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Shivamma Thayee Temple Experience -By Radha Shridhar -Part 4.

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Sairam ,
Sharing today the fourth and last part of experiences shared by sister Radha. Jai Sai Ram .

Shivamma Thayee Temple Experience :4

Shivamma Thayee and Baba made me start my big project of writing the book 'SAI VISION'

My father had suffered glaucoma and had lost major part of his eyes. My grandmother had suffered and had lost her sight fully. My aunt suffered from it, but had relatively better vision because of medication. So, coming from a family of glaucoma, I was supposed to have gone for a checkup once in 6 months to see if everything was ok.
When it comes to visiting doctors, I am the most unreasonable person and have a great repulsion to meet doctors. I am afraid if they will brand me as a patient. So, I kept postponing my eye check up for a very long time. But, our dear Sai knows when to force bitter pills down our throat if required. One day there was some work going on in the house and the tiles were being cut out.

 A great amount of dust surrounded the house. Suddenly, after a couple of days, I could see a white spot in my vision. I was petrified. As a modern day woman who has the power of internet in her hands, I ran a series of google searches and discovered that I could have an assortment of eye diseases which spelt the worst of what I wanted to hear. Starting from retinal detachment to infections and abrasions, a list of most threatening problems were listed.

I went into deep depression and hoped that the spot will go away in a few days. I took udi with water, which is an all time healer, but of no avail. I prayed, cried and pleaded. No use. I had no choice than to visit a doctor.
I went to the doctor half scared to death. The pressure check of my eyes showed 22-22. The normal pressure should be below 20 – 20. I freaked out. I briefed her about my father’s glaucoma and she told that I have come to her at the right time and I should also start on a medication eye drops. She suggested I do a field test to check if my vision field has been affected already, though the chances were very low, she wanted to double check. I also vowed at that moment to Baba that I will say 1 lakh and 8 times ‘sai sai sai’, and started my chanting right away.

I returned back home and cried and instead to thanking baba for having taken me to the doctor at the right time for treatment, I imagined the worst could happen to me. Suddenly a strange thought came into my mind. I told baba that if this doctor or any other doctor will tell me that I do not have glaucoma, I will write a book on Baba and publish it with babas grace.

Meanwhile, my eye started developing irritation and according to the doctor it had nothing to do with the pressure but must be because of dryness. By next week, the eyes got very itchy and red and there was pain. I went again to the doctor, who said that it is an infection. I also discussed my worries to her about the field test and she told me that she is doing that test only to form a baseline and she felt that she did not expect any problem as my retina and optic nerves were looking fine.

Suddenly, she told me, ‘actually Radha, you dont have glaucoma, yours must be something called ‘ocular hypertension’, I was so surprised. I wanted a doctor to tell me that I do not have glaucoma and only then I will start writing this book. And, here it is, the doctor did say those words and I had to start writing the book the same day.

That was on a Tuesday and so I came back home prayed to Lord Ganesha and started typing out the contents of the book. With His Divine Grace someday soon He will make me finish it too....

Ok, what has Shivamma Thayee got to do with all this.... readers may wonder...

Well, during all this scary trips to the doctor I had prayed that I will have to offer Two silver eyes to Baba in Shivamma Thayee temple before going for the field vision test. So I drove to a nearby area where I knew I have seen some silver shops. I was confident that I will find the silver eyes there. I had to buy some plaster of Paris also from medical shop for a project I was doing.

To my dismay all the silver shops were closed. It was Wednesday and I was hoping to offer the eyes on Thursday and then go for the eye check up. I was surprised to find all other shops except the silver jewelry shops open. I thought Baba was having some vengence against me....I neverthless went to the medical shop near by and bought the plaster of paris. Out of the blues I asked him why all these silver shops were closed today. The medical shop man told me that it is the New moon day and Marwadis dont do business on that day.... I was depressed. He asked me what I actually wanted. I told him that I need a pair of silver eyes to offer to Baba. He looked at me for a while and said, 'ok, wait here'. He phoned someone and within minutes a young man came to the medical shop.

Apparantly he was the owner of a silver shop in that area and was not a Marwadi. He had to close the shop because everyone else around him did it. This man was the neighbor of the medical store man and he opened his shop for me and believe it or not, there were just three sets of eyes made exclusisvely for Shivamma Thayee temple Baba, the Ganesha and Subramanya statues beside Baba statue.

What if I did not go to that particular medical shop... what if I did not ask the man why the silver shops were closed....who made me do all this..? I was thrilled and took the silver eyes for Baba the next day. Needless to say, my eyes have been just fine by His grace.

As much as Baba and I play this cat and mouse game always, I know that it is only because of my lack of faith that I easily slip down. But there is only one thing that does not change. Baba is always there with us to catch us when we slip. May He bless us all by doing that for ever.
I love you Baba

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Anonymous said...

nice experiences...thanks alot for sharing with us radhaji.may our saima always bless everyone with good health peace and sairam.

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