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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 49.

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Jai Sai Ram
Happy Baba's day to all
Devotees are sharing their unique moments with Shirdi Sai Baba in following few experiences .
Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Ram Manisha ji,

Attached file has MS Word document from Sue Patil, Shanghai, China about her and her husband's experience in Hong Kong.

English is not my first language. So, you are allowed to correct grammatical errors if any.

Thanks for sending me information about e-mail address.
Shree Sai

June 2012 Experience From-Shanghai, China

We are currently in Shanghai, China due to my husband’s job assignment. We went on our home leave trip to the States in May, and we found out that my husband’s right eye pressure was high. His doctor gave him eye drops and medicines to lower eye pressure. He got 50% relief. Doctor assured him that it will be alright after few weeks, so we left our home to join his job in Shanghai, China.

My husband’s eye pressure got very high in Shanghai in 15 days, and doctor told us to go to Singapore for surgery which is last treatment. We contacted his company and SOS as guided by his workforce. SOS told us their decision in one day that they will make arrangement and got appointment in Hong Kong. They would not let us go to Singapore due to company policies.

 I was praying Shree Sai every moment to help us in this difficult time. Finally, company agreed to take him to HongKong. As soon as we landed in HongKong we went to see doctor since appointment was within two hours. We sat in doctor’s office for 5 hours and eye doctor in HongKong said if we may, we should not do surgery and control eye pressure with medicines.

 During this time he ran few tests also. Finally, at 6PM he said we will do operation in three days (Dragon Boat festival happened to be during weekend and doctor could not do surgery). My husband was in pain for next two days. We were praying Shree Sai Baba in hotel constantly.

On Monday, doctor took him in the operation theater at 12 pm. My husband had Shree Sai’s small photo in his pocket. It took two and half hours. I had Shree Sai photo in my hand and I was praying Baba to make operation successful.

When doctor came out he looked happy and I knew Baba listened to my prayer. Yes! HE did. He always takes care of devotee no matter where devotee is. He is everywhere. He was in HongKong with us at our difficult time. Bow to Shree Sai.

Thank you Baba for taking care of us. Please keep your blessings with us always like this. Give us good buddhi to help others.
Bow to Shree Sai.
Jai Sai Ram
Sue Patil

Baba's Kindness On Me:

This is one of the many miracles of Baba in my life.

I had to visit my dearest sister’s place in Kannur to attend a puja in June. Before travelling I prayed to Baba that I get to see His photo or get His darshan in the form at least I understand.

The puja was in a place called Thirunamdhan kunnu. So we started from Kannur on 25th June by train. The train had picked up the speed and it was so crowded that I was little irritated.

After sometime,we wanted to have some tea and when the chaiwaala came, my sister took the tea cup and passed it on to me .And I had to pass the cup to my mom but I dropped the hot tea on my lap even before mom could hold. It was so hot that my left thigh was burning. I wanted to cry, but I prayed to Baba as to why this punishment on the day before the puja? And said that I felt like seeing Him as I wanted to hug Him and cry.

While I was just thinking of my Baba crying in my heart, I heard an old man calling out Allah Mallik... All gods are one. I was so stunned to hear that. Then in the crowd, He just looked at me. He said, I want 6 Rs for my lunch. I hurriedly started searching for my purse in my bag.

By the time, I took the money out he was about to go, but I called out loudly "BABA". He turned back, took the money and said "that's enough". I was so shocked and surprised. Why would a person begging say enough? He didnt' ask for money to anybody but just went away saying Allah mallik... I forgot all about the burns and was so mesmerized by His miracle that I was in silence for a long time and enjoying the bliss.

I was so happy that Baba came to console me.
I will always remember this day all my life.
Love You so much Baba.
Just be with me always!!!

Another miracle that happened after a week was on July 3rd, Guru Poornima Day. Sadly I couldn't even do my regular pooja. I was feeling so bad that I missed going to Baba's temple in Bangalore as they celebrate on a very grand scale. I was feeling very low.

My mother had washed clothes and  I told that I would put the clothes for drying in the utility space. I was about put the clothes for drying, I saw an old man coming and standing just in front of the main gate. He had white beard and holding a choli. He said or asked nothing.

He just stood there. I quickly went in to get the money and gave it to him. He just walked away taking the money and did not visit any other house.When I told this to my sister, she said there are no beggars in the area they lived and its a surprise a person came and not begged but just stood. I stopped feeling bad that I missed out on visiting Baba's temple or doing puja as my Baba Himself came to see me & tell that He is always with me & I don’t have to feel bad... How merciful You can get Baba!!

On 6th July, my brother in law (BIL) took my mom, sister and  me to Baba's temple in Kannur. The closing time is 7:00 in the temple and we reached just about in time when the arti was going on. I was so touched that Baba ensured that we reached before the closing time. My BIL told that usually there's a lot of traffic during that time 6:30- 45, but that day it was so empty and we were able to reach the time in just 15 minutes only because of Baba’s grace.

I had subscribed for Sai baba's messages on my mobile just few days before I left for Kannur. So I get msgs on daily basis which is the same that you can see on FB wall as well.. Everyday the message on FaceBook and the one I get are the same. On 2nd July, I morning I was feeling very low since the time I woke up. I was getting anxious about my job, marriage and just about everything... I was feeling very scared and then I get this sms for the day "WHY FEAR WHEN I A HERE?" I was so glad He was consoling me through this msg. Nevertheless, that day when I checked my FB I was in for a shock as the msg for July 2nd was a totally different one...!!! It was " I draw my devotee to me at the time of death, even though, he is thousand miles away". Oh my god!! I was so pleasantly surprised and  touched by His kindness.

Let me always remember Your Lotus feet  and Never forget You Baba!!
Bless all Your devotees…
Om Sai Ram!!

My Hearts Story:

Dear All
I am from Cuttack, Orissa.What to tell about my Saibaba. He is almighty and everywhere. Whenever you need him just close your eyes and say Om Sai Nathaya Namaha, He will take you away from all your sorrow. I was in axis bank. Due to GOD's Grace I got that golden job. But after 5-7 days I left that job and I thought I can get any good job. But I was wrong.

Three long year I fought with the situation. From every where I got frustration, Frustration and Frustration. Even I was cheated by many employers. I worked for them with all my effort but everybody cheated me. I had immense pain during that days. But I had no trust on Saibaba at that time, when i came in touch first time with Saibaba my life has been completely changed.Due to his grace only I got a very good job in A MNC as manager. My whole belief and my rest of life is for sai baba. I can do any thing for Saibaba. Bolo Anant Koti Brahamanda Nayak Raja Dhi Raj Yogi Raj Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jay.

Baba's Love :

I am from Odisha -the place of Sri Jagannath ji.

Sadguru Sr Sainath was not known to me till 2008 and a friend of mine was earlier a devotee, presented me a small idol of SAI which I handed over to my wife who was also a devotee of BABA. When I was reading the news paper at my work place, some SAI devotee had elaborated his heartful feelings of how SAI once came to came to his house and asked his wife for a glass of water. His wife offered the glass from inside the gate and did not open the gate as there was no male member at home. BABA (with white kafni and headgear) drank the water and described the agony she is passing through in details and blessed her saying that the good time is approaching and advised to send her husband to Shirdi after feeling alright.

After that, she offered BABA a few rupees as Dakshina but BABA asked her to give it in the Sai temple. She then thought of putting the glass in side the room , open the gate to prostrate before BABA. But to her astonishment BABA had vanished within seconds as far as she could see. Within a few days she regained her happiness and her husband became a devotee and visited Sirdi time and again.

When I returned from my work place with the paper to show it to my wife, on my arrival she at once narrated the episode, how BABA came to our home but she could not open the gate and the rest was as per the previous story. From then and there I clinged to my Sadguru Sri SAI BABA and He manages my world since then.


Sai Baba Chamatkar:

I have experienced Sai Baba miracles in many ways, Here I am sharing one of his Miracles

Earlier I used to visit Sai baba Temple at Rohini, but due to very long distance and after marriage in 2005 my visits to temple became less and less. But there was a miracle that happened to me and from them I have become again Shiri Sai Baba Bakht .

Today also I can remember very well  that important day- 18, April 2011. That day my son got very high fever. I always used to take him to his permanent doctor since childhood. But on that day we went to Shree Sai homeopathy dispensary which was very close almost 5 minutes distance from my place .

There I saw a huge photographs of Sai Baba. I prayed to him to save my child from this fever. After one dose of medicine from Doctor ,my child got relief and sounded good. From that day till today I always recite/chants Sai Ram Sai Ram .And I know Baba is always protecting and taking care of His children .


Baba Makes His Presence Felt:

I am working presently in Nigeria.I was traveling to India for vacation after a stay of more than an year in Nigeria. I was on my way to the airport. While going in the car, I suddenly felt that I should see Sai's name somewhere on the road. Maybe a hoarding or a vehicle etc. In India it is very common to see Sai Baba's name or photo in trucks, shops etc. Here in Nigeria, I was expecting almost the impossible.
As I was just laughing at myself for expecting too much from Baba, I suddenly saw a tanker in front of my car. On it was written the name of an oil company. The name was Saipem!. I could feel Baba's immense grace on his devotees. He answered my prayer almost immediately. I just gazed at the name gratefully till we overtook the tanker.Saipem is well known Italian oil and gas company. My eyes were fixed on the first three letters and could see Baba love in reciprocating his love for his devotees.

If you seek anything from Baba with true love, he is bound to give.


Sai Babas Miracle:

I am very happy that i got a chance to share my experience with the miracles of Saibaba.Actually my sister is 26 years old and she was not getting married,my mom and dad were very tensed.I used to cry a lot by seeing their helpless situation.Then i decided to start nine Thursdays vrat.It took about three months i completed my vrat on 3rd of march 2011.And a nice match came on its own for my sister. Within 2 weeks, her marriage was settled.I was so happy that i just cant explain in words what it meant for us.Baba has been blessing us constantly in spite of our ignorance. Really Baba is always there with every body in every walk of their life.

Share Your Experience:HERE.


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om sai ram

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