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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 20.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day to all.
Here is another Sai leela shared by Sai devotee after reading the experience of brother Shirish.She  is fulfilling her promise to Baba as she had vowed.It is indeed Baba's blessing,love and grace which makes us fulfill our promise by taking care of our problem and strengthing our faith whether ,we do it by making a vow or by merely having complete trust on Him .

Along with this there are two more experiences shared by Sai devotees which also highlight the omnipotence of gracious Sai deva.Jai Sai Ram .

Promise to Shirdi Sai Baba :

Sairam Manisha,
When I was browsing for the tamil version of Sree Sai Satcharita,I came to know about this website where sai devotees can share their experiences with Sai Baba. It was quite interesting to read the devotees experiences. It also made me feel how Sai has showered his blessings to his devotees in the way He desires.

I was mentally disturbed and in depression for few problems in my sister's life at that time. I was seeking Sai Ram to help me come out of the problems. I was begging in front of him for a solution almost every day.

Then I believed that all the problems will come to an end if I read Sree Sai Satcharita. Hence I searched for the tamil version of the book and finally I got it.Thanks for uploading . At the same time, I happened to know about this wonderful website too. Then, I promised Sai Ram, "if you solved the problems, I will post the experiences in this website".

After that I started reading the book. I read two chapters per day. Initially, I didn't experience any change. I was crying before him to bless my sister and give her a happy married life, and mental peace for my parents.

She was very adamant to accept for her marriage. Even the basic communication between my sister and parents had been cut and lot of misunderstandings happened. My parents became very depressed of her behavior. On the other end relatives were questioning about her marriage to my parents. The mental torture was increasing day by day.

I found no way other than to put the burden to His Holy feet. I was trying to convince my parents to be patient for some more days. At the same time I tried to convince my sister also. But both stood in their own way they wanted. I was about to loose my patience and faith in Sai Baba.

Whenever I was in deep depressed state about the issue, I sought for Sai Ram's answer. I too received positive replies. But thought when will the issues  get! over.

At last, I decided to resolve at least the misunderstandings between them. Instead of speaking to them separately, I thought to speak with my parents as well as to my sister at the same time. I was expecting for the right time. One fine morning, I got the chance. I called my mother and my sister and made them to speak to each other and convinced both.

In front of my mother, I gave assurance to my sister that they won't force her marriage until she accepts. Similarly, I asked her to move closely with appa and amma as they are living and doing everything for her sake only. I pleaded to both of them to forget the past arguments, disputes, and the bitter experiences so far happened and at least from now on live for each other as it is our happiness we are missing unnecessarily.

Unfortunately I didn't get chance to involve my father in this discussion. Anyway, I conveyed everything to him later and asked to be patient for some more for time. I know still he is having the pain deep in his heart. But, from that day uptill now, there is no problem of misunderstandings and miscommunications. Though we (my parents and me) have deep pain about her decision in our heart, the mental torture has been reduced a lot because of the love we are sharing among us now.

I thanked Sai Ram for this. Still I believe that He will definitely change my sister's mind and give her a blissful life. Hope my wish and prayer come true soon.

Actually, I did not have any idea to share this experience till the moment I started to write. After long time, I visited this site today.

By chance, I happened to read the statement (it is the message to me, I hope) "Sai Baba'virku kudukum vakkurithigalai meeratheergal (Don't break the promises and vows to Sai Baba)". After reading this, I thought for sometime whether I have forgotten any promises I made to him.

The promise of 'sharing my experience in this site' was flashed in my mind. In fact, I didn't forget this promise. But had thought to share the experience after my sister accepts for her marriage. But then, I realized that I have promised Him, "If the problems come to an end, I will share my experience". Though it has not fully solved, I don't have the mental torture now as my parents come out of the depression and have peace of mind (to some extent). This made me write and He made me write.

As I promised, I will definitely post my experience once my sister is blessed with a happy married life as per my parents' desire and wish. Hope He will make it soon.

Sai Ram!

Sai Sathya Vratha mahima And Udi mahima:

Dear Manisha, I visit your website every day, thanks for providing such platform to share sai baba's miracles.

Sai Sathya vratha mahima:

I read some experiences in this site related to sai sathya vratha mahima, I wanted to do it but due to busy schedules I couldn’t perform.

I have a brother who got married in 2010. Initial few months they spent happily, after that due misunderstandings and communication gap issues started in their married life, his wife left to her mother’s place.

During this period my mother visited me to look after my baby as I work full time. My mother was very upset with my brother problems. My brother constantly calling his wife to sort out the problem between them, also he spoke to her parents. She wasn’t interested in coming back home. It seemed impossible that they will be back together. Our only hope was sai baba. I thought of doing sai sathya vratham, I got the procedure to perform sai sathya vratham from this site and explained the procedure to my mother.

I used to work from home on Thursday to perform this vratham. With baba’s blessing we completed the sai sathya vratham with out any problem. During this whole period things got even worse and my brother started thinking on getting diverse.

Week after completing sai sathya vratham my brother called us and said his wife agreed to come back home and misunderstanding between them are cleared. We were so happy to hear this, it’s definitely baba who solved this problem.

Now my brother and his wife are happy together.

Udi mahima:

One of my best friends young daughter was sick may be due to weather change. They are in touch with doctor, due to diarrhea she became weak and was admitted in hospital. We visited her, I gave Udi to my friend, she also believes very much in Baba. In her presence I applied udi to baby and asked her to apply daily. Her condition was worse, they did minor surgery to arrange pipes so that food can be passed to her as the baby was not able to take anything by mouth. Doctors prediction was it may take month to recover.

After a weak she recovered and came back home. Baba is the only hope for me for any problem in day to day life.

Thanks baba for being with us.

Sai Deva Darshan on Mahasamadhi:

I am a very small devotee of Deva, Anamika Singh residing in India. Please don't share my email-id. First time i am sharing my experience. I tried many times but unable to share.

Sai Deva ko mera Koti Koti Pranam.Baba I am unable to describe your blessings, which you are showering on me everyday, every seconds.

I am nothing without you.

Dear Sai Sister Manisha ji.
your site and your effort of sharing experiences of devotees is also a blessing of Deva for all devotees like me. These experiences provide us hope in our bad days. Please share this. You are free to edit.

I want to share very pleasing experience of Sai Darshan on Mahasamadhi Diwas, 15.10.2010.
That i was very eager to have Deva's Darshan. I planned to go to a Sai Temple near my place. I convinced my husband. He told me that first we will go to BSNL office for lodging a broadband complain then we will go to Temple. We went to the office. My husband went inside and he took too much time. I was waiting outside eagerly to go to the temple. when he came outside he told me that we will go to the Temple in evening because he is late for his office. I felt very disappointed, started praying to Baba.

When we were on the way, we saw some policemen checking the papers of the vehicle which was a completely unusual thing for that road. We don't have papers that time, so my husband took a shorcut road. We were anaware about that narrow road. One stanger told us to turn left from the next corner. I felt very much blessed when I saw a small and very beautiful Sai Temple on that corner. I felt that Sai came to meet me and gave darshan on such a auspiciou day. We had a very beautiful darshan of Deva.
This year also we have a very good darshan of Deva.
today I got a very good and important news which i will share next time.

Raham Nazar Karna Hamesha Mere Sai.
Aap Hi Mere Maa Baap Bhai.

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lakshmi said...

Sai Ram Manisha Ji and All Sai Bhakts,

I am really excited to share this leela of Baba which reminded me of my vow to baba and I fulfilled it today. Pray that Baba accepts it.

Reading the devotee experiences today, I was reminded of the Sai Vrat that I had done. I had completed the Sai Vrat in June and was eagerly waiting for Baba's blessings on me and kept asking, crying, begging, arguing with Baba why He is not fulfilling my desire. I did the vrat in USA and was not able to donate food for needy there and I had asked me mom to do it India. Due to some miscommunication she donated sweets and thought that since I was coming to India soon, we will do the annadaan. We both forgot about this. I came to India just 2 weeks back. After reading the devotee experiences today, I suddenly asked her if she did the annadaan and she said no. So we both decided that the sooner the better, today being Baba's day we did the annadaan. I hope that Baba accepts my prayers and fulfills my wish.

Earlier I had asked Baba through question answer site, and he said donate food, fulfill your vow, I was foolish not to understand it then, and also did not understand when I read Shirish's experience that was posted earlier. Finally today it dawned on me.

I am really glad Manisha Ji, that though you and the blog I was able to do annadaan today. I hope that is accepted as a part of the vrat. Is it ok to donate and fulfill the vrat annadaan after 3 months Manisha Ji? Do I need to do the vrat again?


Sai Ram

lakshmi said...

Manisha Ji,
Please tell if my vrat is accepted or not. I've done udhyapan in june, went to Baba's temple, and also gave the books to my friends and family. Only thing that was not done properly was annadaan, where we distributed sweets and not food. We finished the annadaan now. Will this count to the vrat or do I need to do the 9 thursday vrat again?

Please tell me Manisha Ji, eagerly awaiting your answer. I'm the same person who wrote the comment above.

Sai Ram

Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on October 17, 2011 at 2:59 PM said...

Sairam Lakshmi.
Sorry for replying late ,I was travelling past few days hence could not reply you at the earliest .All the details that you have mentioned above are absolutely fine and Baba knows our heart and thoughts .Baba is beyond rituals but bound by love, so all that you and your mother has done as part of vrat is surely to be accepted by Baba .Baba love the devotion and pure love of their children and not the rituals hence please be free from the thought and enjoy that He helped you to carry it out and indicated you through the medium of website and question and answer .
Sai vrat is a medium to show are love and gratitude to Baba it is not time bound but devotion bound.So do not worry about the time gap that has took place in carrying it out bit late as you think. It is a blessing that finally it was completed by guidnce of Baba.Jai Sai Ram

lakshmi said...

Thanks so much Manisha Ji for the reply. I understand that you are busy too, but I was getting worried and hence I was asking you again. I'm sorry for that.

Thanks so much for the proper guidance, I thank Baba and you for proving me such wonderful guidance and answers that really keep my mind at peace. Baba keep showering love and blessings on all of us.

Sai Ram

Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on October 19, 2011 at 12:59 PM said...

Yes you are right Lakshmi,I am really busy past few months but soon I shall have more time(after December -hopefully!!!)Thanks for understanding ,Baba bless you always Lakshmi.
Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

May Baba bless you always Lakshmi Ji.Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Sai Ram Manisha Ji,
I am almost regular reader of this website since 2 month. I want to do sai vrat but have some questions in this regard. My family & I have lots of root problems. My every family member facing very bad circumstances since long including me. Every area of life we feel like bearing hell sometimes. I am around 30, single. I am struggling with health, finance, relation, job, position, respect every corner of life. Through devotees experiences raised hope in my heart for Sai Baba, but I am not able to decide for which situation or problem I have to do vrat as I know we should keep only one desire or problem to do vrat.
Please guide me how should be my worship to baba that I could able to solve all my and my family situations.
Sai Ram

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