sent me picture of baba which she posted 3 days back.

When I opened it is the picture of baba of the same temple where I wanted to go.

Please see the attachment.

As I was unable to go to the temple Baba himself came to me.

Didi, this is giving me confidence for me to wait for my problem to get resolved.

Please don't publish my name.

Years Of Struggling For A Child:

Let me share with you my devotion and the miracle of Baba. We have been trying to conceive for past 2 years. It came to point where we seeked medical help and began undergoing invasive procedures such as IUI and IVF. It was during this time in which I became a devotee and believer of Sai Baba. His leelas and stories inspired me and I read his stories to help me through this difficult time.

After several failed procedures, we had given up and with the doctors themselves boggled as to why we weren't able to conceive, we left it up to Baba and Mataji.

Then, one day, we found out that the impossible has happened. We had conceived WITHOUT any medical treatment. We feel so blessed and happy.

Right now I am 5 months pregnant and still continue to pray to the Almighty and hope that he shows his miracles to others as well.

Thank you God for your love and devotion. Faith and patience.
Sai is always with you.

6 months later, after the birth of my first baby, I am now pregnant again thanks to Sai baba. It is truly Gods miracle.

After so much struggle to be blessed with happiness.
May Sai Baba continue to bless my family and myself.
Sai Ram.

Saibaba's Miracle In My life- Ashish's Experience 1:

How Sai helped me clear my exam:

Hello Manisha didi,

I am so proud of you for having been sincerely bearing the seva on running this website and allowing the devotees to share their experiences.

I completed my engineering in 2010, but it was my dream to pursue higher studies in the United states.I gave all the respective exams needed to secure admission.

I knew about Satcharitra but was acquainted with the brief version of it.I started attending the arti's of baba daily and slowly a change came in me that I completely felt that I became Sai's child.

I used to see Him in my dream(in sleep as well as in awaken state) smiling at me and chewing something as a sign asking me to come and offer HIM something to eat. I always had the habit of offering something to baba before meal in the morning as well as in the evening after lightening the diya.

One day it so happened that when I was upset that I dint do one exam well that I needed to secure my admission, I suddenly opened a website that I know since long. I have gone through a link from that website called Sai Satcharitra (the comlete version of saibaba's original satcharitra) and started reading the first chapter from it. Until then I never knew that there were upto 50 chapters from Satcharitra.

The same day Baba allowed me to book the slot for the exam which I was supposed to re-give to get good score. Since then I was working hard on my exam where on a fine evening I went to the beach along with my friend to relax and have some peace of mind.

I have seen a beggar who came towards me then asking me to lend money. I simply gave Him some money(I dont remember exactly what amount I'd lent Him).Upon taking the money the beggar blessed me saying I will pass in my exam and I was surprised to hear it from Him but was not that serious about that incident.I haven't see Him again in the beach after that incident.

I gave my exam and was surprised to see my result and became happy.I then thought about the incident happened in the beach where the beggar blessed me after taking money from me. Where did He come from and why did He particularly bless me saying I will pass in my exam ?Sai only knows about it for it was He who came in the form of a beggar to bless me and erase my worries.

I would like to disclose my name, but not my email ID. Kindly post this on the website and let me be fortuitous to share my experience on your website. I will share more of my experiences in the coming days with Baba's blessings.


Baba At Skandashram:

This incident happend while on a trip to Tiruvannamalai.
Being a Baba's devotee, Baba has always been around when I cried for help. Has never ever deserted me.

I recall an incident when we went over to Tiruvannamalai on a two day trip some months ago.

We offered prayers at Ramanashramam, Seshadri Swamigal Ashram, some of us did Giri valam too. Early in the morning, we decided to go on a climb to Skandashramam. It was exciting, a bit difficult but we managed. Heavenly sight! As I went into a small cave like structure, a small passage near the entrance had a lot of books on the low lying table.

Imagine my surprise and joy at seeing Baba My Master (do not recall the author). My family members occasionally tease me....I pointed out to the book and said Why is Baba here? What is he doing at Skandashram?

I try to visit the Mylapore temple whenever possible butcould not go for about two months. One day we had to drop my mother in law before going to RK Mutt, Mylapore where we go for the Sunday bhajans. Somehow we had lost our way and just took a road, guessing it would lead us. I cannot explain the delight when I realised we were on the road that led to Baba Temple, the best part was on Sunday evening, it was not crowded, from the main road, as we were driving, we could get a good view of Baba!

I could go on and on about his timely appearance at all times.
Several hurdles have been crossed with his grace,
Several challenges lie at the moment, to which his leelas are ready, I am just waiting for them to happen.

Hema R

My Wish of Seeing SaiMaa in Green:

I wished to see SaiMaa in Green Shawl.SaiMaa fullfills all the wishes no matter how big or how small it may be.We have to remember our father's words Shraddha and Saburi.

Dear Manisha Ji
Om Sai Ram

Many thanks to you for bringing us close to Sai Ma through this website. Every day the first thing i do as soon as i login into internet is to look into Shirdisaibabakripa website. You are doing a wonderful Seva to Sai maa through this website and whenever i am low i read this website  which gives me immense strength and support and hope.I would like to share my experience with Saimaa.I request you not to disclose my email id and name and please correct where ever its necessary.

I became Saimaa devotee since Jan 2012 and from then onwards i am feeling the presence of Sai maa everyday and Saimaa is answering to all my requests and has given me confidence that life would be beautiful.

I started doing Sai navguruvaar vrat and i started experiencing miracles in my life i succeeded in both my career front and personal front.

Everyday i watch Sai Maa of Shirdi through the link provided in this website
On 8th Guruvar after Pooja a sudden desire came to my mind of seeing Sai Maa in green shawl. So on Friday after watching Kakad Arthi online on Live Shirdi Darshan.I asked Baba to fulfil my desire of seeing Him in green Shawl.

To my surpirse the same day Sai maa was in a very light shade of green shawl.I thanked Baba for being so kind wih me and wearing green shawl. But again the next moment i felt that i wanted to see Sai maa in a very deep green Shawl but still was happy that atleast i got see him in green and thanked him for the same.

The same night again when i loged into net and cliked on link Live Shirdi Darshan to have Sai maa's darshan my joy knew no bound as i saw sai maa in deep green shaul.(i have attached the pictures)

I thanked Saimaa from the bottom of my heart for fullfiling my wish.

I had faced a health concern and by Babas grace i am overcoming it and very soon SaiMaa will make me recover completely.

Baba is the greatest strength and Baba will Bless all of us as he cannot see his children in pain.
I Love you SaiMaa
Yours Daughter

Sai Baba Blessed Me With His Devotion:

Dear Manisha ji,
I want to share how Sai baba showed his miracle and made me his devotee for ever. I am grateful to Sai ram while sharing my experience with other Sai devotees.I did not know much about Sai baba until I got the Sai Baba 9 Thursday book from one of the Sai devotees who was concluding her fast.

I was at a family get together in Sai Baba temple, Bhubaneswar, when the devotee came and handed over the book to me saying "this is for you". I was surprised, but at the same time I was happy also. I started reading the book and decided to do the 9thursday fast.

On the 9th Thursday of my fast, I went to the same Sai temple. I got Prasad and Red roses from the temple stall. While standing in the queue, I saw devotees holding beautiful big red roses for Sai and I started thinking how come I got these small roses from the stall? How I missed those beautiful big roses while purchasing? I started wondering will Baba like my roses? Shall I go back to the stall and get some big ones too!?

I just thought this and next moment I saw those two red roses in my hand were NOT there!! I started looking around everywhere me on the floor to see if they have fell down? It was bright white marble floor in the temple and it is impossible to miss the red roses on thar floor. The roses were not anywhere.

I felt like crying, I thought Baba is not happy with my puja. By that time I was almost at baba's Singhasan and I could not get time to go back to the stall.

I gave my Prasad thali to the priest and started praying. To my surprise flower fell from baba's head. I asked for one flower from Baba's feet, the priest randomly picked up flowers and gave it to me. I saw those two small red roses given back to me that looked like the exact two roses I was holding in the queue. I could feel Baba has been graceful to me. My wishes behind the 9 Thursday fast were all fulfilled.

I have heard that Sai baba chooses his devotees and drags them towards him. I am obliged to Sai Ram for showering his grace on me and showing me the path of his devotion. I am a life long devotee of Sai baba now.
Jai Sai Ram!
Pratima Mishra

Sai's Grace On My Life:

Dear all,
Sai ram. Past 9 months i do not have a job.My family life is difficult to run. At this time one of my old colleague guided me to do Sai 9 Thursday vrat.First i postponed .

Next Thursday onwards (16/08/2012).I started 9 Thursday vrat. After that i got lot's of interview's but i did not get success in it. That time i had lot of doubt about Sai baba.

After that I got the Sai Satcharitra from web site.I read 3 times at that time with faith and miracle happened.Last week of September Thursday, I attended an interview.I didn't do proper system test.But they selected me and that day itself gave an oral confirmation of job.

Past one month I communicated to that company.They told me till wait upto confirmation. I got a chance and went shirdi at 23/11/2012. I saw Sai Baba in face to face manner. I told all my problem in the queue time. In front of Sai i forgot to tell about my problem.After that I bought big photo of Sai baba. Continued in same  manner of reading Sai Satcharitra. Same company made call to me on Wednesday 30/10/2012.Confirmed my job and I joined that company( name of company is (Sai grace)gracesoft) at 1st November 2012.

If you have full faith on Sai baba,he never leaves you in any suituation of your life.

Sai baba's devotee,

Baba Is Alaways With Me:

This has been my third time, sharing my Sai experience with everyone .Today i was having a conversation with my family and i was remembering how Baba has always been there in the backstage looking at us and giving us the lessons and the power to fight with troubles of life .He is the soul protector and makes sure none of his children are harmed and looks after them very carefully .

As i was having a lot of trouble in my personal life and everyday was a battle for me i used to cry to baba and ask for help and baba did help me at the right time and things just happned and i am at much peace with myself now, thanks to baba. I love him to bits but sometime i do question him, being a human i am ignorant of his power and still need to master patience as its baba golden rule .So to all my Sai devotees have full faith and patience in baba and remember baba does everyting for a reason so one should just wait for the right time that is chosen by baba .

Sairam Helped Me:


Hello Manishaji,
I just want to share a small leela of Baba, that happened this sunday with me. Please don't share my name and my email id.

I am a staunch devotee of Sai Baba and a voracious reader of Sai Satcharitra. But whenever i read the Satcharitra or read your posts of baba's leelas i always used to feel, so blessed are those who experienced them.

I always try to chant Sai Sai all the time but in sansara sometimes you become so lost in the worldly things that you forget to take the name of the god and think that for every good thing and bad thing we are the doer.

Now coming to my experience on Sunday evening i was going along with my family to a shopping mall, so in the transit i was continously chanting Sai Sai. I don't know why but i was continously chanting Sai Sai, then we reached the mall did some shopping.

I did the payment for the items through my ATM/debit card, collected the items and the bill went to my family who was waiting for me. When we started going towards the exit gate my brother asked me the bill as the security person will ask for the bill, then i started searching in my bag but bill wasn't there.

Then we immediatelly rushed back to the place where we sat for sometime gossiping after bill payment. There one person was sitting, he saw me and asked me "Is this your's ?" i was like shocked, then immedistely i collected the card and bill and left from that place.

But deep in my heart i was thanking BABA for this wonderfull leela.


Share Your Experience:HERE.

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om sai ram

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