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My first blessed visit to Shirdi-Experience By Neeraja.

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Dear all,
Wish you a Happy Baba's day
Today I am sharing a beautiful experience shared by Sai sister Neeraja about her first amazing trip to Shirdi comprising of series of Baba's leela witnessed by her .Jai Sai Ram

Sairam Manisha sis,

Hope everything is going His way!!! If this email is long , pl feel free to delete. and Thank You for listening!!!

Me going to India in itself is a miracle from Baba! We are 4 kids for our parents, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. After my pappa passed away and went to Baba ( again in that incident too Baba showed me an amazing miracle) will share later on, my brothers were to take my mom to India but somehow they both dropped and my mom asked me to accompany her and I asked my husband, and he said go.( he still is surprised as to why he said go to me as if I am going to Kentucky or somewhere here in USA). Of all my brothers and sister, Baba gave me the golden chance of taking my mom by myself alone to India and to Shirdi too! without my husband or kids! Isn't this itself His Leela dear ?

Before going to Shirdi, Baba showed me amazing leelas in Hyderabad! Srivalli my Baba group friend and sister, took me to one uncle's house and there one devotee gave me such a huge, very huge painting of Baba sitting with His legs folded( the ...ever sweet pose of Baba)! That pic is soooo huge I almost cried seeing Him! Uncle said Baba wants to come to me and that I am blessed! what else can I ask for na? Absolutely nothing!

And that same day, my sister in law gave me one of a kind Baba sayings "Sai Saaram" (in Telugu),which she found in Shirdi long time back and she said they are not making anymore, and I was soo happy that she was giving me that valuable piece, and told her why not you give to your sons and daughters in law, and, she said...neeraja, Baba wants to come to you! I jumped with happiness and kissed Baba and took Him!

These 2 amazing leelas Baba showed me before seeing HIM in Shirdi !!!! LOVE YOU Thandri!!!!

And then after trying to go to Shirdi so many times with my cousin, he kept on postponing, and I knew Baba knew too! So I waited and on 13th July, we went on a bus to Shirdi with one of my aunt too. I had with me one Baba's dress which Parul didi made for me and sent to me in Hyd. I was very happy to take Baba's dress with me! It was like a dream come true for me as I never came back to India after 21 yrs, and this was the first time and that too without my husband Sainath or my kids too! Parul told me to meet some guy in PRO the next day on 14th July and to give him Baba's dress. We went in the morning (Wed) to Temple, I was so thrilled to be stepping inside His Temple I got tears as He gave me this chance na! I stopped and touched HIS earth where HE walked!!!

When I met the person, he asked me when I wanted Baba to wear my dress? I said how about tomorrow as it is which he said no way, tomorrow is too early, there are so many trustees, blah blah.... I was almost in tears, but I asked him how about next day on Friday? again he said no way, they are all booked this week, its possible only next week on Thursday! I was crying, and told him I wont be here and requested him but there was no use, and he took the packet from my hands too. Crying, came back to hotel and again called Parul didi, and she said to go back to Temple and take back the packet from that guy and give it to some other guy who might help. In my mind I was asking Baba to wear my dress on Thursday itself! which was tomorrow! So again we went to Temple and went to another person's office where the asst. was there and he also said the same thing to me that no way Baba can wear my dress tomorrow!

I looked around and saw Baba calendar, and prayed again to Him in my mind, please, please Baba wear my dress tomorrow! and to my surprise I saw on that calendar, tomorrow was July 15th, Thursday and also my pappa's birthday! wow I jumped with joy as Baba made me to come to Him for my pappas birthday!!!! So I got energy from that and asked to talk to the main person and to call him on phone and the asst called and Mr. Kulkarni came on and I asked him requesting him to agree as tomorrow is also my pappas birthday and that Baba is with him too. He kept quiet for few mints and then he said OK, done! What i asked, he said, OK didi, Baba will wear your dress tomorrow! I looked at Baba and thanked Him in my mind and again asked Mr Kulkarni, when which time of the day Baba will wear my dress, he said Dhoop Ararti! Wow! this was His first miracle in Shirdi! I brought His dress on Wednesday, and He was wearing it on Thursday, on my Pappa's birthday!!!

Next day, being Thursday, I was up early to attend Kakad arati, it was amazing and thrillingly divine!!! and during Dhoop Arati, we were inside, and Baba looked sooo sweet and soo loving in my dress, wanted to hug Him and kiss Him too! I was thanmayathvamnga singing His arati, all of a sudden something moved in front of Baba! I looked and was surprised to see a small black cat just walking towards Baba.....HE was BABA! I knew, and showed to the lady next to me saying to her, dheko, billi ayaee, and this billi is Baba! to which that lady did o believe me and said kya, oh billi Baba kyse hote? well, I knew in my heart, it was Baba who came in the form of cat during His Arati, just to see how many of His devotees will see the cat as Him ! The cat just disappeared after nearing Baba!!! I was once again crying and singing Arati thinking Baba is so loving to those who believe in Him! Baba knew that I see Him in animals too!

During Pallaki seva, oh God, it was soooo thrilling and blissful and amazing I started taping it all, I felt the whole town of Shirdi was there to witness! So many thousands of people everywhere! I was standing near Chawadi and the separating gate was close to me and beside me so many were sitting down and after them so much more people were standing too like in thousands... all of a sudden, I saw one black dog near me, he was rubbing his body to my saree, I looked down to see a huge black dog wagging his tail , he came to me God knows from where as there were so many people all around! This dog was BABA! I knew! Thats why he came to me!

Others were saying remove that dog, I said to them no way, this is Baba! They laughed at me, I did not care and bent down and started rubbing him and telling him Baba I know its YOU, I love YOU soo much! One devotee talked to the guard sitting down outside the gate, nikaldo o kutha ko...the guard said after looking at me and the dog, as I was petting him, rahne do, kutha kuchnahi karega, I was happy but that man was so unhappy and started screaming loudly, so I bent down to the dog and told him Baba, I know its YOU, see some are not believing in you, so please go now and patted him, he just listened to me and started walking on all women who were sitting and went among those standing and disappeared!

Baba came in the form of 2 animals on Thursday, July 15th! And that dog did not stop near anyone, but came straight to me!!!!

On the last day, on Friday,I wanted to attend Sai Satya Vrata Puja as that was the last day of my Shirdi trip! But I did not have any tickets too! So after Kakad Arati, went back to hotel and slept on chair for few mins and again by 7.15 went to Temple to see many devotees already started lining and going inside a hall! They all had receipts! I did not know where to get one so I asked one last devotee where to get the ticket, he told me to run to shani gate and there I can find, so I ran to other side, and saw where they were giving tickets, as I reached that place one devotee was coming away with 1 ticket in his hands, I went and asked how much for Sai Satya Vrata Puja, he said 100Rs, I gave him and again he says take one for Abhishek too, I said what Abhishek, he said,..just take, you will enjoy so give me 101 Rs, i was giving him money and just then one another devotee comes to the window and asks how much for Sai Satya Vrata Puja, he told the man, 100Rs, but did not mention 101 Rs Abhishek to him! I noticed that, but I took the 2 tickets and ran and was happy they did not start...the puja went very smoothly, and when I saw around me many had only one ticket with them where as I had 2 !

Well, after the Puja they gave us coconut and prasadam and all were saying Sairam at the door and going away...I was surprised as I had another ticket and did not know where to go now so I asked the door guy, where do I go now, he looked at my ticket and said, run, up the stairs, the puja must have started already! so I ran, so fast, up the stairs to a big hall which is open, and many devotees were sitting in front of a sweet looking BABA!!! Next to BABA was a pujari sitting on a stool and waiting....I felt he was waiting for me!

I gave them my ticket and they gave me a thalli, I went and sat down next to a woman and we started the Abhishek of Baba! I never knew I was coming to BABA'S ABHISHEK! The woman next to me saw my prasadam and asked me when did I do Satya Vrata Puja! I told her 1 hr back downstairs, she was surprised and told me she never knew about that, and she said to me that I am blessed, as Baba gave me this golden chance of doing both pujas and I looked around me, to my surprise, there were no one from downstairs Sai Satya Vrata Puja, here, as no one had any prasadam with them except ME! See BABA was sooooo sweet to me again na! I got tears as that woman told me I was blessed by BABA!

After Abhishek I gave to everyone Sai Satya Vrata Puja prasadam, so many devotees came with open hands to take prasadam! My little heart was filled with immense joy ! Typing all this to you again brings tears in my eyes! BABA IS REALLY SWEET, VERY VERY SWEET AND LOVING! to those who believe in HIM, am I right?

I did not feel like leaving Shirdi at all!

So sorry for taking so much of your valuable time, as I was writing it went on and on. Forgive me!



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